Graham Edwards: A Leader in the Centre for Policy Studies’ ‘New Generation’

As a part of the Centre for Policy Studies’ new “New Generation” initiative, property developer Graham Edwards will be joining their team as the Chairman of their new Housing Policy Group and as a CPS Research Fellow. This new initiative, which launched in November, aims to bring new faces and fresh thinking to the Centre for Policy Studies, seeing as Brexit will be officially occurring in a year. They hope to speak to voters’ needs and offer them a brighter future in a post-Brexit Britain.

Along with Graham Edwards joining their team, the Centre for Policy Studies will be starting four significant policy programs, with the hope of helping people have a genuine sense of ownership over their lives. Along with housing and planning, which Graham will be working on, the other new policy programs will be focusing on tax and the cost of living, business and enterprise, and welfare. These programs will be overseen by Alex Morton, former head of housing at Policy Exchange.

Currently, Graham is CEO of Telereal Trillium, the UK’s largest privately owned housing company, and he has held this position since the company was created in 2001. In his new role, Graham Edwards Telereal will work with experts on policies relating to housebuilding and home ownership. Telereal Trillium owns over 8,000 properties and houses approximately 1 percent of the working population of Britain. Telereal Trillium is currently a part of a 30-year contract with BT, which has enabled them to earn a large number of their properties as BT downsizes.

Graham Edwards graduated from the University of Cambridge in 1987 with a Master of Arts in Economics, and more recently attended Kings College London, graduating in 2017 with a Master of Arts in International Relations and National Security Studies. Graham is an active philanthropist and is currently on a board or committee with Portland Trust, One Voice Europe, UK MDA, UJIA, British Friends of the Hebrew University, and World ORT and Pennies. Prior to his position at Telereal Trillium, he was the Chief Investment Officer at Talisman Global Asset Management and a fund manager at Merrill Lynch.