The Features That Can Attract People to Market America

Self employment and being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. In that sense, Market America is not for everyone either. There are certain types of people that are going to gravitate towards this opportunity. These types are looking for something specific from their lives. They are also the types of people that are willing to get it as opposed to waiting until something comes for them. Market America is the type of opportunity that these people will enjoy because it has a lot of the features that they will enjoy and benefit from. These features will also improve their lives in ways that they wouldn’t anticipate.

Among the features that people get to enjoy are additional income, more freedom of time, security, early retirement, and the ability to pay off their debts. These are very attractive features, especially for people who are tired of waiting for things to improve all by themselves. People who want to take the initiative are going to be the ones that benefit the most from Market America. One of the best things about this opportunity is that people get to work on their creativity and figure out what they are truly passionate about and profit from it.

Market America is the type of company that is made for people with dreams and the will to pursue the dream. People who also have thick skins and are willing to go through all of the necessary hoops are going to enjoy the success that comes with it. Aspiring entrepreneurs are going to be tasked with figuring out where to go in order to market and eventually make the sales. When they build their brand, then they will be able to make a lot of the additional income that they can put towards other goals they may have.

Michael Hagele Puts His Clients First

Michael Hagele is someone who works as an outside general counsel for technology companies. He works in the aerospace, defense, internet, and biotechnology industries. He is someone who understands the legal world, and he uses the knowledge that he has as he looks out for those companies that turn to him for help. Michael Hagele has much experience, and that experience guides him in the work that he does. He has shared that the experience that he has in the legal world has helped him see how companies can benefit from high-quality legal services. He is there to meet the needs of those companies that are looking to be successful. Follow Michael Hagele on Twitter.

The typical start of a day for Michael Hagele is spent working on projects for technology clients. He will work on drafting and reviewing contracts for his clients and helping them out in that way. After he is done with such work, Michael Hagele likes to take a break and get some time to himself. He likes to leave the office and head outdoors to gain a new perspective on all that he is handling. He then comes back to the office to take on various client issues again and to serve those who look to him for help.

Michael Hagele never gives up and he credits the success that he has found to that trait of his. He believes that a person needs to keep on pushing on no matter what they are facing. Tenacity is something that is important to him and something that has pushed him to get where he is today. He also believes that it is important to put a client first. He believes that is something that helps a person to be successful and he feels that it is the right thing to do. He believes in thinking of the client’s best interest. Read more:


Jason Hope and His Inveterate Passion To Find The Secrets of Eternal Youth

The science of aging is such a complicated and elusive process. It requires a lot of trial and error, and it demands a lot of sacrifice and risk for those who will study it.

One of the few brave and risk taking people in the medical industry today who want to study the complexities of aging is Jason Hope, a respected tech whiz, investor and capitalist that wants to find the secrets of eternal youth.

Jason Hope’s SENS Foundation

Jason Hope is one of the proponents and advocates of the SENS Foundation, which is involved in finding ways to use rejuvenation biotechnologies in finding out how to achieve the eternal youth. It is not the quest to live forever that Jason Hope wants.

The philanthropist in Jason Hope just wants to use the best of his skills and effort to create a better life not just for himself, for his family’s future, but also for the world.

He’s also willing to pay for the risks and challenges of such efforts, which makes him even more courageous. He understands that in the efforts of his SENS foundation to find the right answers to the problems he addresses, he may have to cut ties with some people.

This doesn’t mean that he’ll be alone in his quest. Since 2010, he has already made a lot of connections and money, about half-a-million from investors’ support in his projects, mainly the funding of his new laboratory in Cambridge.

It is the hope also of the organization that Jason Hope will start, to make sure that the anti-aging research that he proposes will have the best technological backing that it needs to reach its aims. For this, he’s being called one of the futurists in the United States, and this claim is something that he takes a lot of pride from.

