2017 Swim Season Does Not Step Down From Previous Years

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The Olympic games are a place where records are set and the swimmers give the best of themselves. Everyone expects the best to be given at the games and for the swimmers to rest until the next 4-year event. The 2017 swimming games were an exception and will be recorded in the history of swimming with 13 Olympic distances and a world champion that went further than the Olympic winner.

Among the men that were the biggest swimmers in the Olympics were Sun Yang, Gregorio Paltrinieri, and Adam Peaty. They were able to maintain their runs from the previous Olympic games. Sun Yang improved in 2017 by 1.3 seconds.

Peaty and Paltrinieri have a four-year unbeaten path in the long-course pool swimming. The post-Olympic signs on these two were clearly seen. It is a challenge to maintain the hard work done before the Olympics. Example of this is the defeat of Paltrinieri in an 800m free in Budapest.

The three women who were at the top of the Olympic event are Katie Ledecky from the USA, Katinka Hosszu from Hungary, and Sarah Sjostrom from Sweden. The post-Olympic symptoms hit Ledecky and Hosszu as well. Both of them had world records from the previous years. Ledecky came second in Budapest to the Italian Federica Pellegrini.

Unlike them, Belmonte now belongs to the Rio-Budapest champions. Her long-course title was won in those events.

Sjostrom was a different story. She accomplished a peak performance in her freestyle. She also performed well in the sprint events.

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