Giving Back to the Community – Highland Capital Management

One of the greatest secret in understanding communities, is investing in human assets; predominately, investing in people who live in those communities. Highland Capital Management is not only an investment advisor organization, but the organizations’ vision and philosophy is the believe that human spirit can make a difference within the community. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase. Most importantly, investing in volunteerism and children; the two driving forces of positive energy which shapes the community. Moreover, Highland Capital Management diverse asset of approximately $15.4B under management, also focuses on credit strategies, long-only funds and division accounts, as well as distress and special circumstance private equity, to name a few.


Founded in 1993, by James Dondero and Mark Okada, these two remarkable gentlemen’s passion expanded Highland Capital Management business with offices located in New York, Sao Paolo, Seoul, and Singapore. In addition, Highland Capital Management diverse client ranges from public pensions plan, foundations, high-net worth individuals, and government constituents, providing a concreted business structure that highlights professionalism across the financial market world. The secret of Highland Capital success is not based on the billions of dollars they managed, but it is the passion of giving back to the community through investing in their employees, volunteerism, and children. James and Mark understood that strong and stable communities breeds strong and stable employees and clienteles. With the collaboration of the firm and its partners’ commitment and investing over $10M to another organizations world-wide; giving back to the community and investing in volunteerism and children is a win-win situation for the future of Highland Capital Management. Read more at

Great Dental Can Start With MB2 Dental

Seeing a traditional dentist should never cause you the anxiety of painful dental work or a huge bill. There is now many great reasons to protect your smile at a cost you can afford. Many celebrities today, have decided to brighten their teeth because they want to look good in front of the camera with amazing teeth. A good smile is important in your photos. The way you look can be very important in an executive career. Bad hygiene can discourage your employees and cause you to become the talk of the office.

Do you suffer from bad breathe? Are you a smoker? A MB2 Dental will encourage you on all the reasons why it’s important to stop smoking. Dr. Chris Villanueva encourages his patients to stop smoking to promote better oral care health. Your nutritional health depends on good teeth because you chew and digest your food with your teeth. If you have bad teeth, it can effect the way you’re digesting your food. You will be more than a number with personalized care at any stage of your dental care. They will take the time to determine what’s the best dental solution for your unique smile.

MB2 Dental Services

– oral cancer screenings
– oral x-rays
– alternative sedation
– jaw realignment
– crowded/spaced alignment
– expert technicians
– orthodontist referral
– dental spa
– pediatric dentistry
– most insurance accepted
– teeth whitening
– advance technology
– braces traditional/Invisalign

Dr. Villanueva encourages patients at any income level to get the attention they need for their teeth regardless of their income level. They offer a payment program which allows you to get the routine or emergency dental care you need by making bi-weekly or monthly payments.

You can bring your preschooler in to take a tour of dental spa dental. They help take the anxiety out of seeing a dentist for the first time. You’ll also find a great area for your child to talk to other kids in their play area while you’re getting treatment. You can get the same smile you admire from tour favorite celebrity by coming to see a professional at MB2 Dental. They’re a family dentist who encourages coming in as early as possible to avoid uncomfortable or pricey treatment in the future. You’re invited to speak to one of their customer service professionals to schedule a tour of MB2 today.

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Early Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is the Brazilian from Sao Paulo who started the band called Viper back in 1985. He was an instrumentalist and continued with the band until 1989. There were five members of Viper, including Audi. Viper performed a variety of rock including power metal, heavy metal, thrash metal and alternative rock. Their influence were the up and coming heavy metal of Britain, and the band, Iron Maiden. Audi’s specialty was playing drums and would have been very successful in music business if he had continued that throughout his lifetime.

Cassio Audi and his band mates were all very young at the time being only 13 or 14 years old. Their talent included both playing instruments and doing vocal. The Vipers completed their very first demo album in 1985 called The Killera Sword. Popular hits on the album included Nightmare, Signs of the Night and Killera Princess from Hell.

Soldiers of Sunrise was the Viper’s official album recorded in 1987. The hit song of this album was Soldiers of Sunrise and the entire album was considered to contain Brazilian’s best hits of whole music industry. Its’ popularity kept the sales of the album to more than ten thousand copies.

Viper’s popularity continued on into 1989 with the release of their second album, Theatre of Fate. This album became popular throughout Asia, Europe and the United States. It was even able to rise in the charts above such groups as Nirvana and Van Halen. Audi was involved in opening stage for the recording of this album although he was not a part of playing for it.

Casio Audi’s music career ended in 1989 when he left Viper and went on to pursue other interests.

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Two Canadian Olympic Swimmers Call it Quits:

Neither Dominique Bouchard nor Chantal van Landeghem have reached 30 years of age, but the two Olympians announced they are retiring from competative swimming. Van Landeghem is the older of the two at 26, while Bouchard is 23. Bouchard, however, was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis in her right leg earlier in 2017, which may have been one of her reasons for retirement.

