Healthcare Technology

Drew Madden: Technology And Patient Care

Drew Madden has spent much of his time working on the technology of medical recording. He uses his advanced skills to create healthcare systems that improve the quality of life for patients. Madden has worked with consulting companies such as Cerner and Nordic Consulting. He received his BSE in Industrial Engineering from the University of

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The Success of Drew Madden as a Healthcare Entrepreneur

When you think of healthcare IT, the name Drew Madden rings true. As an entrepreneur who is focused on building quality teams and client partnerships, Madden has moved forward the healthcare industry by infusing the type of technology that can be seen in some of the most successful tech startups around the country. Electronic medical

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Drew Madden Thinks These Things About Healthcare IT

The human race’s average life expectancy, worldwide, has risen from a paltry 47 years of age at the turn of the nineteenth century to upwards of 70 in today’s world. Most of this incredible increase has the field of healthcare to thank, as medicine, surgery, healthcare equipment, and the research of such fields have helped

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