Brock Turner – Future Past

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Brock Turner, former Stanford champion swimmer, has had a troublesome past, leading up to his future. Turner was arrested and convicted for fondling an unconscious woman on campus. Two witnesses were able to subdue and hold Turner until the campus police arrived to arrest him. The case went on for a little over a year before Brock Turner was actually sentenced.

Brock Turner’s highly publicized case has changed views and the legal systems ideology of rape. One reason for the legal system changes was due to how Turner sexually assaulted the young woman. Turner used his fingers while laying atop of the victim to penetrate her. This was never considered in the legal system before until now. In addition, the victim’s outpour from her letters to the court was read by millions and instrumental in Turner’s conviction.

Turner, once highly recognized and sought after for his swimming talent, is now banned from participating in any USA swimming competitions for life. This includes any efforts he may have had for the US Olympic Trials. In addition to his life time abandonment of swimming competitions, Brock Turner must now be listed as a sexual offender in the U.S. sex offender registry for life. Lastly Brock Turner is also banned from ever entering the campus grounds at Stanford. The banning of Turner by Stanford is the most highest punishment dished out from the educational institution.

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