The two swam for Canada in the 2016 Summer Games in Rio, with van Landeghem capturing a bronze medal in the 400 free relay. Your text to link…She also was part of the 400 medley relay team that came in fifth. In 2017, van Landeghem picked up two more bronze medals at the World Championships, swimming on both of Canada’s mixed relay teams. She was also part of the women’s 400 free relay and 400 medley relay teams that finished fourth.

Bouchard competed in the 100 backstroke and 200 backstroke in Rio, tying for ninth in the 200. While being in the Olympics was a huge honor for her, Bouchard calls 2015 her highlight season, as she had numerous first and second place finishes in the Arena Pro Circuit. She also competed in the Pan Am Games.

Even though their swimming careers are over, the two are ready to embark on another path. Van Landegham plans to get a Master’s Degree in clinical psychology from the University of Manitoba, while Bouchard will apply to medical school.

Swimmer Gets A Second Chance At Glory

Miguel Duran is a Spanish swimmer who always dreamed of swimming at the Olympics. This dream has come true in 2017, but Miguel’s dream was almost cut short after he accidentally engaged in a false start. After being thrown out of the race for the false start, Miguel Duran left the water with tears running down his face. His family and friends embraced him.

The Olympics committee just announced they are giving Miguel Duran a second chance to swim. The committee has never done this for anyone, but they were moved by Miguel’s tears and the sadness displayed on his face. When asked why he engaged in a false start, Miguel stated that he does not know. He believes it was just his nerves and him overthinking the situation.

Miguel Duran further stated that he must look past the false start. He is extremely happy that the Olympics committee is giving him a second chance to swim. Miguel was most upset due to all the hours, days, and months he devoted to training for this special occasion. Miguel told the press that he will be more careful in the future, and he told his coaches they do not have to worry about another false start. Miguel Duran hopes he can revive himself and his reputation by winning the swimming competition at the 2017 Olympic games.

New Documentary Highlights Autistic Swimmers

There’s a new documentary about swimmers with autism, and how the sports helps them to navigate through life. “Swim Team” aired recently on PBS and focuses on the Jersey Hammerheads, a swim team based in New Jersey. The team is made up of young adults and teenagers who are all on the autism spectrum. This documentary helps to emphasize the fact that autism effects everyone differently, and highlights the notion that sports and physical activities can promote social interactions and confidence in individuals with special needs. “Swim Team” also introduces the founders of Hammerheads, Mike and Maria McQuay.

Lara Stolman is the filmmaker for this documentary, and she was inspired to create the project when her son, who is now 11, was diagnosed with autism almost a decade ago. Stolman wanted her son to learn the skill of swimming as soon as possible. She researched the Jersey Hammerheads and their mission, and wanted her son to be a part of the group. The swim team’s mission is to let autistic individuals know that they are capable of reaching milestones and achieving goals just like their non-autistic peers are. The documentary explains that the swim team members have full and fulfilling lives and have other hobbies and interests besides swimming.

Stolman shares that she felt like she was a member of the team while filming the documentary. For more information on “Swim Team,” visit

Ending Citizens United? A Possibility, After All!

End Citizens United is a PAC that is funded by grassroots donors. ECU was established on the 1st of March, 2015 and it is a non-profit committee that is based in Washington, DC with more than 3 million members. The PAC’s mission involves actively fighting against Citizens United. The organization plans on making changes in the campaign finance system by ensuring that Big Money comes to a stop in politics.

According to End Citizen United chooses to work with Democrats because they believe that they can be a source that brings about change that counts, in the truest sense of the word. ECU plans on electing campaign finance reform champions and collaborating with them to ensure that the work of Citizens United doesn’t have any effect on the lives of the American people. ECU aims to achieve this goal by spreading awareness about the problem with money in politics as a national matter of concern, utilizing their grassroots members and supporters to exhibit political power and collaborating with ballot measure campaigns to pass pro-reform laws.

Read more: Four California Republicans targeted by group that wants to overturn Citizens United

ECU’s plans involve targeting a list of 20 Republican members who are a part of the Congress in 2018. The PAC refers to this list as “the Big Money 20” and it is made up of the names of Republican politicians that show a preference for their own interests over constituents by taking large donations and showing support for laws that are supportive of their donors. Tiffany Muller, ECU’s group director commented that the Big Money 20 are the “worst of the worst in Congress”. The list includes the names of politicians such as Ted Cruz, Dean Heller, Paul Ryan, Mike Bishop, Rod Blum, Mike Bost, Mike Coffman, Ryan Costello, Rodney Frelinghuysen, Duncan Hunter, Will Hurd, Darrell Issa, Tom MacArthur, Pat Meehan, Erik Paulsen, Rob Pittenger, Dana Rohrbacher, Peter Roskam, Claudia Tenney and Mimi Walters. End Citizen United plans on raising $35 million to spend on the 2018 re-elections. Experts agree that most names mentioned in the list will be going through a tough re-election process, but Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan are going to come out relatively safe and untouched. The organization’s massive fundraising goals now rely on large amounts of donations that are less than $5000 due to the fact that they operate as traditional non-profit PCA.

