Adam Milstein Fears The Growth Of Anti Semitic Sentiments On The Far Left

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Adam Milstein is well aware of the presence of anti semitic sentiment on the far right. Even those who may not consider themselves to be politically aware can attest to this. What does come as somewhat of a surprise to Adam Milstein is the burgeoning antisemitism that is taking place on the far left.

The far left may not seem like a likely candidate to peddle these types of retrograde viewpoints. On the other hand, these types of viewpoints do make some sort of sense. The far left and the far right have become united against a few common “threats, which include free speech and feminism.

Most would not expect the far left to be willing to trample on human rights in such a manner but there are those who are willing to reconcile these types of ideologies because of their wrongful views of Israel. The far left currently views Israel as one of the world’s biggest oppressors.

This viewpoint is what causes the far left to believe that they are actually doing what is right when they are critical of Israelis. This group may mean well but in reality? They are simply sweeping several groups together and forming harmful generalizations that are not based in any sort of reality.

The far left has also allowed themselves to believe that the Jewish race is responsible for any issue that is currently taking place in the world. Even university students are getting on the act and this is where Adam Milstein is especially worried. Now that these viewpoints are being peddled at college campuses, there is a real danger that they are going to be passed down to the next generation.

Unfortunately, the far left has shown these sorts of tendencies throughout history. There are many who have vilified the Jewish nation-state and believe that those who support it are wrong for doing so. Radical leftists also have a history of collaborating with the far right if the right situation comes along.

Adam Milstein fears that these viewpoints will come as a threat to life in America as we know it. If these alliances are allowed to thrive, this will keep Jewish people from all over the world from feeling as safe as possible.

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