AMVA fights against cyberbullying

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Cyber bullying is not just a problem for young adults on social media Outlets: it also affects adults even businesses. Even the most credible business can lose a substantial number of customers through cyber bullying attacks on social media outlets and through business review sites. Sites such as, Yelp and Facebook have become outlets for people to share their views about people and businesses. Sometime this is abused. One upset or angry customer can attempt to ruin the credibility of a business.

One association has decided to fight back on behalf of its members. Recently the American Veterinary Medical Association this was after a recent review showed that 20% of its members have been victims of cyberbullying through false reviews. There was even a case where cyberbullying drove one veterinarian to suicide.

The American Veterinarian Medical Association or AVMA created two valuable resources to help members facing false accusations and reviews. Now members of the American veterinarian Medical Association now have two new resources to help prevent cyber bullying from affecting their business.

Crisis management Consultants are available to discuss and give immediate assistance to those who are being cyber-bullied. This hotline is available for free for up to 30 minutes to any member who needs it. Additional time is also offered for a fee.

DMV reputation guard is also available four members through subscription this service retrieve information from online resources such as social media Outlets and make customer aware of reviews or results that could possibly be a threat to their business once information is found that is derogatory it helps provide customer with assistance in answering to the derogatory statements. Often mediation and a kind exchange of words can persuade an angry client to remove the information.

Your online reputation serves as a reflection of your true reputation. The internet has become a prominent part of everyday life. Anyone person has access to spread information about you, your family and business. It is important to monitor and remedy and activity involving your reputation. More business should follow the lead that the AVMA has taken to protect its members from fraudulent information.


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