An Overview of Onelogin As a Security Company

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Onelogin is a company which is cloud-based. It is involved in identity and access management which it focuses on selling to organizations and different businesses. The company operates under the goals of using the identity and access management in securing access to devices and applications. Moreover, it focuses on reducing the IT time on both offboarding and onboarding. The company also aims at increasing the end productivity of the customers mainly by a single sign-on (SSO).

The SAML Toolkits of Onelogin are used by more than three hundred application vendors. More than seventy SaaS also utilize the toolkits to make the apps more secure. The firm has come a long way through the integration of various applications. The recent cloud applications integrated by the company include RemedyForce and Workplace application by

The customers utilize the services of Onelogin in managing numerous user identities from multiple countries. Onelogin serves customers from different domains such as those from education, technology, the manufacturing sector, life sciences, retail, health, and media. There are many representative clients of Onelogin. Some of these representative customers include Pinterest, Acuris, Berkless College of Music, Steelcase, Fairfax media and many others.

Onelogin is based in San Francisco. The company is involved in the creation of software which allows the office visitors to sign in by utilizing an iPad. With this technological improvement, the traditional logbooks that were previously in use when signing to the offices have become a thing of the past since they are considered to be not only insecure but also outdated. Envoy which is a significant project of the company has helped in the automation of many steps making the visitor entry process more efficient.

Envoy has enabled many processes to be more effective including the registration process, host notifications, signing in, digital NDA and availing visitor badges. The customers of this company include some of the fastest growing businesses globally. The tech-forward companies are also clients of this company. The customers embrace the services of this company because they promote security and productivity. A recent project by Envoy is working with Onelogin in implementing SCIM protocol. The feature is available to enterprise customers and Envoy premium.

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