Don Ressler: Reimagining Activewear Fashion Through Fabletics

Despite the growing demand for women sportswear, by 2010 they were hardly any high quality active wear brand that met the functionality threshold that the growing market demanded. Women also found it difficult to find active wear brands that were fashionable. Moreover, the available brands were overly expensive despite their inadequacies. To bridge this ever growing gap in the active wear fashion industry, Don Ressler and his business partner Adam Goldenberg cofounded Fabletics. Fabletics strategically placed itself within the active wear fashion industry by providing something new instead of engaging in the ongoing fight for demand.


By merging fashion, affordability and functionality into a unique product, Fabletics created a powerful fashion brand with the sole purpose of reimagining the active wear industry. By creating what women wanted, Mr. Ressler and his business partners revolutionized the industry. However, the success of their brand was as a result of strategic steps they took at the initial stage of launching their unique and novel project. Using data collected from conversations with focus groups and several consumer tests, Fabletics was able to establish the root of the problem that women faced when shopping for sportswear. Their desires, tastes and preferences were never taken into account during and after product development. They used the data and worked with dedicated fashion manufacturers to add fashion, comfort, affordability and functionality to women sportswear.


Success Pillars: Towards Appealing To The Masses


The success of Fabletics as one of the leading activewear brands globally is down to several factors converging through dedication, perseverance and hard work of the founders. Don Ressler’s vast experience in the industry, steely dedication and focus played an integral role in the successful launching and growth of the fashion brand. Moreover, the two business partners brought actress Kate Hudson on board as a cofounder and spokeswoman for the brand. Kate’s dedication and excellent communication skills with the online masses has been integral in the growing popularity of the brand.


Fabletics’ success has also been pillared on its commitment to utilize the endless marketing opportunities offered by the online space. Fabletics uses a subscription-based system where members have the opportunity to enjoy discounts upon registration, which is charged at $50 each month. VIP members enjoy customized shopping and free shipment for all products bought. Customized shopping is achieved by collecting data especially from the registration forms, which is then used to manufacturer activewear that meet the tastes and preferences of the members. The success achieved so far has encouraged Fabletics to launch activewear for plus-size women in 2017.


Vincent Parascandola leadership and history

AXA Advisors is globally recognized Insurance Corporation headquartered in France. The company works in financial and investment management. The company has expanded its operations to Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. It’s ranked the second most powerful entity operating globally. Although its run independently, it follows different laws and regulations as stipulated by the governments of those countries.

Vincent Parascandola is currently the senior executive Vice President of AXA Advisors. He’s in charge of managing, sales, productivity, recruitment, and training of employees. His 25 years’ experience in the financial advisory sector has helped him achieve tremendous knowledge and awards for his management skills. According to Wallet Hub, the most recent one is the GAMA Career Development and Master Agency Award.

Vincent Parascandola attained a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Pace University- Lubin School of Business in New York. Mr. Vincent Parascandola recently returned to his alma mater to lead in the commencement speech during the graduation class of 2014. He is sought after by many companies to be a guest speaker during industry conferences. He held the chairman’s office of the LIMRA’s Field Officers Committee. His dedication, hard work, and experience made him achieve the post of the senior executive vice president.

The AXA Advisors LLC is the primary broker and retail distributor for the AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company, a leader in the financial protection, life insurance, and annuity products. As detailed on, AXA Advisors’ network with more than 6000 personnel provides working strategies and products for the financial protection and investments. It also offers asset allocation, retirement plans, business and estate planning to their clients. AXA Financial Inc. subsidiary AXA Equitable forms part of the global AXA Group which is a leader in financial protection strategies and wealth management.

Vincent Parascandola experience includes

AXA US October 2014 – Present

AXA Equitable May 2005- October 2014

The MONY Group 1990 – 2005

“Mega Entrepueners Don Ressler & Adam Goldenberg:Taking E-Commerce By Storm!”

TechStyle Fashion Group is the parent company of a group of internet based subscription service brand companies that have more than 4.5 million members and include Fabletics, JustFab, FabKids, and ShoeDazzle. They offer trendy customized style selections at discounted rates and high quality workmanship. The company was established by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg back in 2013 and has grown to be one of today’s top- leaders in the fitness apparel marketplace. When Goldberg and Ressler joined alliances they both did not have much knowledge about clothing or style, but they did understand what consumers were searching for, combined with driven determination to thrive in the marketplace.


Both men from very early ages were already earning incomes using online platforms. Goldberg, at only fifteen, created an advertising business that centered on the gaming trade. Gamers Alliance was such a success that he sold it to Intertmix Media and actually operated as their Chief Officer after the acquisition. Ressler also designed an online company by the name of Fitness Haven in which Intermix also sought to purchase and just like Goldberg began working for them as well. A friendship was spawned right away from the two and they began collaborating on possible business ventures through the mode of e-commerce. From the coming together of their minds, they realized that there was a great need in the marketplace for attractive personalized fitness apparel that did not cost an arm or leg to purchase and with the convenience of internet shopping. Techstyle was born from here.


Fabetics has become a sensation and even Hollywood stars like Demi Lavato are joining forces with the store and purchasing from their wide array of fitness apparel. One of the key strategies and tools to Fabletics success is their adaptable VIP MEMBERSHIP program that gives a subscriber monthly credits and personalized shopping. Actress Kate Hudson is co-founder of Fabletics along with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. There are now over 22 locations around the United States.Shoe Dazzle, JustFab and FabKids work on the same principles as Fabletics using the same membership principles except selling children’s clothes, women’s shoes and apparel. Each month the stores introduce a selection of goods showcasing items that have been designed to appeal to their preferences. With the great popularity Ressler and Goldenberg’s apparel companies have seen, they are sure to see an increase of prosperity in the marketplace.

Susan McGalla attributes her successes as a business woman to equal treatment as a child

Susan McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting and an expert in business. She has offered a fresh perspective on being successful in business.”I was brought up by parents who encouraged me to work hard and present my good ideas with confidence regardless of the audience”, Susan McGalla stated according to PR Newswire.

She earned her BA from Mount Union College. Her career’s humble beginnings started at the Joseph Horne Company. From 1986 to 1994, she worked at Joseph Horne Company in various positions in marketing and management. Later, she started working in management, assuming various roles until she eventually worked her was up to president and chief merchandising officer (CMO). Her career with American Eagle ended in 2009 and took a position as a private consultant for the retail and financial investment industry.

She later took over as CEO of Wet Seal and worked remotely through her pregnancy. Less than a year later, she parted ways with Wet Seal and founded P3 Executive Consulting. Now she serves as Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development or the Pittsburgh Steelers.

She was the directer of the Allegheny Conference on community development. She is a board member of HFF Inc. and Magee-Womans Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. Her accomplishments are successful and inspiring for women in business.

She attributes a lot of her strength and ability to lead on her upbringing. She was raised with 2 brothers. Her father was a football coach who treated them equally and didn’t cut her any slack for being a girl. Due to that she feels comfortable and confident in her abilities.

This just shows the lasting effects of good parenting and the importance of treating children equally. If you daughter grows up knowing she is just as capable as her male siblings then she will not hesitate to step up to her male competition. If she is raised to know that she is equal, she will not know any different. Young girls should be educated on the trail they may face outside of the home but they also need to know they can rise above them.


Kim Dao 2 out of 8 Top Rated Japanese Hair Care Products

Kim Dao is a famous YouTube vlogger and blogger. She utilizes social media to discuss trending beauty products. Kim Dao put ten of her favorite Japanese hair care products. Japan is known for high quality and affordable hair care products. Kim Dao admits her hair is slightly damaged from over coloring and these products will react differently to different hair types. Kim Dao’s first favorite hair care product is Kao Essential. This product is a rich damage care treatment that is a deep conditioner that treats damaged hair. This is a 30 second treatment that can be used every single day to create smoother and more manageable hair. It works especially well for people with damaged hair. Another hair care product that Kim Dao likes is Shiseido Ma Cherie Perfect Shower. This product comes in a fun pink spray bottle. Ma Cherie Perfect Shower is great for bed head. If you sleep on your back your hair may seem crazy or flat. This product gets sprayed onto areas that need a bit of help. Brush through the hair and it will settle down the hair. Hair can air dry or be blown dried. This is a very light weight product with a light scent that virtually disappears as the product dries. These two reviewed Japanese hair care products as well as Kim Dao’s other top 8 can all be viewed here.

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The Financial Times Takes on Finance and Politics in a Whole New Light: Engaging the Humourous Side of Life

Michael Gove: Speaking Out? Interesting. . . .

The front line of politics is where cagey Michael Gove is making an attempt at cashing-in. He has just come fresh out from that of leading his nation into Brexit; and did not make a very successful run of a coup with respect to the prime minister. The journalist likes to ride a slippery slope; and with that comes his opinions. Michael Gove has signed up with Chartwell Speakers. Chartwell Speakers works in accord with Michael as his agent, along with other notables such as Stephen Hawking, and Mitt Romney. Currently, the agency is singing praises about Michael’s ability to act as a guest speaker and expert to corporations. The agency suggests that Michael possesses an innate talent of offering engaging descriptions relative to the Referendum; and how life may appear—post-Brexit. The feat is really quite super-human, particularly since the prime minister, Theresa May, does not appear to be aware. The fees, which are usual for that of corporation speaking positions add a great loan deal, financially, to the salary of a journalist. All of the rest of us should wish for such favourable supplementation: monetarily. Gove may become the Editor, too, of the Sunday Times. Naturally, the agency was not in a position to quote pricing relative to a Gove audience. Regardless, any unfavourable elements are not included. There is a scarceness of fruit; and the cost is highly lofty, especially, since there are no fruit pickers.

Regulator’s Banquet News:

Metaphors flowed freely at the Mansion House’s annual Regulators’ Banquet. Andrew Bailey, the Leader of the Financial Conduct Authority was stylishly black-tied attired. Sam Woods of the Prudential Regulation Authority was in attendance too. Bailey, held the post of Woods’s new position. Woods made comment that Bailey may be the world of regulation’s Che Guevara. Naturally, Woods, assumed the role of just a humble on-looker. Bailey, shot back, making light of matters, by stating that at minimum, the job was a bit more secure than that of football manager.

Edi Truell: Swapping Shares

Equities First Holdings are taking the market by storm, where banks are tip-toeing lightly. The lender is in a position to lend money to prosperous investors, such as entrepreneurs, Rob Terry (Quindell) and Edi Truell (Tungsten) in exchange for shares. EFH’s initial transaction, inside of the United Kingdom was redeemed—at par. Andrew Newland, the leader of Angle plc, two years prior, made a transfer of 3.5m of his Angle shares to EFH—for 57p. He attained, in return, approximately £2m. Angle announced recently that Newland was in the repayment process of returning the cash to EFH, and re-purchasing shares. Terry of Quindell was not as fortunate. He noticed that his stock value fell, so he decided not to re-purchase shares. During the interim Truell, of Tungsten, transferred 6m to EFH this month for around £4m in cash. He is looking for favourable results.

Keiron Sparrowhawk: Metrics of Trump

A book: Cognitive Fitness for Business is relative to leadership. The author is Keiron Sparrowhawk. He runs, in addition, MyCognition, a brain training enterprise. The book measures a leader’s five key metrics, inclusive of executive functionality, memory, attention to the details, episode memory and processing expediency. Persons want to know about Donald Trump’s measurement. The author revealed Mr. Trump’s cognitive abilities were flawed, his decision-making ability was quite poor, and he does not realistically view the past.

Information Regarding The Financial Times:

The Financial Times is a delightful and robust publication with all the news-stories and details relative to politics and business and world events. A subscriber is in for not only a great deal of information, but lively, unrivalled news-stories: as the sampling above suggests.The Financial Times is about world markets, companies, opinions and more.

Securus Technologies Towers with its CEO, Rick Smith

Rick Smith has worked as the CEO of the Securus Technologies since the year 2008. Rick Smith has worked hard to raise the company to its current position. The company provides services to the correction industry. Rick Smith has the knowledge and expertise to run secures company as he has been working in the finance areas, information technology, operations and critical business area. Also, he has excellent leadership skill.

Rick Smith acquired an associate’s degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. Afterward, he earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the state university of New York City. He further attained a master’s degree from the same school. Between the years 1972 to 1998, he worked with the global crossing where he serves as a controller and as the chief information officer. Rick Smith has worked as the vice president for the Midwest telephone operations. Afterwards, he acted as the chief financial officer for solon telecom, Inc and from the year 2000 to 2003; she became the president of the same company. Afterward, he was elected to be the CEO.

Securus Technologies put up some decades ago by helping public service agencies. The Securus Technologies also supports services that were being monitored by business owners. Currently, it serves correction agencies that have approximately 1.2millions across North America. Securus Technologies performs its duties well propelled by the ambition to help and has won the first position in supporting the correction centers all across the country.

It was during his leadership at echelon that made the company increase its revenue from $30 to $350 million. Rick Smith has been the president since 2008 and the CEO since the year 2009. Global link tells the basic competitor for the company. The company has to build a product that can surpass the global products. They had a large VIOP correction calling platform. Rick’s vast experience was considered so much during the election of himself as the CEO.

Securus provided services in many fields to over one million inmates and two thousand six hundred correction facilities around the country. The systems Securus technologies provide include incident management, biometric analysis, emergency response systems, inmate self-service systems and communication and monitoring systems.

Secures Technologies Company is situated in Dallas, Texas. Rick Smith in his years has worked create patents, acquisition for the company and new technologies. Secures Technologies Company has developed immensely under Rick Smith leadership. Rick Smith has also planned to help protect the country from crimes by providing many of its products to the society. The procedure will include even those within the prisons. There have been many proposals forwarded to Securus technologies with the aim of helping the enforcement and correction agencies.

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The New Planetarium at Orange Coast College to Cost $20 million

According to the article on Los Angeles Time, a new planetarium which is being built at Orange Coast College (OCC) recently received a $1-million boost in the form of a gift from a retired instructor. The donation from Mary McChesney, the former professor, will be used in funding a Foucault pendulum, which is a device used in demonstrating the rotation of Earth.


The Costa Mesa college officials said that it’s going to be an unparalleled pendulum of its class in Orange County. McChesney, who is now 91 years, stated that the new planetarium is going to be a hub of scientific studies for the surrounding community and college students. She had grown old, but her love for the college is still alive. McChesney donated in tribute to Adelyn Bonin, her late partner. Bonin was also a professor at Orange Coast College; she taught German till she retired in the year 1983. McChesney said that she knew Bonin would also be happy donating the fund.


According to Doug Bennett, OCC Foundation executive director, before retiring, McChesney taught Spanish and English at OCC for more than three decades, also in 1983. Throughout the years, McChesney has been a regular contributor of scholarships and the foundation. The new facility is going to include an auditorium with 129 seats plus an exhibit hall that will feature a National Oceanic as well as an Atmospheric Administration Science that will be on a Sphere display globe.


According to Bennett, the total budget for the new planetarium is around $20 million. Most of the funding comes from the bond measure of 2012. OCC has received donations of around $2.6 million toward the project, with McChesney’s donation included. The officials of the college are aiming to open the planetarium by the fall semester of 2018.


In the U.S., OCC is among the top transfer institutions. It’s ranked the third position across CA for combined CSU and UC transfers. The U.S. has over 5,000 community colleges, and the OCC ranks sixty-fifth in the awarding associate degrees. It provides low-cost education in the skilled professions, licensed trades, and trades.


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Doe Deere – Success Tips and Winning Mindsets

Looking back on her journey, CEO Doe Deere has shared a vast number of tips on how she succeeded n her business endeavors and what has kept her going forward through both the good and the bad.


Running your own business means you will have to carry the load on your own including setting your own deadlines, taking on responsibilities, being both the boss and the employee, and so on. All the while things will often get challenging, and that is how people get sifted through in time. Those who do not manage to overcome the difficult part of running a business do not last long. In order to persevere there are a few tips that the successful CEO and business owner Doe Deere extends to others.


First of all, one needs to realize what they want in life. Knowing your passion removes the element of blindly shooting in the dark. Instead, you can work towards your goals and improve. Even when you are following your passion, there is hard work involved. That is an inevitable part of everything. What you choose to do, however, is strictly up to you If you love what you do then keep going. That is what made Doe Deere continue to pursue her career in the cosmetics industry.


Along the way, Doe Deere has had to pick up a lot of new skills. That is something necessary as owning a business requires some level of skill in nearly every industry. One has to roll with the changes in the firm and what it demands. Being flexible and willing to expand upon your knowledge and set of skills is an essential mindset that will help you immensely along the way. Learn more:


Another mindset that business owners need to develop is analytical thinking and desire to tackle any arising problems. Often challenges will require careful consideration. One needs to be level headed and analytical in their approach to be able to look at the problem from all angles before coming to a final decision. Doe Deere advises all beginning company owners never to avoid the problems but to consider them calmly when they arise.


Sometimes the decision that you will come to might seem a bit risky. Either as a solution to a problem or as a leap towards further success, risks are inevitable for business owners. Playing it safe will most often not give you the same result. One way you can ensure success is to open up to other and learn from those with more experience than what you have. Be attentive to tips and advice and listen to other people’s stories with an open mind. Doe Deere realized early on that she cannot learn everything all on her own. She read and listened to entrepreneurs and learned both from their mistakes and their successes.


Today, Doe Deere is the owner of a successful cosmetics brand called Lime Crime. Her passion was first music than fashion, and now it is makeup. Her tips have helped her get to where she is now.


Michael Lacey: The Greatly Talented Mathematician

The mastery of mathematics is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially because this calls for a lot of dedication and a natural talent to be able to achieve. Therefore, it is worth applauding the achievements of Michael Lacey who has been a celebrated expert in this field and has won awards in the process.

His contributions to the field of mathematics are phenomenal and regarded as accomplishments only achievable by few. His contributions are instrumental to what the world needs to keep innovating in the intent of making life much more comfortable. Read more: Michael Lacey | and Michael Lacey | Facebook

This amazing man was born in 1959 and this gave rise to a great mathematician who would come to be celebrated for his achievements. Michael Lacey had a rich educational background that formed the basis for this success in the field of mathematics. He is a proud PhD holder from Illinois, which he got from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the year 1987.

He got this PhD from the able direction of Walter Philipp, a great mathematician himself. Through his thesis, Michael was able to solve a problem that was associated to the law of the iterated logarithm for empirical characteristic functions.

Michael Lacey would later on continue working in the field of mathematics where he specifically worked on ergodic theory, harmonic analysis as well as probability. He held his initial postdoctoral positions from the renowned University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as well as at Louisiana State University.

It was while he was at the University of North Carolina that together with Walter Philipp they were able to provide proof of the central limit theorem.

Michael would go on with his dedication in mathematics until he was awarded the Salem Prize together with Christoph Thiele. This award was as a result of his study of the bilinear Hilbert transform, whereby they were able to solve the conjecture by Alberto Calderon.

He also worked at Indiana University in the late 1980’s to mid-1990’s, whereas it was this time that he received the coveted National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship.

He was truly a hardworking man who clearly dedicated his life to the study of mathematics, providing the most needed solutions to many problems. It took passion and the desire to make the world a better place for Michael Lacey to excel this much. Michael has been the Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology since the year 1996, where he lectures on mathematics.