David Giertz Discusses Misconceptions About Social Security and Retirement

Retirement is something every working citizen looks forward to when they reach retirement age 62 or full retirement age 65. In a 2016 Nationwide Retirement Institute Study, people who have reached retirement age and those who were near retirement had misconceptions about their social security benefits. David Giertz, president of sales and distribution at Nationwide Financials told CNBC that pensions are drying up and going out of existence. He says it’s imperative to create a retirement plan for income that includes social security as part of full retirement benefits on about.me. He also said that financial advisors should communicate with their clients about social security after a survey revealed consumers’ advisors avoided the topic.

Another misconception Mr. David Giertz said retirees and future retirees have about social security is the eligibility age. Although, the age for people to start drawing their social security is 62, the full retirement age is 65 to 67. He said that retirees who wait until full retirement receive higher monthly income, compared to early withdrawal retirees. The retire checks are even higher if they wait beyond full retirement age, he explained. Giertz added that the full retirement annual retirement amount will grow by eight percent if they start social security benefits beyond full retirement age.

David Giertz joined Nationwide Life Insurance Company’s Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales as Senior Vice President, in April 2013. He became President of Nationwide Financial Distributors Incorporation one month earlier. Mr. Giertz brings over 28 years of experience in the banking, investment, and insurance industries. He’s a financial planning professional with expertise in social security benefits and building retirement investment portfolios. David ended the discussion stating that taxation is another misconception involving social security benefits, as well as, unexpected health problems having an influence at https://soundcloud.com/davidgiertz.

What Makes A Good Fashion Design?

There are many things that go into fashion design. The look of fashion has many aspects that ultimately control how a fashion design will look. One of the biggest influences on how a fashion design will look is the fashion designer. The skills, talent, and design abilities of the fashion designer will always have a major affect on the fashions that are created by the designer.

What goes into a good fashion design? Beyond what the fashion designer brings, there are several aspects that can affect a fashion design. Public perception is one of the biggest aspects. The way the public responds to fashion determines how the fashion will do in the market. If fashion is received well by the public, the fashion will usually do well regarding sales, reviews, news, and publicity.

Another aspect that impacts fashion is how unique and different are the designs. People like fashion that is different. People like to see fashion that is new and exciting. For fashion designers, one of the latest trends that designers have been using is technology. Fashion designers are putting technology into the designs. This is a different look and different looks definitely get attention. The use of technology has gotten attention for various designs that have used technology in the past decade.

The fashion designs that use technology must still past the eye test. Do people actually like the designs? This is the main interest that people have regarding fashion. Technology as a part of a fashion design has provided benefits to the fashion industry. It has also provided benefits to the technology industry.

As technology innovations continue to come to the market, fashion designers will continue to try different ways of combining technology into fashion. The look concerning technology and fashion will continue to evolve as fashion designers try different things with technology.

A successful business professional who understands how using technology can impact the look of fashion is Chris Burch. An experienced professional who has started several successful companies, Chris Burch has experience in the fashion industry. He started a company in the apparel sector. Along with experience in clothing, Chris Burch has experience in technology because he started a technology company.

The various companies that Chris Burch started in the technology and fashion industries did very well. Chris Burch brings a high level of expertise to the businesses that he manages, and his leadership is a point that helps his companies tremendously.

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