Swimming is the Best Aerobic Exercise

In the article, “Why swimming is so good for you”, Markham Heid discusses the reasons why swimming is the best aerobic and cardio-vascular exercise (http://time.com/4688623/swimming-pool-health-benefits/) The commentary proves to be a helpful resource by making people aware that swimming has proved to be good for the heart. Without the resistance of gravity, every muscle in the body is working to keep your body healthy while you are swimming. It also helps your breathing by strengthening the respiratory muscles. Heid discusses how a regular swim can help people with arthritis and decrease tightening of the arteries to prevent heart attacks. People with hypertension can lower their blood pressure with a regular swim schedule.

The buoyant quality of floating can help overweight people exercise without as much exertion as regular aerobic exercise. Breathing is also improved when swimming. Unlike running where short, shallow breaths are taken, swimming requires deep breaths released slower, strengthening lung capacity. The lung alveoli become stronger and do not stick together as much. In addition, swimming is a great way to keep the body toned, because all the muscles are used.

Both the lower and upper body are working when swimming, as opposed to running or biking where there is mostly lower body exertion. The benefits to the lower back are also evident, because exercising horizontally counters the constant bending of the back that hampers people who work at a desk. Swimming also helps maintain healthy posture. Thirty minutes of swimming a day is all it takes.

Catch a Wave, Catch E-Coli?

Point Break. The Beach Boys. The Endless Summer. Surfing!

The sport, romance, and culture of surfing has captured the imagination of people everywhere for centuries. It’s no surprise that people have been doing it for so long. Why flap your arms and legs just plain swimming when you can master the water and “fly” atop the foam?

But in a recent study conducted by the University of Exeter in the UK, surfers may be catching more than a wave when they take to the water. Researchers have concluded that surfers swallow approximately ten-times the amount of seawater than regular swimmers. This wouldn’t be a bad thing, if coastal water was clean. The news is out, everywhere: it’s not. Even Redditors are horrified!

In the study, brilliantly named “Beach Bums,” scientists from the university’s medical school have partnered with the environmental advocacy group, “Surfers Against Sewage,” to test the fecal matter of nearly 300 volunteers, half surfers and half not. The results are startling.

Surfers in the study were three-times as likely to carry antibiotic-resistant superbugs and dangerous bacteria than regular swimmers. As the world of medicine grapples with the impending doom of the failure of antibiotics, this is seriously scary news for surfers, the people they share their lives with, and all of us.

In an interview with the UK’s Independent, the lead researcher on the project, Dr. Anne Leonard, emphasized that “we urgently need to know more about how humans are exposed to these bacteria.”

FL Gulf Coast Takes Meet, While Liberty Swimmer Shines:

It was neck and neck between Florida Gulf Coast University and Liberty University until the final three events. That’s when the Eagles made a big push to pull ahead and win the school’s first ever Triple Distance Classic.

This inaugural meet featured every stroke for the 50, 100, and 200 meter lengths, along with the 500 and 1,000 freestyle. FGCU ended the night with 395 points, while Liberty came in second with 344. Rounding out the placings were St. Louis, third with 267, and Rutgers with 245. Much of Florida Gulf Coast’s late push for the win was due to the performance of Yee Ching Wong (Hong Kong), who won two of the final three events. Yee finished first in both the 100 IM (59.37) and 200 IM (2:06.55). Your text to link…

While Florida Gulf Coast won the whole meet, Liberty University actually won the most individual events, eight in all. Leading the way for the Flames was Prudence Rooker (Forest Grove, Oregon). She was the only triple winner at the Triple Distance Classic, coming in first in the 50, 100, and 200 breaststrokes (29.41; 1:05.90; 2:22.67). Rooker was also part of Liberty’s winning 200 medley relay team.

The Classic produced four double winners. Hannah Burdge (FGCU, 50 and 100 free), Francesca Bertotto (RU, 500 and 1,000 free), Vera Kopkrivova (RU, 50 and 200 back), and Alicia Finnigan (LU, 50 and 100 fly)

Sea Lion Attacks Close Popular Swimming Spot

Two swimmers were attacked in the San Francisco Bay area on Thursday December 14th and Friday December 15th. The two attacks are considered to be highly unusual and extremely rare. Sea lions are animals that are not known to attack swimmers.

The sea lion attacks led park authorities at the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park to shut down a popular swimming spot in the San Francisco area. Park authorities say they will be investigating the reason why a sea lion decided to attack swimmers. One theory is that the sea lion was territorial and trying to keep the swimmers away from his territory. This rarely if ever happens though. Another theory is that the sea lion who attacked the swimmers is sick and injured. It may have felt threatened by the swimmers and bit them.

