Plastic Surgery Is Taken To A Whole New Level At Dr. Mark Mofids Practice In San Diego

Plastic surgery has had its ups and downs over the years, with many people finding it to be completely safe and many others finding it to be too scared to try. While there have been incidents in the past due to bad procedures, things have changed a lot over the years. Thanks to Doctors like Mark Mofid, procedures are safer than ever for patients. This is especially true with Dr. Mark Mofid because he works with every patient to build a procedure that works best for them. The more control a patient has in their own procedure, the better they feel throughout the whole process and with the general outcome.

Dr. Mark Mofid owns his own practice and operates out of California, specifically the San Diego area, though his practice will take clients from all over should they seek out his work. Alongside his work in plastic surgery, Mark is also a general surgeon that does great work for hospitals throughout San Diego on a regular basis. This is because Mark truly cares about the improvement of the medical industry in all areas and he can do this by making improvements in any way that he can.

Mark Mofid has personally made various improvements to the methods used in performing plastic surgery today, which has allowed him to produce results that look so natural they have earned him worldwide recognition in the plastic surgery scene. With that said, Mark gets a lot of his inspiration from overseeing plastic surgery work out of Brazil, since it is widely popular over there and gluteal augments are one of the main forms of plastic surgery. Mark’s focus in plastic surgery is in the glute, which is why he has personally developed new implants that are safer and more effective over the span of several years. This allows patients to avoid the need to come back for secondary procedures or reconstructive surgery to fix problems that happened the first time around.

The Features That Can Attract People to Market America

Self employment and being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. In that sense, Market America is not for everyone either. There are certain types of people that are going to gravitate towards this opportunity. These types are looking for something specific from their lives. They are also the types of people that are willing to get it as opposed to waiting until something comes for them. Market America is the type of opportunity that these people will enjoy because it has a lot of the features that they will enjoy and benefit from. These features will also improve their lives in ways that they wouldn’t anticipate.

Among the features that people get to enjoy are additional income, more freedom of time, security, early retirement, and the ability to pay off their debts. These are very attractive features, especially for people who are tired of waiting for things to improve all by themselves. People who want to take the initiative are going to be the ones that benefit the most from Market America. One of the best things about this opportunity is that people get to work on their creativity and figure out what they are truly passionate about and profit from it.

Market America is the type of company that is made for people with dreams and the will to pursue the dream. People who also have thick skins and are willing to go through all of the necessary hoops are going to enjoy the success that comes with it. Aspiring entrepreneurs are going to be tasked with figuring out where to go in order to market and eventually make the sales. When they build their brand, then they will be able to make a lot of the additional income that they can put towards other goals they may have.

Talk Fusion for Your Company’s Communication Needs

When you own a company, you know it’s important to keep in touch with both your customers as well as your employees. In order for you to do this, you’re going to want to think about choosing a program that is designed to work for you. This program and app is known as Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion has been in business since 2007 and has grown to be one of the largest marketing options for business owners all over the world. You can do a variety of different things using Talk Fusion, but the whole point is to make use of video to better connect to your audience when and where you need to do this.


You can download the Talk Fusion app if you want to set up video meetings, video emails, video messages and live chat options. Plus, you can even make use of sign-up forms through Talk Fusion so that you can better engage customers when they are visiting your site or page. Along with all of the services that they provide to the public, they also work diligently on bettering their product, so there are continually being updates put into place, which makes it effortless for you to make use of this for your own needs at a price you can afford.


Talk Fusion is affordable on just about any budget that you have right now. There is nothing worse than having to download multiple services and programs and paying for each individual one of these. With Talk Fusion, you have full access to video marketing and conferences without needing to get separate programs to get the job done. It is all available to you in one login, so you’re not going into separate accounts just to get the information and service that you need right now. This is why millions have already made use of Talk Fusion and have found it to be a great option in their lives.


