Goettl Air Conditioning; Offering Competence with Unparalleled Reliability.

The Goettl is a name that has been recognized in the heating and air conditioning installation sector for a very long time. The company was originally established in 1939 by Gust and Adam Goettl. Over the seventy years, the company has prospered and thrived remarkably. They have been able to stay relevant over the myriad of business as well as technology changes and transitions that have characterized many industries. Goettl Air Conditioning has continued this remarkable legacy of top quality air conditioning services and an unparalleled customer service to this day.


The company offers services centered in locations such as the greater Phoenix and the greater Tucson metropolitan areas. Among the factors that contribute to its outstanding performance, Goettl Air Conditioning boasts a richly experienced management team and a highly trained group of technicians. They are reputed for their excellence in customer service provision and technical support for both commercial and residential HVAC installation and service applications.


Through their Phoenix Cooling services, Goettl offers a comprehensive cooling service which includes installation of heat pumps and air conditioning systems, repair, replacement, and maintenance. They also have a 24/7 emergency service and develops designs for new home and installations. Goettl Air Conditioning also have Phoenix Heating Services through which they provide comprehensive residential heating services which include gas and electric furnace installation, radiant heating installation, heat pump generation and service. They maintain air handlers, traditional furnaces, dual-fuel systems and offer a comprehensive range of tune-up as well as home service plans that keep your system running efficiently. Goettl Air Conditioning also provides services that ensure your families safety and comfort. These are services that include humidification of the entire house and air cleaning, air duct cleaning and testing, digital thermostat installation, and integration of Ultra Violet Germicidal light into ductworks.


With such an amazing experience and portfolio, Goettl Air Conditioning is the best company offering the reliability that will give you a piece of mind.

Goettl Establishes an International Client Base for its Mass Production of Evaporative Coolers

Goettl is a HVAC company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. The company serves both residential and commercial building dwellers with effective HVAC services. Goettl strives to be the leading provider of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services across the US.

Brief History

The company attributes most of its success to the Goettl brothers (Bill, John, and Adam), who established it back in 1926. During this period, its head office was in Mansfield, Ohio. The brothers later relocated to Phoenix in such for greater opportunities. As they lived there, they continued managing Goettl as an air conditioning company. In 2013, Adam Goettl’s grandsons, Ted and Adam founded High Desert Mechanical, a subsidiary of Goettl Air Conditioning.


According to Goettl, when choosing an air conditioner, ensure that it matches your home’s size. The company also advises homeowners to hire professional air conditioning contractors. Besides air conditioning, Goettl also offers heating, indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and commercial HVAC services. Goettl Air Conditioning currently holds over 100 patents in HVAC technology. The company also grained critical acclaim for its manufacturing and exporting of evaporative coolers to international clients.http://www.ninjaessays.org/

HVAC Projects

Goettl built its reputation for installing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to homes, retails, and schools among many others. The company recently completed its Verde Valley based project known as the Verde Santé Fe Golf Course project. The company also received praise from the Brookfield residents for installing HVAC systems in Del Webb Cottonwood Ranch and Mountain Gate.

In 2016, Goettl celebrated its 77th Anniversary. In attendance during the celebration was Ken Goodrich, who is the company’s owner. Goodrich is a veteran in the HVAC industry who officially purchased Goettl in 2012. In the anniversary, he said that the residents of Arizona cherish the company’s HVAC services. He also added that he looks forward to developing more solutions that will help the HVAC industry locally and internationally.

Goettl bagged the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce award in 2014. The company attributes this success to its owner Goodrich and its president Burke for their exemplary leadership. Greg Stanton, Phoenix’s mayor, also acknowledged Goettl’s air conditioning installations. During the company’s 75th anniversary, which was held in 2014, Governor Janice K. Brewer also praised Goettl for managing to win the trust of Phoenix residents by providing exceptional services.

Goettl Air Conditioning Impacts their Society

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Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber: Good Deed Brings Cool Relief

Role of Goettl in the society
The Goettl Air Conditioning, for instance, brought relief to Jean Jackson when they repaired her air conditioning system. The lady had suffered from heatstroke in the past which got her to the hospital; she was however advised to repair the system or go to a nursing home. Going to the nursing home would mean she will lose her independence something she never considered. By repairing the system Goettl, Air Conditioning saved her a great deal of money but best of all she had her independence. The company was delighted to help as it is a way of giving back to the society and appreciating it as well.

The company does repairs, as well as installs new systems. They have competent employees who are vetted before employment, and they are trained from time to time to ensure they are the best in the industry. Coming across such a team of dedicated experts is quite rare.

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