Cancer Treatment Centers Of America – Comprehensive Treatment With Compassion

Cancer Treatment Centers of America are a group of organizations committed to the cause of fighting cancer. It was created in the year 1988 and has been serving the cause of cancer and its related issues since then. Cancer is characterized by proliferation of cells that are not normal. It can affect any part of the body and requires extensive care.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America offer several career opportunities. These include physician roles such as those of medical oncologist, radiologist, surgeon and many others. The doctors get an opportunity to work in a supportive environment with healthcare benefits as well. Supportive care roles are also available. These include jobs for the positions of nurses, paraprofessionals, and business support. The hospitality and administrative wing of  Centers also offer career opportunities. Medical students may also find fellowships and internships of interest to them at the cancer care institutes. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospitals are located in Phoenix, Chicago, Tulsa, Philadelphia, and Atlanta.

The philosophy of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is that each cancer is different, and hence, each patient must also be treated differently. They specialize in provided tailored therapy to patients, based on their specific problem and requirements. This approach demands that a team of specialists work in unison with the patient to customize a treatment for the best possible recovery.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America utilize a vast array of specialized equipment to detect cancer such as genomic analysis and other techniques and drugs to ensure appropriate and high quality care for patients. Genomic testing is a highly specialized test and helps identify problems such as mutations at a genetic level. This can help understand the disease process better as well as target specific disease processes.

Another area of focus for the team at Cancer Treatment Centers of America is integration. This implies integrating a person living with cancer to his or her routine life as soon as possible. This requires a specialized approach and involves dealing with multiple collateral patient problems such as side effects, efficiently. This integrative approach help patients lead a relatively healthy and active life with minimum discomfort.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a coordinated program of care for patients. Cancer may affect many organ systems of the body, and the treatments have wide ranging side effects as well. Thus, a coordinated program involves designing a team of experts to help with all the problems related to cancer through collective action. This dramatically improves a patient’s care, because all the dimensions of the disease are taken care of through one comprehensive effort. The medical and supportive team is also available to support patients 24X7 and all through the year. Cancer Treatment Centers of America are dedicated to providing comprehensive, coordinated and patient-centric care to people with cancer.

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Swimming After The Storm Can Be Dangerous

Swimming has been shown to have dozens of health benefits. It can improve heart health, help prevent diseases, and even can improve your mood if done regularly. But if you are swimming in the wrong place at the wring time, it can have some serious health consequences. With the rise in frequency and strength of natural disasters we are seeing more and more coastal cities whose sewer systems are not able to handle a very sudden flash flood of water from the likes of a hurricane or tropical storm. This is causing their outdated sewer systems to back up and get mixed on with the storm water. This storm water then ends up flowing back into the ocean thus contaminating the water that so many beach goers enjoy each and every day. Swimmers that frequent this contaminated water could face some very serious health concerns. It is recommended that you wait a few days after the storm has passed as opposed to hitting the beaches the very next day. This gives the ocean enough time to naturally dilute the water through the shifting of tides and replacing it with fresher water. Dr. Stuart Khan, who is an expert in water quality testing and safety, further expands on the dangers of sewage flowing into the ocean after a major storm here. If we are going to protect vacationers and members of coastal communities, then cities must begin to seriously consider investing in upgrading their sewer systems so that these issues will not persist.

Horse Accidentally Ends Up in Swimming Pool

Homeowners with a swimming pool know that sometimes animals can fall in and get trapped, but homeowners in Didcot, Okforshire in the UK got a big surprise when they found a horse splashing in their pool. The homeowners called the fire department who eventually arrived and called in a vet to help with the issue. Even the best pool cover likely could not have prevented the horse from taking a swim on the brisk day in the UK.

The fire squad decided to pump all of the water out of the swimming pool before they were able to safely remove the horse. The horse was fully outfitted in a bridle and coat and was probably not too happy to find himself suddenly swimming.

A spokesman for the Oxfordshire Fire Service stated that many crews were called in to figure out the best way to deal with the situation. In the end, they ended up pumping the water out and then with the help of the vet were able to safely pull the horse out of the pool. They added they have never seen anything like this before, but are glad it had a good outcome.

The horse was later identified as Mackie, who apparently got loose from his stable and while wandering ended up falling into the pool mistaking the blue cover for firm ground.

Your Swimming Routine May Determine The Cost Of Your Swim Suit

Many people give little thought to the fact that a swimsuit is the only garment that has to be water resistant, fade proof, non shrinkable, and still look good at poolside. Decisions are being made about cutting down on the number of clothing items that are kept around cluttering up closet space. The question is whether to by a few high end clothes, or spend less money and buy inexpensive clothes. When taking a dip into the water for a swimming session, you want to be assured that the inexpensive swim wear that you just purchased is durable, and well put together. A leisurely swim requires a garment that looks good even after it has been in the water. Your text to link…

It really does not matter about the price of a swim suit because they are usually only used for one season, then discarded. If doing some strenuous laps around the swimming pool, you want your swim suit to make it to the finish when you do. Swimming is a sport where you want to be stunning as you enter the water, and just as stunning when you exit the water. If you want to pay a high end cost for swim wear, you have that option. The less expensive suits can be just as fashionable, and trendy as the costlier suits. Sometimes swimming apparel is used more when on vacation, and you want it to be sturdy and comfortable while you swim. You want to enjoy your look as well as your swim.

