Angela Lane Insists that Swimming is One of the Best Weight Loss Exercises

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Given that we all have different capabilities, strengths, and physical embodiment; it is difficult to design a generic training program. Nevertheless, there are general guidelines that anyone can follow with the aim of making sure that they are on the right track. As illustrated by one Angela Lane, who has great memories of swimming when she was young, swimming is one of the most significant physical activities that can help an individual lose weight and gain shape at the same time.

Background Information

Lane had a challenging childhood as she would be teased about her weight. In fact, she recalls people telling her that she should run, walk or do something to lose the extra kilos. However, when she tried to exercise like any other person who was trying to lose weight, she developed complications in her legs and abdomen. She thence thought to herself that it was wise to resort to swimming because she was a swimmer from a relatively tender age.

Benefits of Swimming

Lane is now thirty-one years old, but two years ago, she weighed about 200 pounds of which she hadn’t in over ten years. That was abnormal; although she had not been to a swimming pool for decades. Recalling how she took to the pool immediately, and since then, her life has taken a new direction. For those who aspire to travel down the same road, it is important to note that Lane first began with a lap. The lap turned into five and then a coupled of countless laps therein.

The Observation

From Lane’s story, it is right to deduce that swimming remains to be one of the best and viable forms of cardiovascular exercise that we can engage in. Of course, it is among the exercises that fully utilize all muscle groups by alongside stimulating our heart rate.

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