Meet The New Chief Financial Officer Of Willis Towers Watson: Michael Burwell

There many attributes that determine the success of a firm; among the leading actors is the leadership of the organization. Every firm needs to be careful about who they give the senior positions of the company. The individuals in this position are the people who constantly make the decisions of the firm.


Willis Towers Watson (NASDAQ: WLTW), was founded in 1828. Throughout the years the firm has been doing great in the market as a result of good leadership. The firm is a universal advisory company, and it helps the customers benefit in risky situations, instead of succumbing to them. They design and deliver managing risks solutions. They help in unleashing the potential of a company by carefully evaluating all the factors of a business. The firm is currently operating in more than 140 countries, with more than 40000 employees.


The sad news is Roger Millay; the current Chief Financial Officer has decided to retire by October 2, 2017. The firm has, however, found his replacement that will propel the company after Millay. The firm is happy to announce Michael Burwell as their Chief Financial Officer.

Michael Burwell has an excellent reputation in the field, and the firm does not doubt that his the right individual for the position. Burwell has been working at PwC for 31 years. This means he has indispensable skills in finance and professional services. In the past ten years, Burwell has had a chance to explore several senior positions, which has polished his leadership skills. The positions include; Head of Transaction Services, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer in the USA. He also has Transaction Services advisory experience of 12 years and auditing experience of 11 years. Go To This Page for additional information.



The Chief Executive Officer, of Willis Towers Watson, welcomed Michael Burwell with open hands. In his statement, he expressed his confidence in him as well as listed his expectations. He said that Burwell has the required skills to lead a global, complex organization. He also mentioned that Burwell prioritizes the needs of the customers, which makes him more effective. He added he did not doubt that with his help, Willis Towers Watson would achieve their long-term goals.


John Haley, the CEO did not forget to show his gratitude to Mr. Millay. He praised him saying he had done a great job for the company. Through his intelligence and advice, the company is better than it was when he joined. Michael Burwell also appreciated the chance to work with the company and promised to deliver to his best of ability.

Drew Madden: Technology And Patient Care

Drew Madden has spent much of his time working on the technology of medical recording. He uses his advanced skills to create healthcare systems that improve the quality of life for patients. Madden has worked with consulting companies such as Cerner and Nordic Consulting. He received his BSE in Industrial Engineering from the University of Iowa. Madden states how much he enjoys the rewards and challenges that come with working in the electronic medical recording field.

The hospital setting is one area that technology is trying to improve. Often, after a patient leaves the hospital follow-up care is never performed. Missing or ignoring follow-up treatments can be more expensive or even deadly in the long run. A system that tracks and assists someone who fails to do followup procedures outside of the hospital will keep them from returning. The hospital may receive financial incentives if they reduce readmissions. The goal is to see the patient through the illness all the way to full recovery. By tracking doctors, therapy, and pharmacy visits, it can be done.

Setting up advance directives can be a difficult task for some people or families. An advance directive spells out a person’s end-of-life wishes. Currently, there is no central program to access for information. A healthcare tool that informs and helps people complete the paperwork and make the necessary decisions, while they still can, is another needed system.

Other opportunities to cut down on billing fraud are being implemented in the state of Texas already. Healthcare providers paid by the state are required to show proof of hours worked. The system they use to track the hours is called EVV. EVV stands for Electronic Visit Verification. If a caregiver is late or needs to leave early, the pay can be adjusted accordingly. If a caregiver abandons the post during the middle of the night, it is now noticed. The monitoring system is saving money and increasing patient care.

He has a lot of interest in technology, and Drew Madden looks forward to merging it with the medical field to provide a higher quality of life for all patients.


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Michael Burwell: How “Paying His Dues” At Pricewaterhouse Coopers Helped Him Land His New Position At Willis Towers Watson

It has been just over seven months since Michael Burwell left his position at Pricewaterhouse Coopers in order to join the firm at Willis Towers Water as the Chief Financial Officer. As he continues to be an asset to his new company, he knows that the only reason he is in this position today is because of the years he spent paying his dues at Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Simply put, Michael Burwell has always been a driven professional, and there are a number of reason why his hard work paid off and he is now at Willis Towers Watson. Consider these intangibles:


  1. He never settled for second best.


This began even with his initial time there. For the first 11 years, he worked in the Assurance Practice wing of Pricewaterhouse Cooper and he assisted a number of different audit clients. In these first 11 years, he built up an impressive track record with his immaculate eye for detail. His superiors took notice and soon realized that he was a huge asset to the company.