Before we proceed, we should highlight first that SENS stands for Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence, which is a fantastic name in itself but has also been consistent in giving the people new ideas to answer the aging problems. The foundation believes that we can learn a lot from species and animals who have made use of their nature to delay symptoms of aging. Some of these species include tortoises and the ever amorphous hydras. These species, unlike others, don’t increase their chances of dying just by aging.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope graduated from the Arizona State University with a Degree in BS Finance. He took an MBA in Business at W.P. Carey School of Business and is now an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page:

Nick Vertucci, Living The American Dream

Nick Vertucci is an American business man. Nick’s success story is very powerful because he worked his way up from being homeless to now being a self made millionaire. Nick Vertucci is the founder and CEO of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. As of today hundreds of people attend Nick’s academy because he is not only teaching his students about the rules of real estate, but he is also teaching his students how to become millionaires.

Over the years Nick has had countless jobs and he has even owned a business; however, nothing seemed to work for him like real estate has been working for him. In Nick’s academy, he teaches his students how to earn financial freedom and how to become completely independent in doing so.

Nick Vertucci ‘s system is unique because it is completely hands on. Nick’s academy is anything but traditional. He does not force his students to learn everything in a classroom environment. Instead he actually takes his students into the field so that they can be prepared when they actually become an agent.

Many students enjoy Nick’s unique way of teaching his students. With Nick’s signature system, he teaches his students how to sell, buy, and flip properties while obtaining the highest amount of income possible.

People who are interested in Nick’s academy are welcomed and encouraged one of his workshops. Nick Vertucci’s workshops are completely free to register for. Registering can be done online. Nick’s school is accredited. It is also a trusted school that has received an honorable recommendation from the BBB.

Nick’s goal is to help all of his students earn millions. If you follow Nick’s teachings and advice you will be on the right path to success and gaining financial freedom.

Nick has three locations throughout the United States, two of which locations are located in California. The other location is located in Seattle, Washington. If Nick’s program sounds interesting to you, don’t hesitate to visit his website. You will encounter an experience that you won’t regret nor forget!

Find out more about Nick Vertucci:

USHealth Group Troy McQuagge and Son Named One Planet Awards 2016 Champion CEO

With modern performance appraisal systems, professionals and entities delivering extraordinary work are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Just last year, corporate powerhouse and business magnate, Troy McQuagge of USHealth Group, swept Gold at the 2016 One Planet Awards. He prevailed as the champion CEO. With his appointment, US Health Group touched on a series of restructuring and development exercises that greatly streamlined overall growth.

Mr. McQuagge was an instrumental agent in restructuring USHEALTH Advisors. Following this historical achievement, he was inducted into office as USHEALTH Group principal and president in 2014. A year earlier, he was promoted to CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and EVP (Executive Vice President). When an opportunity presented itself to celebrate Mr. McQuagge exemplary leadership and commitment, USHEALTH had no reservations. Read more on Crunchbase about Troy McQuagge Son

Mr. McQuagge graduated UCF (University of Central Florida) with discipline in legal studies. With a long nurtured career serving the health insurance sector, he’s cultivated a comprehensive intelligence of the market and products. During the early 80s, he served Allstate Insurance before joining UICI/Health in 1995. In 1997, he UICI/Health appointed him president of their UGA agency. The group underwent a rebranding in 2006 following an earlier acquisition and assumed the tradename HealthMarkets AMG (Agency Marketing Group). During which time, Troy McQuagge Son remained an asset and commanded the group’s marketing/sales division. In 2007, Stevie Awards and Selling Power Magazine named AMG “Insurance Sales Organization of the Year.” The group’s annual sales threshold surpassed $1 billion that year. Again, Mr. McQuagge played a pivotal role in helping the group realize this accomplishment.

He spent 30+ years navigating the health insurance landscape, assuming sales roles. He’s served some of the industry’s premier health insurance merchants. Now residing in Coppell, Texas, Mr. McQuagge helps curate affordable senior citizens health insurance bundles under the US Health umbrella. With a coveted track record and corporate executive role, Mr. McQuagge continues to deliver professional service.


