David Wilkie Swims Too Fast at Age 62

If you have ever exercised at a community pool, you have probably witnessed some breaches of etiquette. It is unlikely, though, that you have seen a senior citizen receive a warning for swimming to fast. That is exactly what happened in the United Kingdom recently, though.

According to the BBC, Olympic gold medalist David Wilkie, age 62, was warned by a swimming pool lifeguard that he was swimming too fast. The Bracknell lifeguard said that he believed it was poor etiquette for Wilkie to swim at an excessive speed. Wilkie responded that he was just trying to do his best, as any swimmer would.

It is amusing to picture a 62-year-old retired swimmer jetting through the water at the local YMCA. There must, however, be hundreds of former Olympic athletes swimming laps at community pools.

One of the great things about swimming is that it is a lifelong sport. Unlike some other athletes (e.g., football, baseball, and basketball players), champion swimmers can keep swimming for the rest of their lives. Although they might not stay in true Olympic form for long, they will probably tend to be exceptionally fast for their age throughout their lives.

Is swimming too fast a serious problem at public pools? It is true that swimmers must accommodate each other’s relative speeds when they are sharing a lane, and perhaps that was the very circumstance in the Wilkie story. If you see a 62-year-old speeding through the pool, though, consider just letting him go.


Troy McQuagge awarded the Gold medal at the planet business professional awards

Last week, the one planet awards were held and among the people who got the best awards was troy Mcquagge, who received the award of the CEO of the year. The awards were created to honor the organizations that are doing well in the different industries from around the globe and the leaders of the organizations. The awards are given to both the public and private, profit and non-profit organizations.

Troy is the CEO of the US Health Group, a position that he has held for the past seven years. When he was appointed to the position, the company was having a hard time making their ends meet. The first thing that he did was putting in place measures that helped in building a redistribution agency for the company, which effectively eliminated the chaos at the company. The success of the step is what led to his appointment as group president in 2014. Since he took up the leadership position, the company has been growing through leaps and bounds to their current success.

He was asked to comment about the prestigious award that he had received and he stated that it was enough evidence that the company was working towards meeting their goals. He stated that the manner in which they had created their products assured them of growth and also improved the products and made changes as per the needs of the customers. Other business categories that received awards include business executives, teams and new products and innovative services.

About Troy McQuagge

Timothy is the CEO of the US Health Group. He has been engaged in the managed healthcare services sector for the past three decades and this has given him the expertise and hands on experience needed to make the right decisions for his company. For the years that he has led the company, a lot of growth has been achieved. The profitability of the company has risen. The main goal of the company has been the provision of insurance products that cater to the needs of their customers and they have achieved this objective very well.

Karl Heideck: A Top Philadelphia Litigator

Top litigation attorney Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck is a top litigation attorney based in Pennsylvania

Litigation is a profession that requires a lot of work and seriousness. It calls for one to possess strong negotiation and research skills. It also requires that you have true understanding of the various terminologies used in the field of law. It is true that litigation is tasking but it is also rewarding in equal measure. Litigation is a term that most people are not familiar with. Mention the name litigation and everybody will turn to google. For those not in legal careers, lawyers are just that. But in the real sense, there are various types of attorneys, one of them being litigators.

A litigator, like Karl Heideck, is a type of attorney who is involved in the representation of either the plaintiff or defendant during a criminal, civil or corporate lawsuit. A litigator normally takes up a case from its infancy to the trial stage. When a litigator takes up your case, they will do some fact-finding and drafting of evidence. These facts will be used in the appeal stage which is again overseen by the litigators.

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After the appeal stage, the discovery stage follows. Discovery is one of the most litigious processes that litigators have to oversee. It is also one of the most expensive stages. It involves a series of interviews and filling of questionnaires which are instrumental in information exchange between the plaintiff and defendant parties. The discovery stage unfolds info that is used in pre-trial. It is hoped that things will be sorted out during this stage. Should there be need, litigators take their clients through the trial stage.

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Legal career of Karl Heideck
A glimpse into the legal career of Karl Heideck

The description above is the work life of Karl Heideck, one of Philadelphia’s most popular litigators. He currently works for Grant & Eisenhofer where he is the contract attorney. He has been working for this company ever since he left Pepper Hamilton in the year 2015. At Pepper Hamilton, Karl Heideck was the project attorney. He had been appointed to this position after the recognition of his abilities and the experience that he had gained from Conrad O’Brien.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/karl.heideck

Swimmers Raise Money For Charity

While many people were out celebrating the New Year, 55 swimmers in California were raising money for charity. The Piranhas Swim Club swam several miles to raise money for the Angel View Charity.