If you are trying to grow a successful company and want to have more communication with everyone involved, you need an app like Talk Fusion. You can use Talk Fusion on a computer or download it to an app that you happen to have. You will then be able to choose the services that you need and pay for these so that you can save money and not have to worry that you are going over your budget and unable to afford all of these things for the company. There are tons of reasons to give Talk Fusion a try for yourself, but it is an absolute necessity for company owners who just want to be able to get to their audience in a new and unique way. Learn more:


Bob Reina Introduces Live Meetings Marketing Tool.

We are living in an increasingly transformative time. The advent of the internet and the rise of video marketing has fundamentally shifted the way that companies do business. In order to properly reach out and connect with customers, businesses need to lean on video marketing software. Talk Fusion is based out of Tampa, FL and the company has been helping to innovate within the video marketing field since 2007. Bob Reina is the founder of Talk Fusion and he has been the charismatic leader of the team. Reina took time out of his schedule in order to introduce Talk Fusion’s newest piece of software: Live Meetings.


Direct conferencing is one of the most important and effective ways for businesses to mass-exhibit their messaging. For this reason, Talk Fusion has developed Live Meetings to be THE conferencing application to meet the needs of businesses both large and small. Live Meetings is a one-way video conferencing application that allows up to 15 hosts the ability to broadcast to up to 500 viewers at a time. Video conferencing is something that Talk Fusion firmly believes in and they are even exhibiting it on their own website in order to bring in new Talk Fusion associates.


What makes the Live Meetings application different than other video conferencing applications is that it is built on WebRTC tech. Talk Fusion CTO Ryan Page and CEO Bob Reina both have gone on record to tout WebRTC technology as the future of internet-based marketing, and for good reason. WebRTC technology allows users to access applications without having to download software, install plugins, or purchase special hardware. Users need to merely be sent the URL of the video conference, by way of the company hosting the conference, and click on it. WebRTC technology allows Live Meetings to operate across every major platform and hardware options, including tablets, phones, laptops and desktop computers.


Another benefit of WebRTC technology, which Live Meetings is built upon, is an improvement in actual output. Live Meetings looks crisp and sounds even crisper with a lack of echoes, reverberation or sharp audio twangs. When companies want to put their best foot forward, they turn to companies like Talk Fusion and products like Live Meetings in order to help pull it off. Reina has gone to the press saying WebRTC tech is the perfect fit for what the company is trying to do with their newer marketing tools. Learn more:




Talk Fusion’s rapid growth

Talk Fusion is a selling and video marketing company. Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. Reina got the idea to market video email after a video of a home he wanted to purchase failed to send through email. Bob Reina decided to market video email. He started Talk Fusion with the help of his friend who was very good with technology. Talk Fusion began as a video marketing program. The company has grown into a company with a variety of marketing products. A few of the products the company markets are video email, live meetings, registration forums, and video newsletters.

Talk Fusion has flourished since the day Bob Reina decided to market his video email idea. Employees enjoy instant payment and many other gifts. Their employees have to adapt to a company that is growing rapidly. Management tries to find ways to appreciate them for their work.

Talk Fusion’s products are designed to be used on all systems. The demand for the products has allowed the company to expand. The latest expansion was into India. The office in India is going to be located in New Delhi. The people in India are excited to be able to participate in the new jobs that Talk Fusion has available for them. The manager of the office in New Delhi is Guru Lal Singh. He is excited to help the company flourish. The company hopes that the success that they have acquired in the U.S. spreads to India. Learn more:

Highland Capital’s Above Average Performance

Dallas based Highland Capital Management’s outstanding performance in 2016 produced over a 30% gain for its investors. The gain which tripled the performance of the S&P 500 was focused on energy stocks. In 2017 Highland Capital set its sights on underperforming healthcare stocks. By October of 2017, these healthcare stocks were up by over 20%. Michael Gregory the chief investment officer at Highland made the Healthcare picks For Highland’s Small Cap Equity Fund. Mr. Gregory works closely with James Dondero the president and founder of Highland. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.

Mr. Gregory points to Highland’s credit competency as one reason for its success and when the oil prices were down Mr. Gregory and Mr. Dundero saw the potential for growth with mainstream customers and Limited Partnerships which rely on volume rather than the price of crude. Mr. Gregory also took notice of the difference in performance of the energy and healthcare sectors and after careful study, Mr. Gregory saw a possible rebound for the healthcare market happening 2017. The opioid epidemic in the United States was pressuring insurance companies to search for alternative painkiller solutions.

