Andy Wirth and his New Position

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Andy Wirth is not only the current CEO, but also the current President of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort and the chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. The resort is a ski resort with a long past as well as a bright future ahead thanks to the innovation of Andy Wirth and his employees at the resort.

Even at a young age, Mr. Wirth has always wanted to combine business with the mountain resort industry. Andy Wirth has always loved nature and has always known that his career path would involve seeing and living in nature every single day.

Though this resort was originally a family owned business for over 70 years, Andy Wirth proved his capability to not only keep the business intact, but to also grow the business even more within the next few years to come. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Andy Wirth has always had nature run through his veins. As the current CEO and President of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Mr. Wirth has made sure that he knows every inch of his land.

As an outdoors man, Andy Wirth has improved the ski resort to encourage hiking, exploring, skiing, or even just sitting back to relax to enjoy the beautiful view.

With the beautiful ski slopes as well as the close proximity to Lake Tahoe, Mr. Wirth’s current business is considered to be one of the most beautiful spots to vacation to in the entire world.

As a dedicated businessman, Andy Wirth has been able to attract more visitors than ever to this peaceful and beautiful ski resort. Though Andy Wirth has only been in his position for six years, Mr. Wirth has put over $70 million into the renovation of the resort.

The money has gone into the reshaping of the ski slopes as well as the remodeling of the interior of the resort. This renovation has made the ski resort up to date and even more environmentally friendly. Andy Wirth wants to attract visitors while creating less of a carbon footprint in the environment.

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