Nick Vertucci Gives People to a Better Financial Strategy Through Real Estate

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is giving people a lot of financial freedom. People can build up their retirement accounts. He is someone that can really help professionals flip homes. People that are working on a part time basis can actually build a real estate career.


If there’s one thing that Nick Vertucci knows well it is how to sell homes. He knows how to help people that are trying to become financially independent. Nick Vertucci has the ability to help people through his real estate academy. He is someone that knows a lot about the art of selling homes and building a cash buyers list. This is why he gives workshops and presents people with a lot of possibilities when it comes to getting home so quickly. Many people that are looking for a real estate investments must realize that it does not always come down to the big six-figure homes. There is so much profit that can be made from selling the smaller homes that are considered fixer-upper establishments.


People that are selling homes cheaply can reap major benefits if they’re able to find cash buyers. Nick Vertucci knows this, and he believes that he can help anyone that is trying to maximize their profits by getting into the business of selling homes. Nick has proven that selling homes can be a great way to become financially independent. A large number of people that are interested in his real estate classes are finding that has created a lot of successful real estate professionals that can earn a living selling homes. He knows how to get the right people in place because he provides resources for these people to improve their skills when it comes to selling homes. This is what is academy is all about.


When it comes to real estate it is all about the process of getting people to look at a home. This is the most important thing that any real estate agent can do. Home sellers realize that the good agents know how to help them drawn positive attention to their homes. Nick Vertucci is able to help professionals move with urgency when it comes to selling homes and building an income. Nick has a ton of experience. It is through his real estate academy that he shares the knowledge that he has gained. This makes him very popular with real estate enthusiasts. follow him on his social media account.

The Incredible journey of Nick Vertucci to Real Estate

The life that we have had should not define the people we will be in future. This is the philosophy in which Nick Vertucci believes. He was brought up in a well off family. Nothing lacked until the demise of his father when he was only 10 years of age. His mother has to do all that was in her power to provide for him and his siblings. It wasn’t easy. She would come home late to find her children asleep. At the age of 18, Nick was living out in his van. He describes this as the lowest time of his life.


His mother can stand up and be proud of the man that Nick Vertucci has become. His life changed for the better when he started a business of selling computer parts. He was fascinated by the freedom that comes along with being your boss. At this very time, Mr. Vertucci got married and had three adorable children. His business was all right until the 2000 dot com crash happened. All of his finances went down to drain since he had not prepared for the crash by investing in his future.


Nick Vertucci got into almost 18 months of financial constraints. He had massive debts that resulted in him losing everything but his home. At this time, a friend of his invited him to attend a real estate training seminar that took three days. Nick Vertucci was reluctant at first, but his friend gave him his word that it is worth it since he had learned much. Nick confesses that choosing to use up his weekend in the workshop was the smartest decision he made. He gave a keen ear to whatever the speaker had to say. It sunk in. He was sure that he had found an answer the financial difficulties that he was faced with.


Nick Vertucci continued with the training and learning. Within a decade he had learned what is required of him to be successful in real estate. Nick developed a system that allowed him to make money. After making it and considering himself a millionaire, Nick vowed to teach others about his system so that they can create wealth for themselves. He started the NV Real Estate Academy, which educates people on active investing. It is at the disposal for individuals who want to transform their financial objectives by using the tactics and strategies that made Mr. Vertucci the successful person he has become.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are Entrepreneurs with a Drive to Succeed

JustFab, a membership website has an unparalleled history; the funding is also unparalleled. This e-commerce giant, established by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg is a phenomenon in the industry of fashion. This international membership company is what was ordered by the fashionista, but the beginnings, which were small, ended up growing into much greater with the correct fundraising. Starting in the year 2011, when Goldenberg and Ressler were working with the US-based Matrix Partners, over $33 million was raised.

The duo were the investors; they had confident enough to place their funds behind it. That showed their drive and passion for seeing the company become successful. In July 2012, a venture capital firm called Rho Capital Partners together with four investors gave over $75 million to the businessmen. Soon, further changes occurred to the firm plus long-term mission and vision. That money allowed them to rebrand and build upon many brands to expand their horizons. The duo could provide more than apparel for women, and the proposal was presented in a brand for children plus men too.

In the year 2013, more funds were received, from Shining Capital, investment management firm that manages charitable assets. There were two occurrences in which funds were raised, amounting to a large quantity of money. With over $54 million raised by Shining Capital, Goldenberg and Ressler were on their way to make big changes in the world of e-commerce plus fashion. In 2014, the group received $85 million from Passport Capital; since that period the firm has continued to thrive at what they do best.

In March 2010, Goldenberg and Ressler founded the TechStyle Fashion Group; they are also co-CEOs of this company. The vision of these two entrepreneurs is responsible for setting the firm on a course of reimagining the fashion business. In the year 2011, TechStyle, while running under the name JustFab was given $33 million in funding from the US-based Matrix Partners venture capital company.

In the year 2012, the firm received another $76 million from Intelligent Beauty, Technology Crossover Ventures, Rho Ventures, and Matrix Partners. TechStyle operations expanded globally to the UK, Germany, and Canada.In Jan. 2013, TechStyle Fashion Group, then JustFab, acquired the fashion subscription company for children, FabKids. Regardless of the likeness in their names, no previous connection was there between these two companies. After it acquired The Fab Shoes, in May 2013, TechStyle continued expanding internationally into France and Spain.

Nick Vertucci, the Real Estate Mogul and His NV Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci used to sell computer parts that made him enjoy the freedom of being a boss. One day he was invited by his friend to attend a seminar training for real estate which lasted for three days. Attending that workshop was the best decision he has ever made in his life. At the workshop, Nick Vertucci listened to the speaker and soaked in everything. From that day, he knew what he wanted to do in life. He was inspired, renewed and ready. He continued training, studying, and absorbing everything he could regarding real estate through learning as he went on with the seminar.


It took him ten years to collect all the information he needed to become successful. He created a system that allowed him to earn money in real estate. The system was simple and straight forward. When he made it and became a millionaire, he promised to teach his system to other people so that they could also make a lot of money and transform the financial legacy of their family for good. Nick Vertucci came to learn that most people have the drive and desire, but they don’t have the knowledge. That’s where he came in.


The Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc. provides a solution to the daily challenges that occur when beginning the real estate investing career. NV Real Estate Academy (NVREA) was established in 2013 by one of the most successful and prolific real estate investors; it’s the most sought-after educational programs for real estate investing. With the NVREA formation, the trademark Fortunes in Flipping system of Nick Vertucci is available to all the people across the country who are looking for a change, especially in their financial goals using tactics and strategies that made him successful.


NVREA’s team of industry leaders teaches people how they can overcome and be successful. They teach you how to find the deal, how to repair property, and how to sell a finished project. You’ll know how to create wealth as well as long-term financial freedom. The program will teach you asset protection, leveraging your IRA plus 401K to fund investments, commercial investments, purchasing and holding properties mainly for long-term cash flow, rehabbing and flipping properties, and flipping contracts and wholesaling.


Vertucci and his team are devoted to helping people create unparalleled success. Private lenders and Vertucci’s community of investors are raising millions for funding real estate deals for his students every month. to know them more on their social media.

Felipe Montoro Jens Helps with a New Infrastructure Project

Felipe Montoro Jens is a CEO finance guru from Brazil that has worked as a venture capitalist since the beginning of his career. He is specializing now in infrastructure projects. The government announced that it will make concessions through a partnership with BNDES. Edison Carlos, as president of Trata Brasil, which is an institute with actions focused on basic sanitation, granted a recent interview where he pointed out some important points about the initiative. Stating that he believes what they offer will undergo improvements both in terms of administration, structural and resource areas. The decrease in levels of waste was another aspect raised by the interviewee, news Felipe Montoro Jens, specialist in infrastructure projects.


Edison pointed out that basic sanitation in Brazil has 90% of its services performed by public power, and of these, about 70% of users are served by state organizations. For him, the presence of the private initiative is not a reason for excluding the public, since the two forms of management can work better if they act in a complementary way.


BNDES will develop customized action plans for the states it serves, based on surveys that detail the situation that these locations are in. The loss of water was pointed out as one of the main causes of the flow of financial resources of the state companies of the water sector Because it is not possible to receive the services performed when there is this type of waste, reports Felipe Montoro Jens. While favoring the implementation of partnerships involving concessions, Edison says it is important to keep clear goals in the drafting of contracts, as well as the adoption of inspections by the public agencies where the services will be provided. The representative of the institute considers it essential that the governors review the activities presented during the concession.

Experts Discuss Concessions in Brazil

There has been a vast number of new changes in the world of business in Brazil. One of them was announced by the government of the country in 2016. The Brazilian government spoke up about the future changes in the state – water concessions.



The topic of water concessions has been discussed at length a number of times. The water sector is widely supportive of the changes and businesses are expected to become more mindful of their use of the precious resource. In Brazil, both the citizens and the companies and institutions have been aware of the resource. There has not been a lot of excessive contamination being dumped down the drains which has significantly alleviated the work of the water sector.



Soon after the announcement was made, a few experts were invited to discuss the changes. One of them was a famous Brazilian entrepreneur and Brazilian infrastructure expert. His name is Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens, and he has been in the industry for a few decades. Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens made a few points about the project. He stressed the need to proceed according to the requirements of the citizens since areas vary in economic stability and needs.



In order to make sure that the people are satisfied with the water concession projects, the country will have experts creating personalized plans for each of the Brazilian areas. There will be some things that will be taken into consideration – financial stability, the state of the infrastructure, and the requirements of the people in the area.



  1. Felipe Montoro Jens has been one of the leaders of Energipar Captação S. A. for a handful of years. He has been at the position of Chief Executive Officer. One of his business avenues has ben the industry of real estate as well as startup companies.


Flavio Maluf Pin Points the Ideal Professionals for Startups

Startups have distinct definitions according to different people. For some, they are simply small enterprises in their initial stages. For others, startups represent companies that have limited maintenance costs, but have the capacity to grow rapidly and generate a lot of profit. Regardless of the definition, startups have been on the rise in Brazil in recent years owing to the country’s present economic crisis. Flavio Maluf highlighted Gama Experience’s survey regarding some of the professionals that need to be part of startups for them to grow.


  • Mobile Developer


The current practical and technological world requires startups to have a mobile developer. This expert is responsible for various tasks such as coding and testing on iOS and Android platforms.


  • Customer Success Expert


This is an expert with both consulting and technical support skills. These skills allow him or her to create a link with a startup’s customers.


  • Digital Marketer


A digital marketing expert is responsible for coming up with strategies on how to attract potential clients to the company’s website.


  • CSS Expert


This professional is in charge of making a company’s website more appealing.


Flavio Maluf in Brief


Flavio Maluf ranks up as one of the prominent business persons in Brazil. Currently, he heads his family’s business called Eucatex Group as its president. Flavio did not just assume the presidency at Eucatex. It was a process. In fact, he worked in several areas of the company including the trade and industrial areas of the company, which helped to acquaint him with the operations of Eucatex. In 1996, Flavio was invited to join the executives of the Eucatex Group. Later in 1997, he assumed the position of president of Eucatex after an agreement was reached between various stakeholders of the company and the Maluf family.


Since Maluf assumed his current position at Eucatex, he has done a commendable job in steering the company towards success. He embarked on the process of modernization immediately after becoming president. Flavio has depicted himself as a perfectionist, as he continuously seeks success and perfection each day. Eucatex Group enjoys a reputation for being the first company in Brazil to focus on acoustic and environmental comfort, as well as utilize eucalyptus as the main raw material for producing panels and plates.


Igor Cornelsen’s Career As A Banker And Investor

Igor Cornelsen was a longtime executive in the banking industry of Brazil. He led a couple of the biggest banks in that nation and established himself as someone that was deeply experienced in finance and investing. He retired in 2010 and now splits his time between Brazil and South Florida. While he is retired, he also owns and operates Bainbridge Investing Inc. where he manages his money and that of his clients. He pursues this as a part-time career and hobby because he finds investing to be one of the most interesting activities around.

Brazil is often overlooked as a place to invest money even though it has the 8th largest economy in the world. The country has a wealth of natural resources and a populace that is highly interested in entrepreneurship. Igor Cornelsen is an expert in not only how to invest in Brazil but also in the markets of countries around the world.

For anyone that wants to invest in Brazilian companies, Cornelsen has some advice to help them navigate these investments. his first bit of advice is that business in Brazil is built on relationships and networking. Getting to know people is the best way to make money. He also cautions that there is a lot of red tape in Brazil so investors need to be aware of regulations, high taxes, and a heavy dose of bureaucracy affecting their investments. He also says that there are restrictions on foreign currency transactions which means that money has to be exchanged only with an authorized financial institution.

Cornelsen is an expert at identifying spotting damaged stock of good companies. This makes for an excellent opportunity when it arises as the value of the stock will almost inevitably rise to where it should be. He also knows how to identify a damaged company where their stock is justifiably low and so presents not only no opportunity to make money but a very likely chance of losing money. As Igor has said time and time again, the point of investing is to make money, not lose it.

The Life Above the Employees Managed by Igor Cornelsen

In many cases, employees are at the bottom of the food chain. For one thing, they have very little freedom. In many cases, they are at the mercy of life. Therefore, they have to tread carefully or else they will lose their jobs and their ability to support themselves. While they do hold on for dear life in the hopes that they will gain financial freedom, some of them will realize that a regular job is not going to be enough to bring people to financial independence. They need benefits and something outside of the regular job in order to achieve this.


One thing that people need is something with unlimited earning potential. There are a ton of those opportunities. Igor Cornelsen himself is an investor. This is one of the easiest ways to earn money when one figures out how to invest. For one thing, all one has to do is put money into the right asset. The trick is finding the right asset at the right time. For one thing, there are a ton of factors that influence the price of an asset. For one thing, a certain incident or breaking news can cause a major change in the price.


This is only one example of investing that people can take part in. This is actually one of the riskier forms of investing in that people could lose money easily. Also, it is not guaranteed that one is going to get more money than they have invested. A safer bet would be to open up an account and invest money in it so that it can gain interest over time. With regular investments and compounding, one is going to get a significant increase in income over time. Igor Cornelsen himself would recommend diversity in efforts to earn money.

Flavio Maluf Makes A Major Difference At Eucatex

Flavio Maluf is the CEO of Eucatex Group, a company his grandfather started in 1951. Maluf has been with the company for more than 30 years. A graduate of Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation in São Paulo, Brazil, he also spent a year at New York University studying business administration. Flavio Maluf is also a mechanical engineer and attorney. As president of the GrandFood Group, he is also a very successful entrepreneur. During the more than 30 years he has spent at Eucatex, he has been behind many of the visionary moves the company has made.


Flavio Maluf did not start at the top of Eucatex, even though his family owned the company since its founding. Instead, in 1987 he was hired to work in the company’s trade section. He remained there until 1996 when he was transferred to the industrial division. Working his way up through the ranks of the company earned him the respect of the entire staff. When he was made a company executive and finally Eucatex president, everyone agreed he had earned it. Since that time he has modernized the company, restructured its management format and made it one of the most successful in Brazil.


Maluf is credited with leading the company’s efforts at environmental protection in Brazil by starting an environment education program, replenishing the eucalyptus forests from the company gets its raw materials, using environmentally sustainable production methods and collaborating with conservation groups. He also expanded Eucatex’s international markets, opened a new plant in the town of Salto in São Paulo and has helped make it a major player in the construction and furniture industries. All of this has been of great benefit to Brazilians and the country’s economy.


A committed philanthropist, Flavio Maluf also participates in many volunteer efforts and charity events to benefit the local community. One of the most important has been his work with the Hospital and Maternity Idio Carli. Not only has Flavio Maluf helped to make Eucatex a major player in international business, his environmental work and support for local social programs has made Eucatex beloved in Brazil.