Bill Pait and Bob Pait Complete A Dangerous Swim

Bill Pait and Bob Pait recently swam across Alcatraz Island. There used to be a federal penitentiary located on the island. Many people have died trying to swim across the island. Thirty-six people attempted to escape from the penitentiary. Twenty-three of the people were captured. Six people were shot. Two people drowned, and five people are still missing.

However, Bill and Bob managed to survive the swim. They swam from Alcatraz Island to San Francisco. Bill is a law school professor. Bob is an attorney who practices in San Antonio, Texas. They completed what is known as the “Swim With The Centurions.”

Bill stated that Alcatraz Island is a dangerous place to swim. There are strong currents and sharks. However, Bill stated that it is totally doable for a 67-year-old man. He also stated that this is the second time that he has swam across Alcatraz Island.

This was Bob’s first time swimming across Alcatraz Island. He wanted to swim across Alcatra Island for his 40th birthday. He was up for the challenge. He also enjoyed the father-son bonding experience. Bob managed to finish the swim in 37 minutes. Bill finished the swim in 40 minutes.

Fortunately, neither Bill nor Bob saw a shark while they were swimming. Bob actually does not turn 40 until next year. However, he wanted to celebrate his birthday early.

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