Michael Burwell’s Success Then And Now

Michael J. Burwell is a Certified Public Accountant who spent 31 years of his professional life at PricewaterhouseCoopers. His employment with PwC gave him immense knowledge and experience in professional services and finance. He served the company in various high management roles such as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer in the United States, Head of Transaction Services in the United States, and Head of Global Transformation.


Aside from the above, Mike Burwell has 11 years of in-depth knowhow in audit and 12 years of exceptional familiarity with transaction advisory services that encompasses pre-merger and valuation due diligence.


Due to Burwell’s impressive professional credentials, Hel has been appointed by Willis Towers Watson as the replacement of Roger Millay for the position of Chief Financial Officer.


Chief Executive Officer John Haley of Willis Towers Watson, remarked that the whole company is pleased to have Mike Burwell in their team of senior leaders, since he arrived at a most opportune time of the company’s progressive development. He goes on to say that Mike has the necessary driving, leading and managing skills which are appropriate in leading a complex company like Willis Towers Watson in the achievement of its full potential.


John Haley said he would likewise like to thank Roger Millay for all his contribution and noteworthy leadership to Willis Towers Watson. He adds that Roger due to Rogers contributions to the company, he leaves it in a better state than when he arrived that makes it resilient for future endeavors.


Mike Burwell declared that he is really looking forward to working with everyone at Wills Towers Watson, and that he was enthralled with his Willis Towers Watson’s all-encompassing culture, its unwavering commitment to clients and the strength of its leadership.


Mike is a Business Administration graduate of the Michigan State University where he was recognized in 2010 as Michigan State University’s Alumnus of the Year.


In an interview that he granted online, Michael Burwell was quoted to have said that while it is good to be able to keep everyone happy all the time, it is not advisable to do so since even if everybody cooperates with you it does not mean that they necessarily agree with you.


Within the same interview he similarly commented that to be able to get to know others well, you have to invest your time to listen and be a good listener. This is likely the reason why Michael Burwell is successful because he invests his time in essential things.


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