Talkspace reaching out to thousands through text therapy sessions

Talkspace reaching out to thousands through text therapy sessions

According to many research carried out and the extensive meta-analysis did it has proven that listening to music can enhance mental health. Furthermore, changes occurring around us daily in our lives would be a reflection brought about by songs. Talkspace has recently released a “spring sounds” playlist that is aimed at outing one’s mood in the transition from seasons-from winter to spring. Targeting the mental health of the listener the “spring sounds” playlist would evoke a chill feeling to the season full of activity. Most people would not seek help when faced with issues affecting their mental health. A significant number of people would have the opinion that they would be perceived as weak if they admitted they needed help when their psychological health is disturbed. Acknowledging that one needs help and making an effort to ask for it is a vital step one has to take. However as easy as it may sound one admitting that they have an illness affecting them mentally due to a lot of stigma surrounding the whole idea. People experience the feeling of inadequacy which might hinder them from accepting something is wrong. Finding a professional and licensed mental therapist on Talkspace is an easy and affordable process. One has to install the app on their phone and sign up for only $25 per week. After signing up, few background details about the patient are collected including what be considered when picking their therapist of choice. The Talkspace team then matches the patient with the best fit therapist. The patient and the therapist would then be introduced and meet on the app and sessions take place mostly through texting. Although some people prefer physical meetups, but for some text therapy sessions would cut it. Talkspace has enabled thousands of people to access mental therapists in a fast and simple way.


Talkspace was founded back in 2012 by Roni Frank and Oren Frank (CEO). It is now headquartered in New York City and serves hundreds to thousands of people from all over the world. Talkspace is a new way many people can connect with licensed professional therapists all from via text message. It can be used daily from your smartphone, desktop computer, tablet and has already connected to more than 500,000 people! You are able to customize your plan options, pick through over 1,000 qualified therapists, and even choose if you and your partner would be interested in seeking couples therapy. Talkspace has each of their servers highly secured through bank level encryptions to maximize clients confidentiality and safety. They also meet every one of HIPAA requirements to make sure each of their clients feel comfortable chatting online with a therapist. Overall, Talkspace has been drastically growing over the years because of the convenience to people living in different locations and with busy lifestyles. Lot of positive reviews keeps pouring in from great experiences. Their app is available on Android and iPhone iOS. Since this new way of online therapy is bringing people together through technology, many people are starting to try it out and love it! Over half of users claim to enjoy it much more than your traditional office visits. Users are able to talk on their own time, open up more, and have their continued privacy throughout each talk session. On the other hand, the benefits from Talkspace is great! Besides from the unique experience, users always will have someone to talk to at their fingertips! Not to mention, its also much cheaper than regularly seeing a therapists multiple times a week for only a couple of hours a day. So go on and try it out today!

Using Talkspace for Superior Therapy Options


Dealing with a mental health disorder can be a problem in anyone’s life. It can affect the way that you sleep, eat and how you’re able to maintain a job and relationships. The problem that a lot of people have is that they do not know how to go about getting to a therapist who is able to help them out. Most therapists make weekly appointments which you will then need to keep and find a way to get to. If you have anxiety issues or mobility problems, getting to those appointments can be more than just a little problem.

This is why Talkspace was created for people like you who want to get therapy to help their situation but do not want to always go to a local therapist’s office. Talkspace is a mobile app that you can download and use for your own benefit. You will be able to try Talkspace for free for the first week as a trial. If you are not happy with the way that it works, you can uninstall it from your device. However, this app has literally been changing lives since its inception and launch over a year ago.

The reason Talkspace is as popular as it is is because it gives people access to a therapist without needing to leave the house. You can message the therapist using two different methods: chat messaging and video messaging. This allows you to either get things off of your chest by writing it out or by having a face-to-face conversation with the therapist like you would if you went to their office. Be sure to consider Talkspace as a viable option if you’ve been wanting to go and see someone professional but know that it wouldn’t work to go and see someone who has a local office.