Using Talkspace for Superior Therapy Options


Dealing with a mental health disorder can be a problem in anyone’s life. It can affect the way that you sleep, eat and how you’re able to maintain a job and relationships. The problem that a lot of people have is that they do not know how to go about getting to a therapist who is able to help them out. Most therapists make weekly appointments which you will then need to keep and find a way to get to. If you have anxiety issues or mobility problems, getting to those appointments can be more than just a little problem.

This is why Talkspace was created for people like you who want to get therapy to help their situation but do not want to always go to a local therapist’s office. Talkspace is a mobile app that you can download and use for your own benefit. You will be able to try Talkspace for free for the first week as a trial. If you are not happy with the way that it works, you can uninstall it from your device. However, this app has literally been changing lives since its inception and launch over a year ago.

The reason Talkspace is as popular as it is is because it gives people access to a therapist without needing to leave the house. You can message the therapist using two different methods: chat messaging and video messaging. This allows you to either get things off of your chest by writing it out or by having a face-to-face conversation with the therapist like you would if you went to their office. Be sure to consider Talkspace as a viable option if you’ve been wanting to go and see someone professional but know that it wouldn’t work to go and see someone who has a local office.

Swimmer Michael Phelps Talks About Being Depressed

Michael Phelps has proven himself to be the greatest swimmer who ever lived. Many people believe that he is also the greatest Olympian of all-time. It is very hard to argue with that statement. Phelps won a total of 28 Olympic medals. There were 23 gold medals in that bunch. He dominated the sport of swimming like no other athlete has dominated his or her particular sport in the history of the Olympics. He has earned millions of dollars in endorsements because of his spectacular feats in the pool.

Despite his incredible success, Phelps has admitted to battling with severe bouts of depression throughout his life. He talked very candidly about his experiences with depression in a recent interview. He said that his lowest point came in 2014. He was arrested for the second time for driving under the influence of alcohol. He was suspended from the United States swimming team for six months because of this arrest. Phelps locked himself in his room and refused to come out for four days. He said he did not have the desire to live any longer. He eventually began to talk to friends and members of his family. The depression slowly went away.

Phelps is no longer depressed. He is happily married and his wife is expecting their second child. His life is going good. He has decided to try to help people who are going through depression like he was. He believes that sharing his experiences might motivate people to seek help for their problem.

Meet New Zealand’s “Swim Reaper.”

A strange phenomenon has been occurring on the beaches of New Zealand. Naturally, everyone who lives or has spent any amount of time in New Zealand loves their visitor, but now there is a new visitor to the beaches they have to contend with. Oh, don’t worry, he’s harmless, but if you spot him you might paddle up in the waves next to him and say hi.

Everyone, meet an individual who goes by the name of the “Swim Reaper.” Nowadays, this Swim Reaper usually hangs out on the beach, taking pictures to share with his followers. Some of the most notable ones include shots of him holding an ice cream cone, a picture of him frolicking in the water with his horse, and various other pictures.

So what is the point of this character enjoying the sun and fun in New Zealand? Is it just a publicity stunt? No, it’s actually an important marketing campaign by this country off the coast of Australia.

This rather unique approach is designed to educate young people about the importance of taking safety precautions when they are swimming. They decided to take a humorous approach because this country is well aware that young people are not crazy about being told what to do. However, if they create a viral internet character, it will help the situation and make them realize their need to stay safe on their next swimming venture!

Why Enterprises Need to Improve Their Access to Modernization

Many organizations have had access to tools that are useful for legacy components as well as among IT teams. There are numerous systems that can influence Identity and Access Management based on the hybridization of enterprises. There are a lot of simple web applications that have been associated with cloud apps.

CA Technologies SiteMinder and Access Managers for Oracle have not been established with the appropriate applications for cloud mobility. There are a lot of aspects that resource intensive practices needs to maintain in order to get better solutions.

There are multiple pressures from the industry that affect the way that server and web authorization software is managed. There are a lot of costs when it comes to servers since there is electricity and air-conditioners can inflate what is needed to maximize a full operation. There are ongoing costs of infrastructure that are seen throughout the infrastructure as well.

Costs of subscription in addition to dealing with legacy technology can significantly influence the way that organizations address incumbent service needs and methods of operation. Hiring staff, training, and maintaining other aspects of personnel can be draining on resources. This makes it harder to find budgets that are allocated for technology because of the amount that goes into training people to operate each methodology effectively.

Another aspects of system selection and optimum design has to do with the way that technology utilizes available resources and improves the way that customer support is performed. Since there may not be as much supportive infrastructure existing with older technology, it has become increasingly important that authorization as well as related infrastructure utilizes the most important aspects of web authentication and management.