Lime Crime Gives you the Power to Express Yourself

Lime Crime is perhaps best known for its outside-of-the-box colors of hair dyes, eyeshadows, and lips colors that are unapologetically bright and bold. Lime Crime is all about empowering you to be yourself and to express your personality through your hair and makeup.Recently the brand has released a brand new and very exciting lip care product called “Plushies.” Plushies are a “soft focus lip veil” which means that they add just the right amount of color to lips while staying feathery soft and light without being overly cakey or heavy.

Plushies are the newest, hottest item to become available firm Lime Crime and they were worth waiting for. They are the new nude lip and are really catching on quickly. Plushies are non-opaque and will add a natural color to lips without adding a lot of bulk. They will give lips a touch-proof finish and will last all day. No fuss, no muss. They are even infused with a delightful blackberry candy scent. Just one coat will give lips full coverage, and they can be paired with your favorite lip balm.

Plushies come in many fun colors such as Milk Tea, Turkish Delight, Blackberry, Jam, and Lavender Honey. They are also available in Rosebud, Butterscotch, Cola, and Marmalade. If you like purple hues, then you will love Gum Drop, Smokey, or Grape Jelly.

Like always, this Lime Crime product is 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free. Plushies (like all of Lime Crime’s products) do not contain any ingredients that have been derived from animals, and no animal testing has ever been conducted in the manufacturing of Lime Crime’s products.

Plushies are easy to apply and are long-wearing. Once dry, they are smudge-proof and will add a pretty color to lips all day. To apply simply exfoliate lips and apply before layering on your favorite lip balm. Once it dries, simply at with a finger for that seductive, plush look. Plushies will not peel or flake so it is a great wear-and-go product and will enhance your natural lip hue. You can wear Plushies on their own or with your favorite gloss.

Drew Madden Thinks These Things About Healthcare IT

The human race’s average life expectancy, worldwide, has risen from a paltry 47 years of age at the turn of the nineteenth century to upwards of 70 in today’s world. Most of this incredible increase has the field of healthcare to thank, as medicine, surgery, healthcare equipment, and the research of such fields have helped eliminate illnesses, improve quality of life, and make living on planet Earth a more fulfilling and satisfying experience.


Technology, especially in today’s rapidly-advanced digital realm, helps healthcare professionals do their jobs better than ever before. Included below are some of calendar year 2018’s expected most significant changes in the field, as related particularly to healthcare information technology.


Digital Platforms Slated To Bring Healthcare To More People


As technological devices become more affordable and widely available, more people will benefit from the power of telemedicine, or healthcare visits, prescriptions, recommendations, and related instructions received from healthcare professionals through mobile means.


Traditionally, telemedicine only occurred through set-in-stone kiosks or computers. As time passes, that standard is quickly morphing to accommodate mobile devices. Find Related Information Here.


The Internet Of Things Is On A Come Up


The IoT, or Internet of Things, refers to devices connected to one another through the Internet. Healthcare professionals are highly likely to rely on the IoT in 2018 than ever before because it reduces the data entry responsibilities of doctors, nurses, and others in the field, something that takes away from the number of patients seen in a day’s time in a hospital or private practice setting.


Predictive Analytics


Together with the Internet, computers and advanced programs can predict healthcare problems in individuals based on nothing more than their search histories and types of medicines purchased through the Internet.


While it’s not wise to rely on such means to be diagnosed, it can help send unsuspecting individuals to the doctor before their conditions get out of hand.


Mr. Drew Madden currently works at Evergreen Healthcare Partners in the field of healthcare information technology, and most recently saved Nordic Consulting Partners from 2010 to 2016, the latter six years of which he was President.


Drew Madden is one of the key figures who have made a difference in Healthcare IT industry. Over the years, his passion for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has driven him to make a series of accomplishments in the health sector.



Young Jamaican Synchronized Swimmers Hoping To Be The First To Visit The Olympic Games

When most people think of Jamaica they think of their honeymoon or the crystal clear blue water of the Caribbean. Almost no one thinks about synchronized swimming. That is because the country of Jamaica has never before sent a synchronized swimming team to any Olympic games in history. This may be surprising to some as they’ve had representatives of other sports not usually associate with the Olympics such as bobsledding as made famous by the film Cool Runnings. But, for some young Jamaican girls, competing in synchronized swimming at the highest level is the only thing on their minds right now. The five girls, ranging in age from 9 to 17 practice four days a week with a former Russian Olympic gold medalist in synchronized swimming named Olga Novokshchenova. Her first exposure with a Jamaican synchronized swimming team came back in 2013 although it might be one she soon wanted to forget. Her team finished in last place well behind the pack. Nevertheless this gave her a starting point from which upward was the only possible direction. The girls’ sometimes three hour long training sessions can focus on a variety of topics ranging from form and technique all the way to training the girls to hold their breath for longer periods of time. When each task is mastered they move on to more complicated techniques. These extremely talented girls have certainly sacrificed a great deal to even reach the point they are at today, but this doesn’t stop them from pursuing their ultimate dream of winning the Olympic Gold.

