Polish Cow Fights, Runs and Swims to Evade Butchering

A cow has claimed sanctuary on an island, defending itself from anyone who even tries to approach it, after making an exhilarating escape from the slaughterhouse. The cow took off last month when it refused to go into the truck transporting cattle to be butchered. Rather than become a passenger, the cow charged a metal fence and then proceeded to run and swim through Lake Nysa in southern Poland.

During an attempt by Mr. Lukasz, the cow’s owner, to recover the cow, the cow broke the arm of one of Lukasz’s employees. The cow then took to the water and swam toward one of the islands dotting along Lake Nysa’s middle. Lukasz even admitted seeing the cow dive at one point.

When Lukasz consulted with a vet with intentions of tranquilizing the cow, the veterinarian replied that he would need several days to refill his emptied reserves of gas cartridges. After more than a week of failed attempts to recover the cow, Lukasz has resigned himself to ensuring the cow is fed sufficiently to live. A recent investigation by firefighters spooked the cow into swimming 50 meters to an adjacent peninsula. Pawel Gotowski, deputy commander to Nysa’s fire brigade, noted the cow was scared but physically fit.

Despite Lukasz’s considerations of having the cow shot dead, Czeslaw Bilobran, a politician in Nysa, has declared that the cow’s life will be safeguarded. Pawel Kukiz, another politician and ex-singer, offered to pay for the cow’s protection in acknowledgement of the cow’s tenacity.