The potential for growth in this market was noticed by Mr. Gregory and he brought investment in Highland’s Small Cap Equity Fund up to 25% in healthcare. Other investments for the fund included multifamily real estate investment trusts. Mr. Gregory credits the success in this real estate market to the demographic boom going on throughout big cities in Texas. Highland Small Cap Equity Fund remains in the energy market and expects growth to reach over 20%. Read more at

Highland acquired the Small Cap Equity Fund from GE Asset Management in 2010. When Mr. Dondero and Mr. Gregory took control of the fund its performance skyrocketed and the fund is rated as above average by Morningstar. Highland Capital was founded over 20 years ago by James Dondero and is located in Dallas, Texas and holds over 14 billion dollars in assets. It is the most experienced and lucrative alternative investment firm in the world today. Its Investments include distressed and special situations, collateralized loan obligations, mutual funds and ETFs. Highland has offices across the globe.


Nathaniel Ru Sets the Tone for Sweetgreen’s Success

There is a new wave of innovation rolling through the fast food industry and Sweetgreen co-founder Nathaniel Ru is leading the charge. Sweetgreen is one of the hottest new restaurant chains out of the northeast portion of the United States. Sweetgreen offers high-end salads that utilize locally sourced ingredients with a menu that rotates based around the season.

Sweetgreen is bringing healthy food at a great price to people who are on the go. The success of Sweetgreen thus far has been electric to watch and a big part of it is due to how Nathaniel Ru has avoided the pitfalls that are so common of other startup companies. Let’s take a look at how Nathaniel Ru and his team are creating the Sweetgreen Experience.

First of all, Sweetgreen was conceptualized by a trio of Georgetown University students which included Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman.

The three students took an entrepreneurship class together and it was there that they began to ruminate on potential business ideas that had a high ceiling for exploration. The trio looked at their own college campus and realized quickly that there were few healthy options available for students on the go.

They looked at an immediate problem and created a solution for it. The first Sweetgreen location would open up on M Street in downtown Washington D.C. Now, there are more than 40 locations around the country with much more on the way.

Nathaniel Ru would be the first to admit that his team got lucky in the early-going with a great location and grassroots support, however that isn’t why their success has been sustained. Ru cites their mission statement as a dominant reason for their continual success.

Ru says, “We’re creating a brand that stands for something. We want to feed more people better food.” Ru goes on to point at companies like Under Armour and Nike as examples of companies that have embraced becoming so much more than simple businesses and this, he believes, is what Sweetgreen is angling to become.

What makes Sweetgreen particularly special is not just their great food, but also their attention to customer service. Sweetgreen feels, in many ways, like an Apple store when you first walk through the doors.

There are easy-to-access menus, clean and simple restaurant layouts, and employees eager to help you get the perfect meal for your lunch or dinner.

Ru makes sure that he and his corporate employees work at locations often enough to stay grounded and connected with customers.

Learn more about Michael Lacey:

How Sweetgreen Brought Healthy And Delicious To Busy Lunchers [PSFK 2016]

Early Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is the Brazilian from Sao Paulo who started the band called Viper back in 1985. He was an instrumentalist and continued with the band until 1989. There were five members of Viper, including Audi. Viper performed a variety of rock including power metal, heavy metal, thrash metal and alternative rock. Their influence were the up and coming heavy metal of Britain, and the band, Iron Maiden. Audi’s specialty was playing drums and would have been very successful in music business if he had continued that throughout his lifetime.

Cassio Audi and his band mates were all very young at the time being only 13 or 14 years old. Their talent included both playing instruments and doing vocal. The Vipers completed their very first demo album in 1985 called The Killera Sword. Popular hits on the album included Nightmare, Signs of the Night and Killera Princess from Hell.

Soldiers of Sunrise was the Viper’s official album recorded in 1987. The hit song of this album was Soldiers of Sunrise and the entire album was considered to contain Brazilian’s best hits of whole music industry. Its’ popularity kept the sales of the album to more than ten thousand copies.

Viper’s popularity continued on into 1989 with the release of their second album, Theatre of Fate. This album became popular throughout Asia, Europe and the United States. It was even able to rise in the charts above such groups as Nirvana and Van Halen. Audi was involved in opening stage for the recording of this album although he was not a part of playing for it.

Casio Audi’s music career ended in 1989 when he left Viper and went on to pursue other interests.

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Instrumental Organizations Fighting for Human, Civil and Migrant Rights

Many groups fight and advocate for civil, human as well as migrant rights. The big challenge is that most of them are profit-making while others are not focused on their goals.

The organizations should be dedicated to seeing they help individuals affected by violations of these rights. They should also be determined to help victims of human rights violation in getting justice no matter who they are. Below is a discussion of focus groups that advocate for civil, migrant and human rights.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is one of the most influential migrant rights organization. The organization was found by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin to help individuals whose rights are violated.

The organization has operations in Arizona and across America. The group supports many families in getting equal rights as others. On top of that, the organization funds nonprofit organizations that advocate for migrant, civil and human rights.

The two founders of Phoenix New Times got a compensation of $3.75 million from Maricopa County after they filed a case for their illegal arrest. Lacey and Larkin reported some corruption and misdeeds in the office of Sherriff Joe Arpaio in Phoenix New Times.

The sheriff ordered their arrest after they exposed what was going on in his office. They challenged the arrest at a higher court, and they got justice. They decided to invest the compensation fund in founding Lacey& Larkin Frontera Fund.

American Immigration Lawyers Association is also an active organization dedicated to offering immigration law concepts to vulnerable persons. The group is made up of legal professionals as well as lawyers.

They offer consultation and educational services across America. The organization has helped many people in settling in the US legally. It also supports immigrants with necessary education and tips on how to get citizenship in the US and settle for good. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

The Advocates for Human Rights is an influential organization that has been pushing for global human rights agendas. The organization was formed in 1983 and aims at promoting global advocacy for human rights.

The organization has been investigating the violation of human rights globally and helping affected victims in getting justice. It has also been educating many organizations and individuals fighting for children’s rights.

The fourth Organization is the Coalition for Humane Immigration Rights for Los Angeles. This organization has been in the front line in fighting for immigrants’ rights locally as well as across America. CHIRLA supports individuals and human right organizations who aim at achieving rights relating to immigration and Civil awareness details.

Talk Fusion Launches New Branded Digital Platforms

Bob Reina is a former police officer who saw a future in video marketing that few others had locked onto. Reina was looking for ways to get out and into becoming his own boss when an encounter with a marketing executive gave him the courage that he needed in order to pursue his passion. In 2007, Reina would open up a small tech company that focused on video networking as well as direct-selling. That company would be known as Talk Fusion and now, a full decade later, they are one of the top marketing and direct selling companies on the web. The reason for Talk Fusion’s success has been simple, Reina has always doubled down on his convictions. This remains particularly true in regards to his work expanding the Talk Fusion digital platform.


The most recent announcement to come out of the Talk Fusion camp was regarding a pair of branded digital properties: and These two digital interfaces will be used by Reina and his Talk Fusion crew in order to streamline the process of introducing the power of video marketing, the content of Talk Fusion’s marketing suite, and the benefits of becoming a direct-selling partner. Reina said of his decision to create two new websites, “This business is all about duplication. It has to be simple, it has to be easy.”


Bob Reina and Talk Fusion have spent many years engineering the way by which their company would continue to progress. Ultimately, Talk Fusion’s course has stayed in line with Reina’s own goals: to bring Talk Fusion to as many people as possible, in as many places as possible. Reina’s pursuit of making Talk Fusion a global brand has been so successful, in fact, that the company is now in operation in over 140 different countries while being translated into nine different languages.


The new websites that were recently announced work together as part of a four-step process. Prospective clients are walked through various videos before being led to a page where they can sign up for a live demonstration and orientation, held daily by professionals within the company. Learn more: