The InnovaCare Health Ways. The Right Ways

There are all types of different healthcare and InnovaCare health is just one example of the different kinds there are.


Rick Shinto worked at several different places for healthcare. He has more than 20 years of medical background under his belt and it makes him have the skills that he needs to work in the medical field. Rick is said to be the person behind all the success of InnovaCare Health and he is the Chief Executive and president. He has won awards and worked at several different places for several different types of healthcare. There are many skills he has that the medical industry needs. He has good communication skills, good working relationships, and even good teamwork.


Penelope Kokkinides she also has several years of medical experience under her belt as well more than 15 years of it. She has wen’t to several different colleges for different medical things to get where she is now. She served as corporate Vice President for care management. She is now Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health solutions.


InnovaCare is a healthcare that works not only on the physical pain and hurt but emotional as well and is always working on making patients feel better while working on the mental issues as well. InnovaCare works with their patients that need help and they know just the ways to do it. They put their patients first and make sure they have everything they need to make them feel better in all ways.


Through two primary avenues of care — Provider Networks and Medicare Advantage, InnovaCare is committed to quality healthcare by creating models that are sustainable, cost-effective and fully integrated with advanced technologies.


InnovaCare, Inc. operates two Medicare Advantage plans: MMM Healthcare, LLC and PMC Medicare Choice, LLC – in addition to a medical service organization.


Health care is one of the most important things we as humans need in life and that’s what InnovaCare make sure happens. They have worked with their patients when they need help and don’t take anything for granted. The doctors that work here are experienced and know how to treat their patients that come in. Find Additional Information Here.


They have all the tools that are up to date and are always making sure their patients have everything they need. InnovaCare has different ways to make patients feel better rather than the typical just medication other health care personal give to the patients InnovaCare actually listens to their patients.


If there is any place to go for health care I would come here!


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Cancer Treatment Centers Of America – Comprehensive Treatment With Compassion

Cancer Treatment Centers of America are a group of organizations committed to the cause of fighting cancer. It was created in the year 1988 and has been serving the cause of cancer and its related issues since then. Cancer is characterized by proliferation of cells that are not normal. It can affect any part of the body and requires extensive care.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America offer several career opportunities. These include physician roles such as those of medical oncologist, radiologist, surgeon and many others. The doctors get an opportunity to work in a supportive environment with healthcare benefits as well. Supportive care roles are also available. These include jobs for the positions of nurses, paraprofessionals, and business support. The hospitality and administrative wing of  Centers also offer career opportunities. Medical students may also find fellowships and internships of interest to them at the cancer care institutes. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospitals are located in Phoenix, Chicago, Tulsa, Philadelphia, and Atlanta.

The philosophy of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is that each cancer is different, and hence, each patient must also be treated differently. They specialize in provided tailored therapy to patients, based on their specific problem and requirements. This approach demands that a team of specialists work in unison with the patient to customize a treatment for the best possible recovery.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America utilize a vast array of specialized equipment to detect cancer such as genomic analysis and other techniques and drugs to ensure appropriate and high quality care for patients. Genomic testing is a highly specialized test and helps identify problems such as mutations at a genetic level. This can help understand the disease process better as well as target specific disease processes.

Another area of focus for the team at Cancer Treatment Centers of America is integration. This implies integrating a person living with cancer to his or her routine life as soon as possible. This requires a specialized approach and involves dealing with multiple collateral patient problems such as side effects, efficiently. This integrative approach help patients lead a relatively healthy and active life with minimum discomfort.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a coordinated program of care for patients. Cancer may affect many organ systems of the body, and the treatments have wide ranging side effects as well. Thus, a coordinated program involves designing a team of experts to help with all the problems related to cancer through collective action. This dramatically improves a patient’s care, because all the dimensions of the disease are taken care of through one comprehensive effort. The medical and supportive team is also available to support patients 24X7 and all through the year. Cancer Treatment Centers of America are dedicated to providing comprehensive, coordinated and patient-centric care to people with cancer.

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Catch a Wave, Catch E-Coli?

Point Break. The Beach Boys. The Endless Summer. Surfing!

The sport, romance, and culture of surfing has captured the imagination of people everywhere for centuries. It’s no surprise that people have been doing it for so long. Why flap your arms and legs just plain swimming when you can master the water and “fly” atop the foam?

But in a recent study conducted by the University of Exeter in the UK, surfers may be catching more than a wave when they take to the water. Researchers have concluded that surfers swallow approximately ten-times the amount of seawater than regular swimmers. This wouldn’t be a bad thing, if coastal water was clean. The news is out, everywhere: it’s not. Even Redditors are horrified!

In the study, brilliantly named “Beach Bums,” scientists from the university’s medical school have partnered with the environmental advocacy group, “Surfers Against Sewage,” to test the fecal matter of nearly 300 volunteers, half surfers and half not. The results are startling.

Surfers in the study were three-times as likely to carry antibiotic-resistant superbugs and dangerous bacteria than regular swimmers. As the world of medicine grapples with the impending doom of the failure of antibiotics, this is seriously scary news for surfers, the people they share their lives with, and all of us.

In an interview with the UK’s Independent, the lead researcher on the project, Dr. Anne Leonard, emphasized that “we urgently need to know more about how humans are exposed to these bacteria.”