Barbara Stokes: A Talented, Experienced, Effective CEO And Caring Individual

When it comes to disaster relief construction, Huntsville, Alabama native Barbara Stokes is an expert. Stokes graduated from Mercer University with a degree in physics and biomedical engineering. She also studied thermodynamics, technical communications, structures and properties of materials and manufacturing and management. Stokes then spent several years working with the electronics research and development firm Pisces Corporation and aircraft manufacturing company Boeing. That made her perfectly prepared to become CEO of Green Structures Homes Delivered.

Green Structures Homes Delivered is an industry leader in the design and construction of ultramodern modular steel and wood frame homes and mobile residential structures used on construction sites. They work with the private sector, FEMA and local, state and federal government on projects and during disaster relief efforts. Barbara Stokes has a great deal of experience with government contracts, so she has been a real asset to the company. The company’s use of proprietary high-tech design, engineering, manufacturing and construction technique makes their services in high demand. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

When Hurricane Harvey struck, Barbara Stokes and the Green Structures Homes Delivered team sprang into action. They were able to quickly provide housing for many of the people who were displaced when the hurricane ravaged their homes. Under Barbara Stokes’ guidance, the Green Structures Homes Delivered team were able to quickly and efficiently handle the process of providing reliable shelters. FEMA was so impressed with their work they gave the company a $28.5 million contract to provide emergency housing nationwide. Barbara Stokes and her staff immediately hired additional workers in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Minnesota, North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

With her solid background in physics, engineering, materials structures and properties as well as construction, Barbara Stokes helps to ensure the homes the company produces meets and exceeds safety standards for structural integrity and comes equipped with fire suppression systems that deploy automatically. The homes are also of the highest quality and offer great value. Since taking over as CEO, Barbara Stokes has developed a reputation for being highly efficient and played a central role in leading Green Structure Homes Delivered to even greater success. Follow Barbara Stokes on

A very involved mother of three, Barbara Stokes also is an energetic volunteer who is always willing to lend her time, talents, training and experience to help people and organizations in the Huntsville community. In addition to her volunteer activities, Barbara Stokes has published a well-researched, in-depth paper about the earthquakes that have hit middle Georgia. Plus, she is the founder of the Biomedical Engineering Club and currently serves as its president.

Barbara Stokes is a caring individual who is committed to improving the quality of life for her family, her staff, her community and the countless clients that she serves.


Cassio Audi’s History As A Brazilian Heavy Metal Pioneer

Looking back at the history of Brazilian heavy metal one is presented with some of the most famous names in the genre from across the planet as the nation continues to hold onto its place as one of the spiritual homes of this form of music. One of the most beloved bands to have ever set foot on the stages of Brazil is Viper, a band formed in Sao Paulo in 1985 which has gone on to become one of the most iconic and successful of any in Brazilian music history.

As with most bands who have survived in the music industry for decades, Viper has undergone a number of lineup changes and seen new members come and go over the years but one name always stands out for his performance on the early albums of the band. Cassio Audi may now be best-known as one of the leading investment specialists in the history of Brazilian banking but his early career as a heavy metal pioneer in Brazil often goes unmentioned despite being worthy of a place in any hall of fame.

Upon forming the band in 1985, the Passarell brothers knew they needed skilled musicians who shared their love of “New Wave” heavy metal from the U.K. Cassio Audi was already a noted musician in Sao Paulo having performed as a drummer for a number of bands in the city after falling in love with heavy metal when it exploded in Brazil in the early 1980s.

As the drummer in the band, Cassio Audi was at the heart of the development of one of the most impressive and respected bands in the history of Brazilian heavy metal who are known for forming the shape of the genre for the future in the nation. Audi appeared on two albums with Viper including the bootleg recording, “The Killera Sword” and the studio debut, “Soldiers of Sunrise” which is still noted as a turning point in the development of Brazilian heavy metal as the nation began to find its own voice in the music industry.

The Traits of a Good Leader And How Susan McGalla Shows Them

While many people can be leaders, it takes a lot of special traits to be a good leader. There is more to being a leader than being the one who barks orders and has everyone serve them. For one thing, there are certain traits that are required for effective leadership. It is these traits that separate the most respected leaders from the rest. Among the leaders who have gotten a lot of respect and have made impacts in their careers is Susan McGalla. For one thing, Susan has not only shown that she is a capable and respectable leader, but she has also paved the way for more women to be leaders.

One of the traits of a good leader is that they lead by example and be a good influence on their culture. This is exactly what Susan McGalla has done as a leader. She has done a lot of work with her employees and has treated them fairly. She has worked in male dominated businesses and offices without letting anything about sex get to her. She has focused on the needs of the company and how she can push it forward to greater levels of growth and success.

Susan McGalla has also shown that she is a good listener as well as motivational speaker. For one thing, she has gained a lot of respect by listening to and considering a lot of suggestions from her employees. When speaking, she is able to motivate her listeners with reality as opposed to honing in on the way things should be. She thinks about effective solutions that can help people get to where they need to be as women. She has not only shown that women are good at leading, but that they are also good at owning and marketing a business.

The Innovative Businesswoman Susan McGalla

All throughout Susan McGalla’s life, she grew up with no ‘special treatment’ because she was a girl. Growing up, Susan McGalla had two older brothers and her father was a high school football coach, McGalla was cut no slack. McGalla grew up being treated the same way her brothers were, making her a very headstrong, independent woman later in life. When McGalla was young her parents always told her she was not a female, but that she was a person. McGalla’s parents taught her that just because she was a woman, did not mean she was different from anyone else. This strong upbringing made McGalla fearless in the business world.

Because of how McGalla was raised, she always felt comfortable working around both men and women and was not scared to present her ideas in front of large groups of people. McGalla went to college and got her Bachelors from Mount Union College, then found a job at Joseph Horne Company. At the Joseph Horne Company is where McGalla got her start in retail. After working for Joseph Horne, McGalla was soon offered a position at American Eagle Outiftters Inc. When McGalla began working at American Eagle, there were no women. American Eagle was filled with men and there were no women that held high positions to make changes. However, when McGalla came, she wanted to be the voice for women. With her strong upbringing, McGalla accomplished her goal and rose to the top of American Eagle. McGalla made a huge impact while being at American Eagle. McGalla went from being a sales associate, to being a manager, then the President and chief merchandise officer. McGalla was a part of American Eagle Outfitters for ten years and made a huge impact in the company before going on to another company.

Now, Susan McGalla works as founder for a Consulting agency. At McGalla’s new company that she started, she helps her clients brand and market their businesses in the hope for becoming more successful.