The Successes and Achievements of Businessman Greg Secker

Greg Secker was born on February 18, 1975. His career in trading took off when he was in the Thomas Cook Financial Services. Once he felt that he had gained sufficient knowledge, he tried his skills and luck in the foreign exchange business world where he was at the helm of the Virtual Trading Desk. VTD was the first software in Forex trading that allowed customers to view large foreign exchange transactions quotes in real-time. He delved more in-depth in the world of trading when he met some of the best traders in the world, and that was also when he became the vice president of the Mellon Financial Corporation, a role that he earned for his excellent participation and dedication.

Greg Secker and His Path To Becoming A Master Trader And One Of The World’s Most Generous Philanthropists

Greg’s trading account grew so much to the extent that he felt that with all the skills and experiences he acquired in his travels and line work, he could leave Mellon and set up his own trading floor. In just a span of 3 months, his private trading company achieved a lot of success, and that’s where he founded Learn to Trade. Today, he is the owner of the Knowledge to Action Group which is composed of several companies including Learn to Trade, SmartCharts Software, Capital Index, FX Capital and his non-profit The Greg Secker Foundation.

For his part, Greg credits his success to all the experiences he has acquired in his travels and working on many trading floors in the United States. But experiences and stock knowledge are not enough to achieve the success that Greg has over the years. Greg has said that he often brain-storm ideas within himself and for that, it was vital for him to find a lot of time for himself to think. Another critical aspect for Greg is learning through his own mistakes. For him, one of the failures he first experienced was not researching enough about the countries they were investing in. But it was a great learning experience for him which also resulted in other successes.

Beneful Dog Food – Choosing the Right Product for Your Pup

You are choosing the best brand of food for your dog. Beneful provides your dog with all of the nutrients they need to live a long, healthy life. But there are so many options. How do you know if you are making the right choice for your dog? Here, we will provide answers to the important questions dog owners have.

Is Beneful wet food or dry food better?

Your dog should eat both wet and dry Beneful food. Both forms of food provide their own benefits. Wet dog food provides easier to obtain nutrients, and an easier to digest formula. Dry dog food helps to remove tartar from their teeth, and help create bulkier stools. Try mixing ½ of a can can of wet food with the recommended amount of dry dog food for the day. Split it into the desired number of meals, and serve as normal. You can refrigerate it between meals.

What dog breeds should eat Beneful wet food?

All dogs should eat a mixture of wet and dry dog food. At least ¼ of your dog’s nutrients should come from wet dog food. The remaining ¾ can be served as dry dog food. This will help ensure they have bulky, easy to pass stools.You can also visit: to buy dog food.

How much does Beneful wet food cost?

Surprisingly, Beneful wet dog food is pretty inexpensive. When you purchase by the case, the price averages out to only a few dollars per can. Given the nutritional value of Beneful wet food, you are really getting a great deal.

What’s the best flavor of Beneful wet food?

Dogs loves variety, just like humans. Change your dog’s food up regularly to keep them interested in meal time. You will be amazed at how excited your dog will be by the new flavors.

What’s the price of Beneful wet food?

The price of Beneful wet food will vary depending on the style of food you buy, and where you buy it. The price can range from between $2.00 per serving, to $3.00 per serving.

Where can I find Beneful wet food coupons?

You can find Beneful wet food coupons online, or in your local paper. Visit the Beneful website to find the best coupons, and the best prices.

How many varieties of Beneful wet food are there?

There are more than 20 varieties of Beneful wet dog food on the market today. The variety of wet foods will keep your dog excited about meal time, day after day.

Is Beneful wet food healthy?

Beneful wet dog food is very healthy for your dog. It is easier for your dog to digest, and it is easier for your dog’s digestive system to draw the nutrients out of the foods. By serving them wet dog food on a daily basis, you will keep your dog healthy and happy.

Do dogs like Beneful wet food?

Dogs absolutely love Beneful wet food, and so do their owners. You dog knows that the food tastes great, and it is made of real food ingredients. Owners love the food because they know their dog is getting amazing nutrition, at a great value.

Does Beneful make wet food for puppies?

Beneful does make wet food for puppies. They also make prepared meals for puppies. Why give your puppy just one flavor when you can provide them with a balanced meal. Real meat, vegetables, and stock made from real meat juices.

What’s in a Beneful wet food variety pack?

Depending on the variety pack that you choose, you can let your dog experience different types of cuisine. Beneful sells variety packs that range from 6 cans to 27 cans. This allows you to plan a lot of meals for your pet and keep them excited about meal time.


3 Reasons Thor Halvorssen Continues To Fight For Freedom

He Understands What Dictators Can Do

Halvorssen has seen for himself how dictators can affect people on a personal level. In 2004, Venezuela called a referendum to review the election results that gave Hugo Chavez political office yet again. During a protest of the referendum Halvorssen’s mother, Hilda Mendoza, was shot by supporters of Chavez. The shooters were arrested but they were never convicted of any crime. This personal injustice has a played a big role in the life of Thor Halvorssen and defined him.

He Knows Why Open Societies Succeed

An open society is a society in which each member is able to decide for themselves how they want their lives to unfold. If you want to spend your life pursuing an education and choose a higher position in life you are free to do that, but the choice is always yours. This isn’t true in many oppressed societies in which one’s position in life is already predetermined and locked by birth. Open societies produce better results than closed societies. He understands this and we wants to create a world where everyone is able to reach their full potential.

He Wants To Free His Homeland For Good

His birth country Venezuela is currently facing considerable troubles under the dictatorship it lives under. Political prisoners, including some of his family members, are held without any chance of freedom for speaking out against the government. He has managed to escape this fate by living in America, but Halvorssen wants to stop this once and for all. The work he does at the Human Rights Foundation is one key step in stopping this suffering and bringing Venezuela into a new chapter. He isn’t going to stop until the country he knows best is finally unshackled from oppression.

Successful Technology Enterprise with Eric Pulier

The world of technology has been privileged to have a successful innovation expert Eric Pulier. He specializes in public speaking, he is a writer and an entrepreneur. He is also the founder of different technology companies which are competing strongly in the industry. Mr. Eric is the Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder and Chairman of ServiceMesh, Inc. He has founded 15 companies and he recently sold a company at a tune of $350 million. He is also a philanthropist who is based in Los Angeles, California.



Never Give Up



In the business arena, Eric has been inspirational to many people who wants to startup businesses. He believes in never giving up and pressing higher towards the desired future. In his teachings, he offers applicable and real solutions on how to constantly remain innovative in the business world. He also gives step by step approach on how a small dream can be turned into a huge reality. Mr. Eric is also an expert in training on how to become innovative and create something where other people cannot see an opportunity. Other sessions where he has taught were based on persistence, true success, change and how to surround yourself with better people.



Experience plus Innovation



Serving in different positions in different companies is a clear sign Mr. Eric has the ability to innovate and provide solutions. He served at Computer Sciences Corporation and CSC Australia Pty. Ltd as the Vice President and General Manager. He has served in different companies including Santa Monica Media Corporation, SOA Software Inc., Interactive Video Technology, and Desktone, U.S Interactive Inc. In the different companies he has been a director, director, executive director and co-founder. He is a member of Bill Clinton’s Clinton Global Initiative. Mr. Erich has been named by VAR Business as one of 30 e-Visionaries.



Early Startup



Eric started programming in the fourth grade. By the time he was in high school, he began a database computer company. After moving in Los Angeles in 1991, he had a passion to provide solutions in health care and education. He thus began a company called People Doing Things. Over the years, he has been influential and instrumental in the technology world.