Giving Back to the Community – Highland Capital Management

One of the greatest secret in understanding communities, is investing in human assets; predominately, investing in people who live in those communities. Highland Capital Management is not only an investment advisor organization, but the organizations’ vision and philosophy is the believe that human spirit can make a difference within the community. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase. Most importantly, investing in volunteerism and children; the two driving forces of positive energy which shapes the community. Moreover, Highland Capital Management diverse asset of approximately $15.4B under management, also focuses on credit strategies, long-only funds and division accounts, as well as distress and special circumstance private equity, to name a few.


Founded in 1993, by James Dondero and Mark Okada, these two remarkable gentlemen’s passion expanded Highland Capital Management business with offices located in New York, Sao Paolo, Seoul, and Singapore. In addition, Highland Capital Management diverse client ranges from public pensions plan, foundations, high-net worth individuals, and government constituents, providing a concreted business structure that highlights professionalism across the financial market world. The secret of Highland Capital success is not based on the billions of dollars they managed, but it is the passion of giving back to the community through investing in their employees, volunteerism, and children. James and Mark understood that strong and stable communities breeds strong and stable employees and clienteles. With the collaboration of the firm and its partners’ commitment and investing over $10M to another organizations world-wide; giving back to the community and investing in volunteerism and children is a win-win situation for the future of Highland Capital Management. Read more at

Make a Killing with Unbiased and Independent Investment Research from Agora Financial

‘Welcome to Agora Financial’ is a brief, four-minute video about how Agora helps client’s to grow, manage and protect their wealth. The animated video features a dentist, Bob, who’s on the verge of calling his dental practice quits. One slight problem, though; Bob only knows about cavity fillings and root canals. He’s completely naïve when it comes to predicting bubbles or analyzing investment trends. But, Bob’s well aware of the unbecoming behavior of wealth robbers out there whose main interests are to extort him of his hard-earned life savings.

True, most hotshot brokers are crooks, but fortunately for Bob, there’s Agora Financial. For the past thirty years, Agora has helped investors like bob to safeguard their investments for a comfortable retirement age. The company specializes in three main services. These are:-

Finding Companies Headed for Rapid Growth

Income Generating Secrets

Wealth Protection and Growth Strategies

What Makes Agora Unique?

Agora is unlike the other conventional hedge funds out there in that their research is always 100% independent and unbiased. The firm doesn’t collaborate with any of the investment companies they feature to their readers. Additionally, the analysts working at Agora are always on the move and not stationed in their offices. The research work takes them to far-flung corners of the globe to look for interesting investment ideas for clients like Bob.

Meet the Management Team

Agora has an incredibly professional team heading their research and analysis. The team is comprised of a Three-Time, NYT best-selling author, a Harvard University-trained Geologist, a Pulitzer nominated journalist, a self-made billionaire investor and philanthropist, an ex-hedge fund manager, an ex-banker to a former US president, and a world-leading bond expert.

Notable Financial Calls

The company’s impressive track record shows them accurately calling the meteoric rise of commodities like gold in 1999. They also predicted the US housing bubble burst some four years before it actually happened. Their analysts also predicted the massive surge in oil prices back in 2007. That excellent foresight has resulted in Agora’s clients minting millions of dollars in profits for the past decade. To gain from the unique perspective provided at Agora.

To see videos about Agora Financial, click Youtube.

Informative Information on SahmAdrangi and Kerrisdale Capital Management

Kerrisdale Capital Management which was founded in 2009 by SahmAdrangi made headlines in 2016 for raising around $100 million from investors. The funds were for the sole purpose of betting against a specific stock which was later revealed in May 2016 to be Dish Network. SahmAdrangi is the Chief Investment Officer of the company which is based in New York. When asked about their move, he said they wanted to short stock the particular firm which was a public company. The remarkable thing is that the money was raised in an incredibly short span of time. The company which is a small firm took everyone by surprise for making such a bold move. They said that they would take the firm in question which was worth $10 billion. According to an email written to investors, Adrangi pointed out that they were working on a report and videos to convince other people on their reasoning behind the move. In a step to stamp their position, they had already started buying out stock in the said company.

Kerrisdale is known for betting for and against businesses and making it public. For the last five years, as of 2016, they had an average annual return of 28%. The man behind this is SahmAdrangi. He attended Yale University where he studied Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Immediately after graduation, he became an analyst at Deutsche Bank (2004-2005). After Deutsche Bank, he moved to Chanin Capital Partners where he became an analyst up to 2007. During his time at Chanin, he was in charge of advising creditors on bankruptcy restructuring. This also involved representing bankrupt companies. He later joined Longacre Fund Management where he served as a financial analyst too. He then quit to form Kerrisdale and has been working there up to date. SahmAdrangi is known for shorting fraudulent Chinese companies which were later investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. He has been able to grow Kerrisdale together with his team of experts regardless of the size of the company. His vast experience in his shorting strategies is what has driven him towards managing Kerrisdale over the years.

Vincent Parascandola leadership and history

AXA Advisors is globally recognized Insurance Corporation headquartered in France. The company works in financial and investment management. The company has expanded its operations to Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. It’s ranked the second most powerful entity operating globally. Although its run independently, it follows different laws and regulations as stipulated by the governments of those countries.

Vincent Parascandola is currently the senior executive Vice President of AXA Advisors. He’s in charge of managing, sales, productivity, recruitment, and training of employees. His 25 years’ experience in the financial advisory sector has helped him achieve tremendous knowledge and awards for his management skills. According to Wallet Hub, the most recent one is the GAMA Career Development and Master Agency Award.

Vincent Parascandola attained a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Pace University- Lubin School of Business in New York. Mr. Vincent Parascandola recently returned to his alma mater to lead in the commencement speech during the graduation class of 2014. He is sought after by many companies to be a guest speaker during industry conferences. He held the chairman’s office of the LIMRA’s Field Officers Committee. His dedication, hard work, and experience made him achieve the post of the senior executive vice president.

The AXA Advisors LLC is the primary broker and retail distributor for the AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company, a leader in the financial protection, life insurance, and annuity products. As detailed on, AXA Advisors’ network with more than 6000 personnel provides working strategies and products for the financial protection and investments. It also offers asset allocation, retirement plans, business and estate planning to their clients. AXA Financial Inc. subsidiary AXA Equitable forms part of the global AXA Group which is a leader in financial protection strategies and wealth management.

Vincent Parascandola experience includes

AXA US October 2014 – Present

AXA Equitable May 2005- October 2014

The MONY Group 1990 – 2005