Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are Entrepreneurs with a Drive to Succeed

JustFab, a membership website has an unparalleled history; the funding is also unparalleled. This e-commerce giant, established by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg is a phenomenon in the industry of fashion. This international membership company is what was ordered by the fashionista, but the beginnings, which were small, ended up growing into much greater with the correct fundraising. Starting in the year 2011, when Goldenberg and Ressler were working with the US-based Matrix Partners, over $33 million was raised.

The duo were the investors; they had confident enough to place their funds behind it. That showed their drive and passion for seeing the company become successful. In July 2012, a venture capital firm called Rho Capital Partners together with four investors gave over $75 million to the businessmen. Soon, further changes occurred to the firm plus long-term mission and vision. That money allowed them to rebrand and build upon many brands to expand their horizons. The duo could provide more than apparel for women, and the proposal was presented in a brand for children plus men too.

In the year 2013, more funds were received, from Shining Capital, investment management firm that manages charitable assets. There were two occurrences in which funds were raised, amounting to a large quantity of money. With over $54 million raised by Shining Capital, Goldenberg and Ressler were on their way to make big changes in the world of e-commerce plus fashion. In 2014, the group received $85 million from Passport Capital; since that period the firm has continued to thrive at what they do best.

In March 2010, Goldenberg and Ressler founded the TechStyle Fashion Group; they are also co-CEOs of this company. The vision of these two entrepreneurs is responsible for setting the firm on a course of reimagining the fashion business. In the year 2011, TechStyle, while running under the name JustFab was given $33 million in funding from the US-based Matrix Partners venture capital company.

In the year 2012, the firm received another $76 million from Intelligent Beauty, Technology Crossover Ventures, Rho Ventures, and Matrix Partners. TechStyle operations expanded globally to the UK, Germany, and Canada.In Jan. 2013, TechStyle Fashion Group, then JustFab, acquired the fashion subscription company for children, FabKids. Regardless of the likeness in their names, no previous connection was there between these two companies. After it acquired The Fab Shoes, in May 2013, TechStyle continued expanding internationally into France and Spain.

Felipe Montoro Jens Helps with a New Infrastructure Project

Felipe Montoro Jens is a CEO finance guru from Brazil that has worked as a venture capitalist since the beginning of his career. He is specializing now in infrastructure projects. The government announced that it will make concessions through a partnership with BNDES. Edison Carlos, as president of Trata Brasil, which is an institute with actions focused on basic sanitation, granted a recent interview where he pointed out some important points about the initiative. Stating that he believes what they offer will undergo improvements both in terms of administration, structural and resource areas. The decrease in levels of waste was another aspect raised by the interviewee, news Felipe Montoro Jens, specialist in infrastructure projects.


Edison pointed out that basic sanitation in Brazil has 90% of its services performed by public power, and of these, about 70% of users are served by state organizations. For him, the presence of the private initiative is not a reason for excluding the public, since the two forms of management can work better if they act in a complementary way.


BNDES will develop customized action plans for the states it serves, based on surveys that detail the situation that these locations are in. The loss of water was pointed out as one of the main causes of the flow of financial resources of the state companies of the water sector Because it is not possible to receive the services performed when there is this type of waste, reports Felipe Montoro Jens. While favoring the implementation of partnerships involving concessions, Edison says it is important to keep clear goals in the drafting of contracts, as well as the adoption of inspections by the public agencies where the services will be provided. The representative of the institute considers it essential that the governors review the activities presented during the concession.

Experts Discuss Concessions in Brazil

There has been a vast number of new changes in the world of business in Brazil. One of them was announced by the government of the country in 2016. The Brazilian government spoke up about the future changes in the state – water concessions.



The topic of water concessions has been discussed at length a number of times. The water sector is widely supportive of the changes and businesses are expected to become more mindful of their use of the precious resource. In Brazil, both the citizens and the companies and institutions have been aware of the resource. There has not been a lot of excessive contamination being dumped down the drains which has significantly alleviated the work of the water sector.



Soon after the announcement was made, a few experts were invited to discuss the changes. One of them was a famous Brazilian entrepreneur and Brazilian infrastructure expert. His name is Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens, and he has been in the industry for a few decades. Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens made a few points about the project. He stressed the need to proceed according to the requirements of the citizens since areas vary in economic stability and needs.



In order to make sure that the people are satisfied with the water concession projects, the country will have experts creating personalized plans for each of the Brazilian areas. There will be some things that will be taken into consideration – financial stability, the state of the infrastructure, and the requirements of the people in the area.



  1. Felipe Montoro Jens has been one of the leaders of Energipar Captação S. A. for a handful of years. He has been at the position of Chief Executive Officer. One of his business avenues has ben the industry of real estate as well as startup companies.


Views Of Felipe Montoro Jens On Initiatives Taken By The Government

Felipe Montoro Jens is known for having a lot of experience in his field. He has served at Terna S.p.A. in project development and in structured finance too. He has worked in the international finance division of Enron earlier. Felipe Montoro Jens worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers in auditing division and the consulting division too.


He holds a business administration degree from Fundao Getlio Vargas. In addition, he has a master’s in international management from Thunderbird, The American Garvin School of International Management (USA).


Felipe Montoro Jens has given his views on concessions and their benefits on sanitation services. He says that concessions getting generated via BNDES program will lead to debate. Still, this kind of initiative will get received well by the water sector in Brazil.


The government has announced about the concessions due to its collaboration with BNDES, the National Bank for Economic and Social Development. These sanitation policies are closely studied and monitored by Trata Brasil. The Institute feels that these services given in this sector are going to experience major improvements. Mainly it will be the way they will be managed now. There will be structural support and an improvement in the resource areas too. In addition, Felipe Montoro Jens talks about reducing waste levels with these initiatives. People listen to Felipe Montoro Jens as he is a specialist in infrastructure projects as he has expertise in the area.


He further clarified that introducing any private player will not indicate excluding the public service. These are two different kinds of management that work best when they act in complementary way. While these government bodies need to relish their experience of working with large numbers, it should get leveraged through all these private players who have the requisite resources as well as expertise. This will help all those who are involved.