Blake Pieroni Breaks Historic Record for 200 Yard Freestyle

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While this year’s Men’s NCAA Championships are currently being held in Minneapolis, Minnesota and despite only one event being held on March 21st, spectators and competitors were primed for plenty of fast swimming. The 800 yard free relay featured half of the top 10 fastest 200 yard freestyle swimmers in history, arriving at the meet during team competitions. Blake Pieroni, of Indiana, managed to surge forward to the top of the rankings, leading his squad. Pieroni’s time clocked in at 1 minute, 29 seconds and 63 hundredths of a second.

Pieroni’s performance gives the honor of being the first male swimmer to ever finish in under 90 seconds. His time also places him as the fastest performing swimmer in history, breaking Townley Haas’ 1:30:41 record with the NCAA and America’s performance in the Olympics (1:30:46).

Blake Pieroni is a 22 year old athlete who specializes in freestyle swimming. Prior accolades including qualifying for Team America in the 2016 Summer Olympics, specifically under the 4 x 100 meter freestyle event. During his time competing in Rio de Janeiro, Pieroni swam the third leg of the relay with a split time of 48.39 seconds, leading to a gold medal for the United States. Although Pieroni was born in Crown Point, Indiana, he grew up in Chesterton, Indiana. After graduating as part of Chestertown High School’s Class of 2014, Pieroni sought to continue his education at Indiana University. 2018 will be Pieroni’s final year competing for Indiana University’s Hoosiers.

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