  1. He actually expanded the company.


In 1997, Michael Burwell made partner and was put in charge of the Detroit division of Pricewaterhouse Cooper and was instrumental in leading their transaction services department. He then was able to parlay this experience into a new promotion where he took over the whole entire central region and was made the chief transactions services officer for the entire company.


  1. He was appointed to his first Chief Executive position in 2008.


After Michael Burwell’s impressive work in transaction services, Pricewaterhouse Cooper made him Chief Operating Officer of their entire U.S. division. He remained in this position until 2012.


  1. In his next promotion at PwC, he became the Vice Chairman of Global and U.S. Transformation.


In this role, Michael was instrumental in creating organizational change throughout the division. He was able to oversee a variety of diverse functions and do it with aplomb. Indeed, this was truly the icing on the cake, setting him up for bigger and better things at Willis Towers Watson.


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One of the most consistent themes throughout Michael Burwell’s career would be how he has handled every challenge. To say that he has done it well would be a serious understatement. Michael Burwell is a driven, determined individual, no question about it.

A Deeper Look at the Career of Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell is the current chief financial officer at the Willis Towers Watson. He was recently appointed to serve in this position which he is well suited to execute. Willis Towers Watson is a top international company that is involved in brokerage, advisory, and solutions industry. The work of the firm is to help customers to transform their risk ventures into profits. Willis Towers Watson was started in the year 1828 and has been in operation for many decades. Currently, the company has more than 40,000 employees spread across forty nations. Michael Burwell took over the position of the chief financial officer from Roger Millay.


Michael Burwell has a lot of expertise and experience in managing and leading a multifaceted company. He possesses the right credentials to help Willis Towers Watson grow into a global company. The success that Michael Burwell enjoys in his career comes from hard work, commitment, passion, and discipline. The accomplished leader has more than 12 years’ worth of experience in auditing and advisory. He has in the past helped many companies grow through his advisory services. Michael Burwell offers transaction services to companies when it comes to pre-merger deals.


Mr. Burwell attended the prestigious Michigan State University where he was able to acquire his bachelor’s Degree of Arts in business administration. He is also a public accountant who is certified. Immediately after graduating, Michael Burwell worked at PWC and managed to work in different capacities. He has previously held the position of chief operating officer, head of the global transformation, the chief financial officer as well as head of transaction services. Before serving at PWC, Michael participated in the buying and selling of projects for small companies. In the past, Michael Burwell has been contracted to evaluate business models of many different equity funds which are in the private sector.


In his new position at Willis Towers Watson, Michael Burwell is committed to continuing with the legacy left behind by his predecessor. His mission is to ensure that all the strategic plans of the company become executed. The experience of Michael Burwell in transformation, finance as well as transactions will go a long way in helping Willis Towers Watson in achieving growth and success. Michael has a reputation in the audit and advisory field as one of the most efficient and passionate leaders. He serves as a mentor and a role model to young people who would wish to follow his line of work.



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Drew Madden Thinks These Things About Healthcare IT

The human race’s average life expectancy, worldwide, has risen from a paltry 47 years of age at the turn of the nineteenth century to upwards of 70 in today’s world. Most of this incredible increase has the field of healthcare to thank, as medicine, surgery, healthcare equipment, and the research of such fields have helped eliminate illnesses, improve quality of life, and make living on planet Earth a more fulfilling and satisfying experience.


Technology, especially in today’s rapidly-advanced digital realm, helps healthcare professionals do their jobs better than ever before. Included below are some of calendar year 2018’s expected most significant changes in the field, as related particularly to healthcare information technology.


Digital Platforms Slated To Bring Healthcare To More People


As technological devices become more affordable and widely available, more people will benefit from the power of telemedicine, or healthcare visits, prescriptions, recommendations, and related instructions received from healthcare professionals through mobile means.


Traditionally, telemedicine only occurred through set-in-stone kiosks or computers. As time passes, that standard is quickly morphing to accommodate mobile devices. Find Related Information Here.


The Internet Of Things Is On A Come Up


The IoT, or Internet of Things, refers to devices connected to one another through the Internet. Healthcare professionals are highly likely to rely on the IoT in 2018 than ever before because it reduces the data entry responsibilities of doctors, nurses, and others in the field, something that takes away from the number of patients seen in a day’s time in a hospital or private practice setting.


Predictive Analytics


Together with the Internet, computers and advanced programs can predict healthcare problems in individuals based on nothing more than their search histories and types of medicines purchased through the Internet.


While it’s not wise to rely on such means to be diagnosed, it can help send unsuspecting individuals to the doctor before their conditions get out of hand.