Security Concerns have contributed to a great degree when ti comes to security that is inflexible or otherwise ineffective. Handling the legacy of management solutions and strategies can make a big difference in ongoing organizational standards of operation. There are other points that OneLogin addresses effectively in addition to security and customer service outcomes. They are able to handle many of the vulnerabilities that may exist in the way that technology takes place and is used at a fundamental level.

Swimming Banned at Aquatic Park Cove Due to Sea Lion Attacks

Both tourists and locals alike are feeling some disappointment after the news of San Francisco’s iconic Aquatic Park Cove has been closed to swimmers due to an increase in sea lion attacks recently.

Since December 10, the aggressive sea lions have been responsible for attacks on three different swimmers within the span of five days. The National Park Service (which is responsible for the cove) banned swimming in the cover starting on Friday as a result, posting a sign reading, “Danger. Aquatic Park Cove Closed for Swimming Due to Multiple Marine Animal Bites.”

The National Park Service hopes to reopen the cove starting Monday, though they hope to understand why these animals have suddenly begun attacking people. The South End Rowing Club, a group that frequents the cove for their activities, states that sea lion attacks are “rare” on their website when listing the dangers associated with rowing, a sentiment veterinarians working with the Marine Mammal Center agree with. This only leads to more confusion as to why the animals have become so aggressive, with some speculating it might even be a single, uncharacteristically mean sea lion rather than multiple.

By Monday, the National Park Service wants to have a safety plan in place to prevent even more people from being attacked by the marine life in the cove. No details of a prospective plan have been released to the public yet, though it will hopefully the best interests of both the humans and the animals in mind when implemented.

Dr. Mark McKenna Believes in Meditating and Goal Setting

Dr. Mark McKenna is from New Orleans, and he is someone who graduated from the Tulane University Medical School. He is someone who spent time helping out the city where he grew up after it dealt with a devastating hurricane. He is someone who cares about the place where he was born and raised and he is someone who gives back. Dr. Mark McKenna has accomplished much in the years that he has spent working as a doctor and as a businessman. He is someone who keeps doing new and different things, and he is someone who has found success in a variety of ways.

There are some who are open with those who question them about their lives, and Dr. Mark McKenna is one of those people. He is not ashamed to share about his personal life. When he was questioned in an interview about how his typical day goes, he shared much information including the time that he gets up in the morning. He shared his daily routine, mentioning the time that he spends with his daughter in the morning and the time that he spends working on JiuJitsu training. This man is someone who lives out the same kind of routine each day, and he opened up about that routine so that those who are interested can get to know him better.

Visualization, meditation, and goal setting are all important to Dr. Mark McKenna and they have all helped him to get where he is today. He has shared that he likes to practice visualization. It is one of the ways that he comes up with new ideas and that he makes those ideas work out. He also likes to practice meditation. He likes to have quiet time to himself to do both those things. Goal setting is important to him, as well, as it helps to push him forward.


30,000 Tickets Sold for European Swimming Championship

The European Swimming Championship takes place every two years. It is where the best swimmers in Europe go to compete against each other. The event is being hosted this year in Copenhagen, Denmark. It has been a massive success so far. An incredible 30,000 tickets have been sold for the event. The people who organized the event were hoping to sell at least 25,000 tickets. The large volume of ticket sales is a tribute to the growing popularity of swimming on a global scale. Much of swimming’s popularity can be attributed to the success of American Michael Phelps at the Olympics.

One of the biggest factors in this particular swimming competition being so popular is the fact that many of the tickets have been sold to people who live in other countries. They have traveled to Denmark especially to see this competition. The European Swimming Championship used to be held on an annual basis. However, it was switched to every other year because the organizers believed this would place a greater amount of importance on the competition. It is scheduled to be held in the United Kingdom in 2019.

Russia and Hungary are tied for the lead by winning seven gold medals. Hungary is a surprise success story because this country has not been traditionally very strong in the sport of swimming. However, Russia has always fared very well at the large competitions. Many of the swimmers who competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio are also swimming in Copenhagen.

Swimming With Sharks Can Be Good For Your Mental Health

Are you afraid of swimming with sharks? Research shows that swimming alongside a shark can be extremely beneficial to your mental health. The reason has to do with a sense of awe and surprise.

You do not have to swim alongside a great white shark to get the benefits of swimming alongside a shark or whale. In fact, most people who swim alongside sharks do so alongside a whale shark. This is a filter feeder that does not hunt. Instead it filters microscopic plankton and small fish as it opens its enormous mouth. The whale shark poses no risk to humans.

Researchers believe that when a person sees such a massive animal that they cannot really understand it creates a feeling of awe. This is considered to be a highly positive emotion that increases altruism and wellbeing afterwards.

