Dr. Mark McKenna Builds OVME

Dr. Mark McKenna is no stranger to the Atlanta medical aesthetics community and his faithful patients will now be able to visit his newest practice, OVME, in the trendy Atlanta neighborhood of Buckhead. The sleek new luxury aesthetics studio is equipped with four private treatment rooms as well as a private office for patient consultations.

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The InnovaCare Health Ways. The Right Ways

There are all types of different healthcare and InnovaCare health is just one example of the different kinds there are.   Rick Shinto worked at several different places for healthcare. He has more than 20 years of medical background under his belt and it makes him have the skills that he needs to work in

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Catch a Wave, Catch E-Coli?

Point Break. The Beach Boys. The Endless Summer. Surfing! The sport, romance, and culture of surfing has captured the imagination of people everywhere for centuries. It’s no surprise that people have been doing it for so long. Why flap your arms and legs just plain swimming when you can master the water and “fly” atop

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