The Piranhas Swim Club managed to raise $4,000 for the Angel View Charity. Not only did they raise money to benefit Angel View, but they also inspired people. Fifty-two-year old Chris Vargo was one of the people who participated in the event. He was born blind and had broken his collarbone last year. However, that did not stop him from reaching his goal.


Chris’s goal was to swim at least 14 strokes per lane. Abby Kartzinel, who is only 13-years-old, was the youngest participant. She was in the area visiting her grandparents and decided to participate in the event.


Jeff Conwell and Steve Erickson sponsored the event. Jeff stated that being able to serve the communities is an honor. He also stated that he was happy to see the smiles of the participants when they reached their personal goals.


Angel View is an organization that provides care to special needs adults. It has an outreach program and special education classes. The company also provides outreach services to families who have children with disabilities. It served over 600 children in 2016. Families are able to get these services for free. Angel View is committed to enhancing the lives of people with disabilities.


USSA Recognizes Michael Phelps

Winner of 23 gold medals, Michael Phelps has been dubbed the top male athlete of the year by the United States Sports Academy. This comes after a year in which Phelps won six medals at the Rio 2016 Olympics. The Maryland native has won more medals than anyone else in Olympic history. This is the third time the swimmer has received the award, and he remains the only swimmer ever honored by the Academy.


The USSA determines the winner by taking into consideration the votes cast online by the public each month. Using these votes as a guideline, the Academy chooses an athlete to recognize an athlete of the month. At the end of the year, the athletes on this short list of 12 candidates become eligible for the yearly award. This year, Phelps, Jamaican runner Usain Bolt, and Slovenian ski jumper Peter Prevc were the favorites.


On the women’s side, the Academy gave the award to American gymnast Simone Biles. However, another swimmer, 400m individual medley world record holder Hungarian Katinka Hosszu, ranked just behind Biles.


The award is only one of many given to Phelps for his performance in the previous year. Among others, he received the USOC SportsMan of the Year Award, the Golden Goggle Male Performance of the Year Award, the Fédération internationale de natation swimmer of the year, and the Swimming World Swimmer of the Year Award (World and American categories). Phelps announced his retirement in 2016.

Lori Senecal: Setting An Example For Strong Women Everywhere

Lori Senecal has made a name for herself in the world of advertising. According to the Wall Street Journal, Lori currently serves as the CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, one of America’s leading ad agencies. Lori is a woman who was able to surpass her male competitors and stand out and lead the company as CEO. An alarming statistic shows that among all the CEOs in the country, only a small amount of those positions are filled by women. Lori is one who has been able to stand among the top women CEOs in a male dominated world.

Being a woman in power, Lori stands as a figure for females everywhere to look upto. According to the Huffington Post, she is actively involved in a program called 3% which aims to give women all over America a chance to develop their professional and leadership skills. Lori is a frequent speaker at The 3% Conference and has conducted numerous talks with the hope of encouraging more and more women to own up to their talent and aim for advancement in their fields.

At Crispin Porter + Bogusky, or CP+B as they are colloquially referred to, Lori is tasked with doing everything a CEO needs to do to ensure the smooth functioning of their company. As part of her job, Lori is tasked with overseeing all the operations that take place in the enterprise. Her years of experience in the field of advertising have equipped her with the skills and tools she needs to run CP+B.

Lori Senecal is also known for her efforts to take CP+B to new heights. Under her guidance, Crispin Porter + Bogusky has expanded to international borders and has established their offices in various parts of the world. Lori believes that expanding to new territories and tapping into new markets is one way in which the company can become a global leader in advertising. The company has been receiving a lot of positive light for numerous campaigns that they have been putting out in countries other than the United States.

Growing up in Canada, Lori lived in a rather competitive household, which has given her the edge to be able to perform so well in a field dominated by the opposite sex. But it isn’t just her gender that sets her apart from the rest. Lori’s skill and perseverance to be a successful CEO are demonstrated in her everyday actions and how much progress CP+B has been making under her leadership.

Reference: https://www.shootonline.com/news/tags/13820

Missy Franklin Conquers Failure

It’s hard to believe that Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin is only 21 years old. She started swimming at five years old and began swimming competitively at the age of seven. In her new book, “Relentless Spirit,” Franklin tells the story of her love for swimming and her close-knit family. Most young swimmers may not be interested in the details of her personal life, but most readers can learn quite a lot about recovering from failure.


In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Franklin recounts her joy at diving into the pool at an early age. She discusses her love for the water and the fact that she never had to be nagged by her parents, even during early morning winter hours, to get to practice. However, after her losses in Rio Franklin lost her love for the sport. The joy of the early years vanished.