The actual science behind the positive effects from swimming with sharks has to do with our amygdala. This is our part of the brain that controls emotional responses. When we saw animals, our amygdala is activated. Animals that do not pose a threat to us seem to have a positive and stimulating effect on us.

The effect of animals on us goes back to our hunter-gatherer roots. Their effect on us seems to be hard-wired in our biology. Not only can being around animals or swimming with fish be uplifting, but it can also make us healthier. Interacting with animals seems to strengthen our immune system. So, the next time you are feeling down, try swimming with a shark to make yourself happier and healthier. The effects of swimming with sharks also seem to be long-term and not just temporary.

Dick Devos – article recap

The Devos Legacy Continue To Be Defined


Both Dick and Betsy Devos have been deeply devoted to the Grand Rapids area for decades. They have been a political and economic force behind the development of the region, and have been staunch opponents of publicly funded mega-ventures from the outset. This is represented by their opposition to a multi-sport and convention center just north of Downtown Grand Rapids back in 1991. Using his influence as an up and coming businessman, Dick was able to help sway opinion against the idea, fearing that it would be disastrous for the city in the future, much like what happened in Detroit when two professional sports teams left the cities some two decades earlier.


This story represents the focus that Dick Devos has always had on public life. Him and his wife have been active in the Republican Party for decades, working from within to impact change both in Michigan and the United States as a whole. Consider school choice as an example. Michigan has long been on the cutting edge of this issue, being one of the first two states in the union (along with Arizona) tp permit the public funding of charter schools. While not everyone has saw eye to eye with Betsy’s vision in this regard, both she and her husband have continued to fight for the right of parent’s to send their children to private schools via the use of a federally funded voucher system. Personal conviction is what continues to drive the couple even to this day.


Dick himself continues to be quite popular, both in Michigan and nationally. While he lost a bid for the governorship in Michigan some years back, this has not stopped him from helping out when duty calls. Now that his wife is the Secretary of Education for the Trump Administration, he has regained his footing on the national stage once again. He is using his experience as the former  Corporation to impact CEO of the Amway change on a massive scale. Just recently, for example, he was appointed to a civilian oversight panel for the Federal Aviation Administration. In addition to many other personal accomplishments, Dick is a an experienced pilot. He now aims to bring that experience to Washington to help oversee long range budgeting and safety measures impacting the aviation industry in the United States.


Devos will serve as a volunteer on this panel for three years. During that time, he will retain his public and private business interests, while meeting on a periodic basis in Washington. This means that he will continue to be the CEO of The Windquest Group. As a holding company in Grand Rapids, he oversees numerous companies including Coppercraft Distillery, Boxed Water is Better, and The Stow Company. His experience that brings him to the FAA includes helping to turn around the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. He hopes to use that experience on this panel to impact lasting change that can benefit the government and private citizens alike.  Learn more:


George Soros Is Taking His Philanthropy In New Direction

When you make yourself billions of dollars in the stock market, you clearly understand something about money and how to manage it. Naturally, that makes trying to help the world move closer towards free markets an easy thing. George Soros has taken his talent and managed to do something that most people couldn’t even begin to fathom. His work has helped bring so much of the world into the free market and he isn’t even finished. He wants to do so much more in the end and his recent contributions are further proof of that. $18 billion in donations to the Open Society Foundation, the vast majority of his fortune, is far more than he has ever given. The end result of this is something that will be seen even beyond his life time.

George Soros wants open societies because they promote the prosperity of us all. This is going to require globalization and other important details to be included, but the ability to do that requires some sort of effort in the form of philanthropy. Nobody can do this better in our day and age than Soros. He has already proven himself to be very capable with the creation of the Open Society Foundation, but that isn’t where this stops. He wants to do so much more with his wealth when it comes to helping others. The current political climate is very hostile to that even though he continues to try to make a difference in the face of adversity.

The current conservative agenda appears to include attacking him and labeling him a villain. Soros is one of the most important progressive donors in the country so it’s only natural that he becomes a target of the right. However, they are clearly attacking someone who has no such desires or interests. Soros has always been a capitalist and he has always focused on trying to bring more people into the fold. Globalization is generally agreed to be one of the best ways to promote the free market and a natural extension of it. The right has a history of promoting these ideas themselves, but they seem to be ignoring this aspect of Soros in favor of his more progressive social values.

As one of the most important progressive donors in the country, Soros is going to be very busy in the coming years. He wants to make sure that America’s progress on many issues continues to stand and that America does not revert back to what it was. In order to do this he is trying to take all of the help he can in making politics more accepting to progressive values. The recent victory of Donald Trump has spurred his greater interest in donations and the Open Society Foundation, but he wants to do more. This effort is going to prove crucial as it comes at the most difficult time possible. Soros has much to do and he is going to need to muster up all the strength he can.

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