The site of the attacks is an area that sea lions frequently pass through as they head towards a favorite gathering spot. It is also a favorite venue for swimming and rowing clubs. Park authorities are now warning swimmers and rowers to be on guard. The bay may be right near the city, but it is actually a wilderness area. As soon as you are out in the water, you should imagine yourself being in a place where wild animals and fish may roam about.

Both of the attacks left swimmers needing medical treatment. One man was bit in the groin and taken to a hospital. Another man was bit on the arm and had to have two surgeries.

Bob Reina Introduces Live Meetings Marketing Tool.

We are living in an increasingly transformative time. The advent of the internet and the rise of video marketing has fundamentally shifted the way that companies do business. In order to properly reach out and connect with customers, businesses need to lean on video marketing software. Talk Fusion is based out of Tampa, FL and the company has been helping to innovate within the video marketing field since 2007. Bob Reina is the founder of Talk Fusion and he has been the charismatic leader of the team. Reina took time out of his schedule in order to introduce Talk Fusion’s newest piece of software: Live Meetings.


Direct conferencing is one of the most important and effective ways for businesses to mass-exhibit their messaging. For this reason, Talk Fusion has developed Live Meetings to be THE conferencing application to meet the needs of businesses both large and small. Live Meetings is a one-way video conferencing application that allows up to 15 hosts the ability to broadcast to up to 500 viewers at a time. Video conferencing is something that Talk Fusion firmly believes in and they are even exhibiting it on their own website in order to bring in new Talk Fusion associates.


What makes the Live Meetings application different than other video conferencing applications is that it is built on WebRTC tech. Talk Fusion CTO Ryan Page and CEO Bob Reina both have gone on record to tout WebRTC technology as the future of internet-based marketing, and for good reason. WebRTC technology allows users to access applications without having to download software, install plugins, or purchase special hardware. Users need to merely be sent the URL of the video conference, by way of the company hosting the conference, and click on it. WebRTC technology allows Live Meetings to operate across every major platform and hardware options, including tablets, phones, laptops and desktop computers.


Another benefit of WebRTC technology, which Live Meetings is built upon, is an improvement in actual output. Live Meetings looks crisp and sounds even crisper with a lack of echoes, reverberation or sharp audio twangs. When companies want to put their best foot forward, they turn to companies like Talk Fusion and products like Live Meetings in order to help pull it off. Reina has gone to the press saying WebRTC tech is the perfect fit for what the company is trying to do with their newer marketing tools. Learn more: http://blog.talkfusion.com/




Australian Prime Minister Believed To Have Disappeared While Swimming

December 17th, 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of a major swimming disaster in Australia. Approximately 50 years ago, then Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt was presumed to have drowned after going out for a swim on Cheviot Beach near Melbourne. No body was found, so it is presumed that he simply drowned while swimming.

People on the beach that day reported high tides and rip currents. The Australian Prime Minister decided to continue swimming despite the deteriorating conditions at sea. Those who were with him on the beach say they saw the water overtake him. After they lost sight of him they never saw him again.

Despite a frantic search effort, Harold Holt’s body has never been found. While he is officially presumed to have drowned while swimming, there are numerous other theories that exist. Some say he was kidnapped at sea by the Russians or Chinese.

Harold Holt was known to be a swimmer and had recently had shoulder surgery. His doctor even had warned him to rest and not do anything strenuous. It most plausible that the prime minister simply drowned rather than be kidnapped. The more extreme theories to Holt’s disappearance while swimming at sea include him being a spy who boarded a submarine to China or Russia that day.

Australian’s have commemorated the 50th anniversary of the sudden disappearance of their Prime Minister with a ceremony that included Holt’s family and the current prime minister. A swimming pool was also named after Harold Holt. Let’s just hope that nobody shares the same fate as he did in his pool.

Using Talkspace for Superior Therapy Options


Dealing with a mental health disorder can be a problem in anyone’s life. It can affect the way that you sleep, eat and how you’re able to maintain a job and relationships. The problem that a lot of people have is that they do not know how to go about getting to a therapist who is able to help them out. Most therapists make weekly appointments which you will then need to keep and find a way to get to. If you have anxiety issues or mobility problems, getting to those appointments can be more than just a little problem.

