Lawrence Bender is The Mind Behind Kill Bill Vol 1

Lawrence Bender has produced many movies in his career but the Kill Bill series is definitely his most famous. The movie swept box offices with amazing profits, pleasing both audiences and investors.

Kill Bill Vol. 1 had a level of violence never before seen on the big screen. It mimics the ultra-violence found in some Japanese action films and it has a sense of exaggeration instead of realism. The movie contains a lot of familiar and new faces that create the perfect cast for the movie.

Uma Thurman plays her role as “The Bride” very well. Her wedding was interrupted by bloodshed and put her into a coma. As she awoke, she came back with vengeance to hunt down those responsible for the wedding massacre. She ends up all the way in Japan in an epic battle with the Yakuza, which is the most famous highlight of this classic film.

More About the Producer: Lawrence Bender

Lawrence Bender had always wanted to get into the entertainment industry but he never necessarily planned on being a producer. He pursued his passion as a dancer since attending university but he had to put it to an end after a major injury.

Lawrence Bender’s production career is closely tied with director Quentin Tarantino and he directed all of his films. He started with Reservoir Dogs in 1992 and he still is producing films to this day. You may also notice his name in the credits of Django Unchained and An Inconvenient Truth.

Lawrence Bender is also an avid activist and supports many anti-war and social causes. Being a nature lover, he is a contributor to the National Wildlife Federation and earned the position as a Wildlife Hero. He is also an advisor to the John F. Kennedy School of Government, which helps make the world a more peaceful place.

Aside from Tarantino films, Lawrence Bender is also behind Good Will Hunting and Tales From the Darkside. He produced the recent documentary Countdown to Zero, which featured interviews with many world leaders. He is a recipient of multiple awards for his films, including a few Academy Awards.

Clayton Hudson: Artist of Sound Engineering

Clayton Hudson has worked on various tours ranging from all kinds of music artist. Many seek after his expertise in sound engineering. Not only does he possess phenomenal sound engineering abilities he also is a production manager. He provides a wide range of services, production design, show producer, monitor engineer, logistics management, stage management, and rigging.

He offers services that are budget friendly and that are always a plus for any event. This is a one-stop shop for all the needs for someone seeking out all the services provided. Why go many places for various services when it will be handled at one place.

Hudson also believes in safety when on the job, at the One Republic’s Honda Civic Tour he says, “Critical in reinforcing safety are several Kinesys LibraCells (load-measuring shackles) with the LibraWatch system, a portable, load monitoring software application that works on.” Therefore, when hired for a production job the client will be assured that the turn out of the event will be great and there will be no worries of safety issues because he takes pride in what he does as well as follow protocol.

In another event he worked on he says, “I also had the very first, hand-built D5 out with Marilyn Manson almost ten years ago. Considering the volatility of that artist, taking a new console out was a risk… but it worked out fantastically. DiGiCo had my back then and I’ve been a supporter ever since.” That demonstrates his ability to work with all kinds of artists. The client can tell Hudson what they expect out of a show and he will execute it.

Clayton Hudson is the go to man for any production needs whether it be a huge tour or any kind of event. Clients want the best candidates to take care of their needs so that the show goes smoothly and the fans love every moment of it. Hudson may be doing the work behind the scenes however, his hard work shows when the lights come on any performer. He takes pride in his work as well as loving what he does day in and day out. He falls in love with each event he works on and promises quality work and a wonderful outcome. The resume of Clayton Hudson speaks volumes and he guarantees to produce the best shows. Learn more: