Barbara Stokes: A Talented, Experienced, Effective CEO And Caring Individual

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When it comes to disaster relief construction, Huntsville, Alabama native Barbara Stokes is an expert. Stokes graduated from Mercer University with a degree in physics and biomedical engineering. She also studied thermodynamics, technical communications, structures and properties of materials and manufacturing and management. Stokes then spent several years working with the electronics research and development firm Pisces Corporation and aircraft manufacturing company Boeing. That made her perfectly prepared to become CEO of Green Structures Homes Delivered.

Green Structures Homes Delivered is an industry leader in the design and construction of ultramodern modular steel and wood frame homes and mobile residential structures used on construction sites. They work with the private sector, FEMA and local, state and federal government on projects and during disaster relief efforts. Barbara Stokes has a great deal of experience with government contracts, so she has been a real asset to the company. The company’s use of proprietary high-tech design, engineering, manufacturing and construction technique makes their services in high demand. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

When Hurricane Harvey struck, Barbara Stokes and the Green Structures Homes Delivered team sprang into action. They were able to quickly provide housing for many of the people who were displaced when the hurricane ravaged their homes. Under Barbara Stokes’ guidance, the Green Structures Homes Delivered team were able to quickly and efficiently handle the process of providing reliable shelters. FEMA was so impressed with their work they gave the company a $28.5 million contract to provide emergency housing nationwide. Barbara Stokes and her staff immediately hired additional workers in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Minnesota, North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

With her solid background in physics, engineering, materials structures and properties as well as construction, Barbara Stokes helps to ensure the homes the company produces meets and exceeds safety standards for structural integrity and comes equipped with fire suppression systems that deploy automatically. The homes are also of the highest quality and offer great value. Since taking over as CEO, Barbara Stokes has developed a reputation for being highly efficient and played a central role in leading Green Structure Homes Delivered to even greater success. Follow Barbara Stokes on

A very involved mother of three, Barbara Stokes also is an energetic volunteer who is always willing to lend her time, talents, training and experience to help people and organizations in the Huntsville community. In addition to her volunteer activities, Barbara Stokes has published a well-researched, in-depth paper about the earthquakes that have hit middle Georgia. Plus, she is the founder of the Biomedical Engineering Club and currently serves as its president.

Barbara Stokes is a caring individual who is committed to improving the quality of life for her family, her staff, her community and the countless clients that she serves.


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