Mr. Drew Madden currently works at Evergreen Healthcare Partners in the field of healthcare information technology, and most recently saved Nordic Consulting Partners from 2010 to 2016, the latter six years of which he was President.


Drew Madden is one of the key figures who have made a difference in Healthcare IT industry. Over the years, his passion for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has driven him to make a series of accomplishments in the health sector.



How The Healthcare Industry Will Change In 2018, And How Drew Madden Plans To Be A Part Of It

The healthcare industry is set to change in a number of ways in this new year. Many people are already looking forward to it with excitement and anticipation. They want to know just how much better their healthcare experiences will be.


Longer Lifespans With More Digital Healthcar

There is no question that people are going to live longer lifespans, and some of that can be attributed to the fact that we will be focusing more on digital healthcare. Technology has reached into just about every aspect of our lives, and you can bet that it will continue to develop in the healthcare realm as well.

Drew Madden is someone who might be in a unique position to take advantage of this. He has worked in healthcare IT for the majority of his life. Drew Madden knows that information technology can make someone’s healthcare experience a lot better in the sense that they will receive the care that they require in a more personalized way.

Drew Madden is one of the key figures who have made a difference in Healthcare IT industry. Over the years, his passion for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has driven him to make a series of accomplishments in the health sector. Madden is a healthcare IT businessman who has previously led the largest Epic consulting company globally: Nordic Consulting Partners.


Predicting The Future

Analytics and big data are a big part of how the modern world works. Everything from the smartphone you put into your pocket to the sporting event that you watch on television has been touched by analytics in some way. In fact, in most cases it is something that we celebrate. We like the fact that we can use the data we already have available to us to experience the world in more grand ways. See Related Link to learn more.

There is no lack of data when it comes to healthcare. We can certainty benefit from using every ounce of information that we have to help create a better customer experience. In other words, we can certainty apply much of what we have gathered up to try to treat a patient in ways that will work best for them.


More Secure Information

Of all of the types of information out there that could possibly leak, healthcare information is just about the last kind that we would ever want to have get into the wrong hands. That is why we should all be thankful that healthcare information security is estimated to tighten up in serious ways in the new year and going forward after that as well.

Sheldon Lavin’s Journey in the Food Industry

Mr. Sheldon Lavin is a top Chief Executive Officer in the meat and processing industry called OSI group. OSI group comprises of OSI international Foods and OSI industries. Mr. Lavin started his career in the finance and banking sector where he was working as a serious Executive on top of this he had a financial consulting firm. He holds a degree in Finance and accounting.

He received several awards from business activities and non- profit making organizations. Being an active Philanthropist, Sheldon has greatly contributed to various charities such as National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Jewish United Fund, the Jewish United Fund, Evans Scholarship Fund, United Negro College Fund and Inner City Foundation. Sheldon serves as General Trustee of Rush University Medical Center. He also served as a Director of National Fish & Wildlife Foundation.

Mr. Sheldon’s journey into meat industry states back in 1970 where he was offering help to Otto & Sons Company with financial consultation. Mr. Otto and sons had an opportunity to supply hamburgers McDonald’s Corporation, but they did not have enough funds to secure it. This called them to seek financial consultation and solution from the bank. Mr. Sheldon was requested by the bank to take the ownership of Otto & Sons Company, but he declined the offer and opted to become their financial consultant instead of a business partner.

Otto & Sons Company started their journey of product supply oversea in 1975. This is the time Mr. Sheldon Lavin become substantially involved in their activities. He partnered with the two sons after Mr. Otto retired from the business. This partnership led Otto and Son become OSI group. The company has now grown to many parts of the world such as North America, Australia, India, Japan, Philippines and South Africa.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin is currently at the age of 81 and is still engaging pursuing further expansion of OSI Group. The hard work and determination have made OSI Group the largest protein supplier in the world. The group has more than 55 facilities in more than 16 countries.

Sheldon achieved a Global Visionary Award which was awarded to him by India’s Vision World Academy on February 20, 2016. This was recognition following farfetched accomplishment by positioning OSI Group onto an international platform and therefore creating jobs worldwide. The award is usually given to various individuals who have converted their dreams to become a reality.

In an interview, Mr. Sheldon said that the company has a family culture where they are proud of all the people working there. He describes his teammate as loyal and talented who have played a great role in the success of the business. He continues to say that his office is always open and they listen to all. In a cooperate office they eat together, and they address other by their first name which makes it more fun this came out clearly when he said that they refer him as Shelly.