Franklin still swims for UC Berkeley but she has found simpler joys outside of the pool. Learning new cooking techniques and laughing with friends weren’t the catalyst for overcoming failure. Instead, she has found a new way to look at swimming. After representing a country and supporting her team mates, Franklin is rediscovering how to swim for herself and for her joy alone. It’s a bit early to tell if she will regain her standing in competitive swimming, or if she even wants to. After achieving whirlwind success, Franklin is in the process of rediscovering the sport that once bought her joy and comfort.


Poor Weather in Europe? How about Swimming in Barbados?c

Europe has been all foggy and gloomy for the past couple of weeks and all forms of outdoor activities have been cut short. But what do you do if you still crave that nice cool dip in a pool? No problem, pack your bags and head off to Barbados.


While many parts of the world are braving the throes of an icy winter, Barbados is busking in the warmest summer Sun and a burst with wanderlust activities. Not only did this scenic Caribbean Island give us the beautiful voice of Rihanna, it also happens to house some of the best beaches in the world. Since swimming is on your mind right now, you definitely have to show up at Carlisle Bay located in Bridgetown. The beach waters are sparkly clear if you fancy a dip, then later on you can snorkel or explore some shipwrecks with the area.


For more explorative adventure, you have to visit the many islands surrounding the greater Barbados. We cannot name all of them but some great suggestions should be the islands of Miami, Accra, Crane, Bathsheba, Bat Beach, Silver Sands and Dover. Swim around the islands and head ashore to explore the area till sundown.


Though car rental is available, the best way to explore more of Barbados is on a ship tour. The Catamaran sea tour should be on your wish list; be sure to choose the snorkeling package so you can swim in the blue waters flanked by sea turtles.


So you don’t have to wrap yourself in heavy blankets and couch surf all day over a bowl of chicken soup. Pack your swim suit and head over to Barbados for a mini vacation. You can go back home in April when the weather is well behaved.



Two Great Olympic Champions Close Curtains on Swimming Career

If you have been a keen follower of the Olympic Games held in Rio 2 months back, you definitely know these two giants: Michael Phelps and Brittany Maclean. They are Olympic swimming champions who have done both their countries and fans proud. But sadly, they recently made it public that it’s the end of the road for them.


For Michael Phelps, he has been an all-time Olympic record holder since the US Olympic Team trials of 2004. Since then, he has been a phenomenon in swimming championships, scooping 23 gold medals in global Olympic championships and 13 more gold medals in individual Olympic events. At 31, he recently made a statement that his win at the Olympic championships in Rio was the last call for him. Phelps did not give specific reasons why he is stepping down but one can attribute it to him becoming a family man. He wedded his long-time fiancée, Nicole Johnson with whom they have a child.


Over to Canada, a 22 year old Brittany Maclean is reassigning from Olympic swimming championships as well, but hers is more of a sad story. As the first Canadian female record holder, she was not pleased by her performance in the same Olympic games held in Rio last August. In the eyes of her Canadian and global fans, she actually did a good job setting a Canadian record in both the 200-meter and 400-meter freestyle games. Thanks to her, Canada walked away with an Olympic bronze medal, the first ever for the country, but Maclean felt she underperformed given the strong form she was in.


So as we are sure Phelps was well in his retiring years as a professional swimmer, one can only cross their fingers for the young Maclean. The female record holder said she is completing her degree in Sports management first before she thinks of competing again.

Miss CA Good Luck Charm: Michael Phelps Was Already Married During Rio Olympics

He’s considered one of the greatest and probably one of few who can really keep a secret. Swimmer Michael Phelps won his 23rd, and presumably final, Olympic gold medal of his career at the Rio Olympics in Brazil last July. Not only that, but we’ve all just learned that the most decorated Olympian in history was already competing as a married man at the summer games.


Phelps had quitely married former Miss California Nicole Johnson weeks earlier in Paradise Valley Arizona, according to the Arizona Republic newspaper. The publication had released the official marriage document on its website, and then TMZ the tabloid let the entire world know about the covert nuptials. TMZ showed a copy of the couple’s marriage license, and suddenly, that was the hottest story around. TMZ claims that the Paradise Valley, Arizona ceremony was officiated by Phelps’ agent, Peter Carlisle. The couple now reside in Paradise valley.


Nicole has not directly commented on social media about being a newlywed, but she did make a hint about the union on the wedding day of June 13th. Then, she posted a photo on Instagram of herself, Phelps and Boomer, with a caption reading: “Such a memorable night with my lil fambam.” The couple’s adorable son Boomer was born on May 5th.


Meantime, Michael Phelps is denying the nuptials on his Facebook page, assuring his many fans, “I’m not married yet.


“I am not telling you the date of the wedding,” Phelps said. “That’s a super secret. You guys will know soon, though.”


He and Nicole are both 31. As far as adding to their adorable brood, Phelps did say this to his fans:


“Baby number two could be coming soon, but who knows, though?”


Stay tuned, swimming fans.