Swimming Hole Sweeps Family Away During Family Gathering and Flash Flooding

During monsoon season in Arizona, there are massive storms which roll in and drop a lot of water at once. Unfortunately when this happens, there is little anyone can do if flash flooding occurs before anyone can be told about it. When flash flooding occurs, if your caught in the mix of things, it can be deadly for everyone. Unfortunately a family learned this the hard way.

Over the last weekend, a storm came into the area and suddenly a family was the center of the problem. When the warning issued to people in the area, the family of 14 had not heard the warning being issued. Suddenly the rain came and the swimming hole where they were swimming became instantly taken over by the storms. The flash flood then took the 14 family members and pushed them out of the swimming hole.

In the end, 10 people had been recovered following the storms and 4 family members were rescued successfully. In the beginning, 8 members of the family had been found and then 2 more members were discovered following the weekend of storms.

The family had gotten together to celebrate a birthday of a member of the family and were swimming when the urgent warning came out. The warning issued which allowed other families in the area to vacate the region but for this family, they instead were pushed out and children died from the flooding. The victims of the flash flood ranged in ages from 2 to adults.

A mother and father along with their 3 children were victims of the flash flooding while other family members also were affected. The mother and father died along with 3 of their children. Their bodies were discovered pretty quickly while others unfortunately were not found for several days. What started out as a family gathering led to a family mourning over the loss of their loved ones.

Arizona Flash Flood Sweeps the Bodies of 14 People Away During A Family Gathering At a Local Swimming Spot

In Arizona over the weekend, a family gathered at a popular swimming hole to have a weekend of fun and family. Who knew this would not be a weekend that they would come back from. Soon after the family gathered at the swimming hole, a thunderstorm came rolling in and swept away 10 family members with a flash flood.

The rescue team with help of search crews were able to recover four adult bodies and the bodies of six children. The children ranged in age from 2 to 17. The swift waters that swept the family away came at the Tonto National Forest.

After several searches took place since the weekend and since the storms rolled through, the search teams were able to recover the last body. The male was a 27 year old that was the father to some of the children. The mans wife was also killed in the flash flood along with 3 of their children age 7, 5, and 3. There were 5 other family members who were also at the popular swimming hole that were swept and killed in the flash floods as well. There were other family members who were actually rescued during the storms.

In all, there were 14 people that had been swept away during the flash flood which occurred. The family members that were all swept away were there visiting from the Flagstaff and Phoenix area which came to the popular swimming hole in order to celebrate a birthday of the family member. The family was busy swimming when the flash flood warning came across and therefore did not hear about the flood which would occur. It happened in the spur of a moment where a large wall of water which was moving at a speed equal to 30 mph swept the family members away.