This is why Talkspace was created for people like you who want to get therapy to help their situation but do not want to always go to a local therapist’s office. Talkspace is a mobile app that you can download and use for your own benefit. You will be able to try Talkspace for free for the first week as a trial. If you are not happy with the way that it works, you can uninstall it from your device. However, this app has literally been changing lives since its inception and launch over a year ago.

The reason Talkspace is as popular as it is is because it gives people access to a therapist without needing to leave the house. You can message the therapist using two different methods: chat messaging and video messaging. This allows you to either get things off of your chest by writing it out or by having a face-to-face conversation with the therapist like you would if you went to their office. Be sure to consider Talkspace as a viable option if you’ve been wanting to go and see someone professional but know that it wouldn’t work to go and see someone who has a local office.

Swimmer Michael Phelps Talks About Being Depressed

Michael Phelps has proven himself to be the greatest swimmer who ever lived. Many people believe that he is also the greatest Olympian of all-time. It is very hard to argue with that statement. Phelps won a total of 28 Olympic medals. There were 23 gold medals in that bunch. He dominated the sport of swimming like no other athlete has dominated his or her particular sport in the history of the Olympics. He has earned millions of dollars in endorsements because of his spectacular feats in the pool.

Despite his incredible success, Phelps has admitted to battling with severe bouts of depression throughout his life. He talked very candidly about his experiences with depression in a recent interview. He said that his lowest point came in 2014. He was arrested for the second time for driving under the influence of alcohol. He was suspended from the United States swimming team for six months because of this arrest. Phelps locked himself in his room and refused to come out for four days. He said he did not have the desire to live any longer. He eventually began to talk to friends and members of his family. The depression slowly went away.

Phelps is no longer depressed. He is happily married and his wife is expecting their second child. His life is going good. He has decided to try to help people who are going through depression like he was. He believes that sharing his experiences might motivate people to seek help for their problem.

Meet New Zealand’s “Swim Reaper.”

A strange phenomenon has been occurring on the beaches of New Zealand. Naturally, everyone who lives or has spent any amount of time in New Zealand loves their visitor, but now there is a new visitor to the beaches they have to contend with. Oh, don’t worry, he’s harmless, but if you spot him you might paddle up in the waves next to him and say hi.

Everyone, meet an individual who goes by the name of the “Swim Reaper.” Nowadays, this Swim Reaper usually hangs out on the beach, taking pictures to share with his followers. Some of the most notable ones include shots of him holding an ice cream cone, a picture of him frolicking in the water with his horse, and various other pictures.

So what is the point of this character enjoying the sun and fun in New Zealand? Is it just a publicity stunt? No, it’s actually an important marketing campaign by this country off the coast of Australia.

This rather unique approach is designed to educate young people about the importance of taking safety precautions when they are swimming. They decided to take a humorous approach because this country is well aware that young people are not crazy about being told what to do. However, if they create a viral internet character, it will help the situation and make them realize their need to stay safe on their next swimming venture!

Why Enterprises Need to Improve Their Access to Modernization

Many organizations have had access to tools that are useful for legacy components as well as among IT teams. There are numerous systems that can influence Identity and Access Management based on the hybridization of enterprises. There are a lot of simple web applications that have been associated with cloud apps.

CA Technologies SiteMinder and Access Managers for Oracle have not been established with the appropriate applications for cloud mobility. There are a lot of aspects that resource intensive practices needs to maintain in order to get better solutions.

There are multiple pressures from the industry that affect the way that server and web authorization software is managed. There are a lot of costs when it comes to servers since there is electricity and air-conditioners can inflate what is needed to maximize a full operation. There are ongoing costs of infrastructure that are seen throughout the infrastructure as well.

Costs of subscription in addition to dealing with legacy technology can significantly influence the way that organizations address incumbent service needs and methods of operation. Hiring staff, training, and maintaining other aspects of personnel can be draining on resources. This makes it harder to find budgets that are allocated for technology because of the amount that goes into training people to operate each methodology effectively.

Another aspects of system selection and optimum design has to do with the way that technology utilizes available resources and improves the way that customer support is performed. Since there may not be as much supportive infrastructure existing with older technology, it has become increasingly important that authorization as well as related infrastructure utilizes the most important aspects of web authentication and management.

Security Concerns have contributed to a great degree when ti comes to security that is inflexible or otherwise ineffective. Handling the legacy of management solutions and strategies can make a big difference in ongoing organizational standards of operation. There are other points that OneLogin addresses effectively in addition to security and customer service outcomes. They are able to handle many of the vulnerabilities that may exist in the way that technology takes place and is used at a fundamental level.