A Deeper Look at the Career of Michael Burwell

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Michael Burwell is the current chief financial officer at the Willis Towers Watson. He was recently appointed to serve in this position which he is well suited to execute. Willis Towers Watson is a top international company that is involved in brokerage, advisory, and solutions industry. The work of the firm is to help customers to transform their risk ventures into profits. Willis Towers Watson was started in the year 1828 and has been in operation for many decades. Currently, the company has more than 40,000 employees spread across forty nations. Michael Burwell took over the position of the chief financial officer from Roger Millay.


Michael Burwell has a lot of expertise and experience in managing and leading a multifaceted company. He possesses the right credentials to help Willis Towers Watson grow into a global company. The success that Michael Burwell enjoys in his career comes from hard work, commitment, passion, and discipline. The accomplished leader has more than 12 years’ worth of experience in auditing and advisory. He has in the past helped many companies grow through his advisory services. Michael Burwell offers transaction services to companies when it comes to pre-merger deals.


Mr. Burwell attended the prestigious Michigan State University where he was able to acquire his bachelor’s Degree of Arts in business administration. He is also a public accountant who is certified. Immediately after graduating, Michael Burwell worked at PWC and managed to work in different capacities. He has previously held the position of chief operating officer, head of the global transformation, the chief financial officer as well as head of transaction services. Before serving at PWC, Michael participated in the buying and selling of projects for small companies. In the past, Michael Burwell has been contracted to evaluate business models of many different equity funds which are in the private sector.


In his new position at Willis Towers Watson, Michael Burwell is committed to continuing with the legacy left behind by his predecessor. His mission is to ensure that all the strategic plans of the company become executed. The experience of Michael Burwell in transformation, finance as well as transactions will go a long way in helping Willis Towers Watson in achieving growth and success. Michael has a reputation in the audit and advisory field as one of the most efficient and passionate leaders. He serves as a mentor and a role model to young people who would wish to follow his line of work.



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