Florida Swimmer Among Victims Of High School Shooting

All who knew Nicholas Dworet were impressed with the amazing progress the young swimmer had made over the last year and a half. Dworet was seen as a hard-working young man that went from being a mediocre swimmer to earning a full scholarship to attend the University of Indianapolis.

Andre Bailey, the swimming coach with TS Aquatics in Broward County, Florida, says that Dworet took the initiative to carve out the future he wanted for himself. “This Kid,” Bailey explains took an active part in the “planning and organizing” of his life.

Dworet, a high school senior, was among the seventeen individuals that lost their lives on Wednesday when a disgruntled former student began shooting at the high school Dworet attended in Parkland, Florida.

Nikolas Cruz was arrested shortly after committing the atrocity. Cruz, who had been expelled from the school committed the assault by using an AR-15 rifle.

Bailey says he was present with members of the Dworet family when they received confirmation that Nicholas was among the victims.

Dworet was team captain for the TS academy swim team and was known as ‘Swim Daddy’ by his teammates because of the way in which he encouraged them to practice and train. Baily said that Dworet was well-loved by teammates.

Officials with the University of Indianapolis have not yet commented on the matter but Bailey says he has been in touch with swimming coaches at the college.