The possibility of this plan being successful seems reasonable as the ECU has sheer numbers to back them with 3 million members. Polls suggest that stopping special interest money in politics is a top-priority concern for Americans which is an essential factor that works in favor of ECU. Muller plans on replicating the 2016 Nevada Senate race between Joe Heck and Catherine Cortez Masto. It was found that conventional messages didn’t garner enough support from independent and unaffiliated voters. However, reform related messages were well received by both parties and won Cortez Masto a significant amount of support. Muller stated that the committee plans on using all its resources to ensure that this is repeated in the 2018 elections.

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Security and Cloud Migration

Onelogin is an identity and access management platform created by the developers of Zendesk. Through their website they also seek to arm prospective interests in information about IT security and identity management risks.

In the article “Keep calm and cloud on: migrating complete environments to the cloud in stormy skies” Onelogin presents information about the tangible risks of migrations between cloud servers. The article has information regarding to the hardware-based risks of cloud server migrations, like employees setting up unsecured servers.

Traditionally, IT professionals focus on managing only hardware and software. The difficulties in moving total server infrastructure to the cloud presents the difficulty of managing increasingly blurred endpoints for IT.

Onelogin’s platform as an identity management system relates directly to this problem, by offering more ways for employers to control their employees access permissions. This is one of the key ways the article clarifies that companies might seek to eliminate these cloud-server based vulnerabilities.

The important footnote at the end of the article specifically highlights Onelogin as a platform with viability for centralizing employee identity management. In allowing the employer to control who has access to key systems they can cut down on who has the capability to set up an unsecured server.

Onelogin certainly knows what they’re talking about. The information presented in the original article covers the most important bases of IT to employee interaction and the risks and difficulties of the ever growing need for companies to switch to the cloud.

The information in the article is very well presented and you can tell comes from a company with a background in dealing with employer and employee relationships. Arguably the most important information presented is how a company can only manage what it can see, and how the product being offered might help create more visible situations across cloud networks.

USA Swimming – Junior Pan Pacific Championships 2018 Selection Criteria

Junior Pan Pacific Swimming Championships will be taking place come 2018. The USA Swimming has publicized the eligibility requirements and procedures for the upcoming 2018 Junior Pan Pacific Championships, planned and scheduled for August 23 to August 27 in Fiji. Top junior-level swimmers from Canada, United States, Japan, and Australia will showcase their swimming and diving skills in the competitions.

Participants must be US citizens, be eligible to represent the country in the competition and be registered under USA swimming. Swimmers must be between ages 13 and 18, and the USA Swimming team will select up to 20 female and 20 male swimmers to compete at the tournaments on December 31, 2018. Qualified teens are therefore those born between years 2000 and 2005. Swimmers chosen to participate in the senior category of the Pan Pacific Championships planned for August 9 to August 13 in Tokyo do not qualify for the Fiji Junior Pan Pacific competitions.

All the top and qualified athletes in all Olympic events will be chosen together with all the swimmers ranked the second position in the 100 and 200 free categories. Additional swimmers ranked second position, as well as swimmers ranked the third place will also be considered if space will be available. To be considered for participation in the USA swimming team, an athlete must be an accessible swimmer, hold valid U.S. passport by August 13th, 2018 and be willing to follow all the rules and regulations of Jr. Pan Pac Championships.

Using Swimming Lessons to Close the Racial Gap In New York

About 58 percent of Latino Children and 69 percent of black children have little to swimming ability, that’s relative to the 42 percent of their white counterparts. According to a survey conducted by the US Swimming Foundation, the gap between the number of Latino and African-American children with limited or no ability to swim compared to white children is shrinking. At the moment, the gap is still significant, but more low income and minority children are finding their way into the water.

Targeted Audience

In New York city, the efforts to close the gap are led by a number of private and public entities that offer free swimming lessons to children from this particular demographic. Non-profit organizations have their free swimming lessons programs too, but the state government, through a program sponsored by the state parks department, is leading by example. New York’s parks department offers free swimming lessons for over 20,000 children across the five boroughs. According to Rose Harvey, the commissioner of the New York state parks department, this is a targeted audience.

Fear of Drowning

The audience is comprised of people who don’t have an opportunity to learn how to swim that their counterparts might have. According to the study, the biggest impediment to learning how to swim among Latino and African-American children is the fear of drowning, a fear that’s so closely linked to race. African-American children, as well as their parents, are more fearful of drowning than their white counterparts. By offering free swimming lessons for low-income and the minority in the society, New York city hopes to close the racial divide, one lesson at a time.