Jeremy Goldstein Talks Stock Options and Their Advantages

As times change, so does the corporate world. It’s not usually a place that changes too quickly, but there’s more going on than people think. Since social media, the tide has shifted all the power to people and employees. Employees are taking advantage of having their voices heard and asking for different benefits other than stock options.
Historically, stock options were the go-to employee benefit for most large companies. It perfectly combined the company’s appreciation the workers and workers’ desires to be a part of the company they worked for. Since then, people have become terrified of losing all the money because the company goes under.
Whatever reasons companies have for eliminating stock options, Jeremy Goldstein wants them to take another look at stock options. Everyone thinks they’re just like stocks they see in movies, but people don’t understand that there are different kinds of stocks.
If people understood that not all stocks behave the same way, they might be more inclined to want them. Regardless of what kind of stock options a company uses, they all have the same advantages. Firstly, stock options offer equivalency that other compensation methods can’t offer.
Secondly, stock options make people a part of the company. When people can see their work translated into higher stock values, they’ll become obsessed with ensuring the company’s success. They’ll work harder to keep current customers happy and develop innovative techniques to attract new customers. That kind of advantage is something that many companies don’t take into consideration. Learn more:
Lastly, stock options may prove to be the better choice in the long run. Right now, stock options seem like the bigger tax burden, but recent IRS rules may make them a better choice. If companies are concerned about accounting burdens, stock options should remain the go-to employee benefit.
Jeremy Goldstein did not become a compensations expert overnight, and no one should think that about him. Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at his own law firm and was a partner at the similar law firm he worked before establishing his firm.
When Jeremy Goldstein isn’t working, he’s dedicating his time to local charities, especially Fountain House. Fountain House is a charity that focuses on the recovery of patients suffering from mental illness. Jeremy Goldstein sits on the Board of Directors.