Mighty Fortress International Church helps People with Sound Christian Doctrine

Mighty Fortress International Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota is one of the city’s leading Christian denominations. It is a Lutheran Church that is well known within the city. Mighty Fortress Church is a gathering spot for many events related to the Christian faith.

In December of 2017, this church sponsored a gathering of Lutheran denominations to honor the church’s founder Martin Luther. This is a monk who had started the Lutheran denomination and who caused other Protestant denominations to form once the church split from Rome. Read more on positivethefacts.com.

The pastor of Mighty Fortress International Church is Bishop Thomas Williams. He has over 30 years of experience and is considered a leading pastor within Minneapolis. His wife is First Lady Sabrina Williams. Pastor Williams created Mighty Fortress International Church with an international scope. He has made this church to have an international scope and he also designed it to help other ministries to spread the message of Jesus Christ.

Strong biblically based teachings are at the heart of the Mighty Fortress. In a YouTube video that presents the church to viewers; Pastor Williams informs his audience that he is not an entertainment pastor. He is a not there just to give them a good time. He makes it a point to provide people with sound doctrine that can transform their lives. Hear the weekly messages on Riverview Baptist.

There are many different of ministries at Mighty Fortress Church. People can get involved in Bible studies, outreach ministries and even join the church’s choir or media team. The church has many programs that are designed to help parishioners as well.

The doors of Mighty Fortress Church are open to all people within the community. The leadership firmly believes that no one is too sinful for God’s grace. They take people right where they are. The leadership knows that God is the one who does the transformation that people need to live the Christian life. Their primary job is to help guide a new believer through the salvation process. Bishop Williams and First Lady Williams have helped to make Mighty Fortress Church into a impactful church within the Minnesota community.

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