5 Weight Loss Tips That Work Without Fail


Losing weight is hard. It takes a lot of time, effort, and consistency to get the desired results. Nowadays there are so many diets that promise everything and the bathtub. It can be very confusing to someone who wants to lose weight, but don’t know which diet to choose. Here are five longstanding weight loss facts that you know will work.




A shocking study shows that less than 4 percent of the population eat the daily recommended amount of vegetables. Even though they are a carbohydrate, vegetables are incredibly healthy and have lots of essential vitamins and minerals that everyone needs. There is so much variety among vegetables that you don’t have to be stuck to eating the ones you do not like. Eating a variety of them is important, especially the more colorful ones. You can put them in smoothies, salads, bake them, or just about anything else. The main idea is to make it a habit of eating them each day.




People say that calories are just calories, but that is not true. Not all foods are created equal. Some foods are more nutritionally dense and satisfying, while others may taste good by are less healthy and are practically empty calories. You may be more satisfied by eating a small piece of dark chocolate, rather than a whole bag of chocolate cookies. Look for whole foods that are really quality in small amounts.




Did your parents ever tell you to eat your fiber? Well, they knew what they were talking about. Beans, legumes, vegetables, nuts, fruit, and seeds all contain fiber, meaning carbohydrates. Your body cannot digest it so it just passes through your body without spiking blood sugar. Some benefits of fiber are that it can reduce the risk of colon cancer, relieve constipation, and also improve blood cholesterol. Who doesn’t like that? It takes time to digest fiber, making you feel full for a longer period of time. If you get hungry pretty often you may consider eating more fiber.




It is so easy to go to the store and purchase that delicious tasting bag of chips, right? Have you ever looked at the ingredient list on your energy bar? It turns out that companies add a lot of fillers in their products to cut costs. They don’t care if you are eating unnecessary salt, sugar, or whatever else they put into there. If it tastes good, just eat it right? Wrong! The list of ingredients should be very simple, short, and natural. You should be able to pronounce everything. If the list is too long, ditch it. Most likely it does not have the essential nutrients you need, so to make up for not feeling satisfied you end up consuming way more than you need, maybe even the whole bag. This is shown to be linked to expanding waistlines. So munch on a juicy pear, healthy salad, or some almonds. You won’t regret eating that apple when you look at the scale and it says you lost some extra weight.




You can exercise until you are blue in the face, or sprain you ankle, but if you don’t eat healthy it will be not be optimal. When you find out how much running or weight training you have to do to burn off a tasty burger, you may think twice. Did you know that you would have to run 1 hour to burn off two and 1/2 pieces of pizza? Yikes!! If you combine healthy eating, along with exercise you are going in the right direction.


It is good to keep in mind that you have to be patient along the way because losing weight is not an overnight thing. It takes time and practice. Don’t have the time to meal plan? PureHealthLiving.net shows how despite cost Nutrisystem is a great program that can fit into almost any weight loss strategy out there. Give it a try. Good luck on your weight loss journey and enjoy the ride. It’s going to feel so good when you hit your final goal.

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