Troy McQuagge’s Hope Program at USHealth

The wildly successful HOPE program was created by USHEALTH, a health care organization that gives customers the ability to find suitable health coverage for their own needs. For well over 50 years, this organization has provided affordable health insurance to its diverse and widespread customer base. In addition to being affordable, the plans that these families and individuals can choose from are also incredibly flexible and secure. Through the HOPE program, USHEALTH has succeeded in giving back and helping many different people in need.

Troy McQuagge is the mastermind behind the HOPE program. He also happens to serve as USHEALTH’s president. HOPE accomplishes its goals by working collaboratively with various other organizations who wish to accomplish the same goals, which creates a greater impact than either organization could on its own. When many victims were left feeling hopeless in the face of Hurricane Katrina’s damage, this concept really shined. The HOPE program, while working alongside the Phoenix of New Orleans, managed to make a massive positive impact when helping the victims. Read more on about Troy McQuagge US Health

Together with PNOLA, the HOPE program worked to build safe, new homes for residents in some of New Orleans’ most impacted parts. One area that received much focus was the group of neighborhoods in the lower mid-city.

During a 2012 board meeting, the advisors at USHEALTH made the life-changing decision to give the support group, HOPE Kids Arizona, a massive donation of $25,000 to aid in the groups efforts. HOPE Kids Arizona plays an important role in helping out the community. From them, both women and children can receive help for life-threatening conditions like cancer and others. A little while later HOPE Kids launched a similar branch in the North Texas Area, and USHEALTH contributed to them with a $45,000 donation. Visit for more info.

Most businesses and organizations, at some point, have the desire to give back to the community. Troy McQuagge’s HOPE program is born out of this natural charitable desire. It’s mission is to improve the lives of people in need in whichever way is possible at any given time. The organization is very serious about serving society in a positive way.



Michigan Women Go Undefeated in Dual Season:

The Michigan Women can now be called the perfect swim team, at least when it comes to their dual meets. The Lady Wolverines, ranked number three in the nation, took down their rival Michigan State 187-89 on February 2nd, giving them an undefeated record in their dual meets for the 2017-2018 season. This marks the first time Michigan has won all its duals in 20 years.

The meet was out of reach early, as the Lady Wolverines took the top four spots in the first four events. Ultimately, they won 13 of the 15 events on the day, with two swimmers coming away as double winners. Junior Taylor Garcia took first in both the 50 back (25.31) and the 100 fly (54.69) Your text to link… Junior Becca Postoll got wins in the 200 IM (2:03.91) and the 200 free (1:48.92). Michigan’s sister act of Gabby and Catie DeLoof also came through big time. Gabby, a senior, came in first in the 500 free (4:49.57) while Catie, a junior, placed first in the 100 back (55.10). In the dives, freshman Nikki Canale won the three meter and finished second in the one meter.

Next up for Michigan is the Big Ten Championship Meet, which takes place in Columbus, Ohio February 14-17. The NCAA National Swimming and Diving Championships will also take place in Columbus March 8-17.

How The Healthcare Industry Will Change In 2018, And How Drew Madden Plans To Be A Part Of It

The healthcare industry is set to change in a number of ways in this new year. Many people are already looking forward to it with excitement and anticipation. They want to know just how much better their healthcare experiences will be.


Longer Lifespans With More Digital Healthcar

There is no question that people are going to live longer lifespans, and some of that can be attributed to the fact that we will be focusing more on digital healthcare. Technology has reached into just about every aspect of our lives, and you can bet that it will continue to develop in the healthcare realm as well.

Drew Madden is someone who might be in a unique position to take advantage of this. He has worked in healthcare IT for the majority of his life. Drew Madden knows that information technology can make someone’s healthcare experience a lot better in the sense that they will receive the care that they require in a more personalized way.

Drew Madden is one of the key figures who have made a difference in Healthcare IT industry. Over the years, his passion for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has driven him to make a series of accomplishments in the health sector. Madden is a healthcare IT businessman who has previously led the largest Epic consulting company globally: Nordic Consulting Partners.


Predicting The Future

Analytics and big data are a big part of how the modern world works. Everything from the smartphone you put into your pocket to the sporting event that you watch on television has been touched by analytics in some way. In fact, in most cases it is something that we celebrate. We like the fact that we can use the data we already have available to us to experience the world in more grand ways. See Related Link to learn more.

There is no lack of data when it comes to healthcare. We can certainty benefit from using every ounce of information that we have to help create a better customer experience. In other words, we can certainty apply much of what we have gathered up to try to treat a patient in ways that will work best for them.


More Secure Information

Of all of the types of information out there that could possibly leak, healthcare information is just about the last kind that we would ever want to have get into the wrong hands. That is why we should all be thankful that healthcare information security is estimated to tighten up in serious ways in the new year and going forward after that as well.