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The important groups that advocate for respect for humanity


Human rights have been trampled upon by several influential people and organizations. Companies, schools, hospitals have all fallen victims of human rights violations. Millions and billions of people are incapacitated and cannot fight for their rights.

There are some people who have greater things to worry about that their rights tend to become nonissues. With this focus, it becomes hard for the rights to be respected. Usually, people who do not know their rights are the most affected. They tend to have different challenges that human rights do not affect their stay.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have been victims of human rights violations. Being journalists, the two gentlemen understood their rights perfectly well. With this understanding, it still became easy for the more influential people to trample on their rights without having to worry about the consequences.

Being that Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey knew their rights, they had a deep compassion for the people who did not know their rights or the ones who did not have a way of handling their situations. For this reason, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey contributed 3.75 million dollars that they received from their case of wrongful arrest and manhandling.

Alliance for justice

The alliance for justice is an organization that has been very influential in decisions and bringing hidden things to justice. The organization deals with a variety of cases like the environment, mental illnesses, customer advocacy, women and children rights and several others.

The organization includes a group of different companies that advocate for various problems. The alliance for justice is still on its way to expansion as more groups are still joining so that it can be a strong force against all types of human rights violations.

The American Federation of Labor-Congress

The United States has millions of employees who need to be protected. Most of these employees are working below the standard working conditions. Employers understand that most of these employees have no options and they have to work regardless of the working conditions. With this focus, it becomes easy for them to control how the employees are to work.

The American Federation of Labor-Congress is an organization that deals with violation of the employee rights. Most of the employees, especially the casual workers have very little to say about their working conditions. All they have to do is to show up for work and take instructions from the people that employ them.

The organization has come up to help these disabled employees. Their safety during work, salary raise, minimum wage, the working hours as well as other aspects of being an employee are controlled. Currently, the organization has 13 million members in the United States alone.

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Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Adam Goldenberg And Don Ressler Help People Discover The Effects of Fashion

Whether people like to admit it or not, fashion does have an effect on a lot of people. Many people are judged by their appearance. A large part of their appearance is the clothes they wear. While a lot of people may look at others for how they look, there are those that realize that the clothes and overall appearance have an effect on their own feelings. People are often affected by the clothes that they wear. It is common for people to put on a good outfit and find that they are proud of how they look.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg understand the effects that fashion can have on an individual. This is one of the reasons that they are always bringing forth some creative fashions for people. For one thing, there is a lot to fashion than clothes that look good. They have to come up with designs that are flattering to different body types so that everyone will be able to find something that works well on them and brings them the confidence that they need to move forward. They have worked diligently and have brought forth some really good brands with high fashion and affordability.


One of the best aspects of Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler’s TechStyle Group is that it offers a lot of variety to customers. This gives them the chance to experiment until they find something that they like. One of the best things they can do is look at the outfits they put together and gauge how they feel in them. They must also think about how they want to feel. This can help them come up with the type of style which suits the type of personality they want.


The world of fashion is actually a very deep world for people who know what they are doing. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg do everything they can to increase the variety in the different fashionable styles. The goal is to inspire people to find a style that is a perfect representation of who they are so that they can feel unique.

Topnotch Insurance by USHEALTH Advisors

A very well-known health coverage company named USHEALTH Group Inc. has an agency that goes by the name USHEALTH Advisors. This agency has several agents who work with different clients and manage their queries.



The USHEALTH Group trains their employees to become professional agents. It is extremely important for an advisor to have the relevant knowledge about the health coverage company and all other matters related to their job. The company created the sales and distribution department in 2010. After seven years of success, the company now has over 1500 professional advisors all over the United States.



These USHEALTH advisors are considered expert at what they do. Clients can very easily locate an advisor on the official USHEALTH Group website. All they have to do is enter the zip code, and they will be directed to the profiles of the nearest available advisors. Once the client has selected an advisor, he or she can book a date that suits them best. This whole process is made possible thanks to the PPO service. This service has made client-advisor connection extremely convenient.



Basically what these professional USHEALTH advisors do is that they offer a walk through on different health coverages and counseling to the clients. USHEALTH Group has several services that include custom made health coverage plans that are made by experts. The main idea behind a custom made health plan is that it fits different situations perfectly. Every client has different needs and issues. Hence, a custom made plan is the best option. These plans are quite cost effective as well as most health coverage plans include additional costs, but these can be ignored thanks to USHEALTH Group services.



There is one more option available as in some cases; the pre made health coverage plans are not suitable for people. In this situation, a client can create his or her own health plan. This option has a lot of advantages. A client will have his or her plan and guidance from an expert as well. The client will know everything about his/her plan and will be able to make changes as well.