George Soros Is Taking His Philanthropy In New Direction

When you make yourself billions of dollars in the stock market, you clearly understand something about money and how to manage it. Naturally, that makes trying to help the world move closer towards free markets an easy thing. George Soros has taken his talent and managed to do something that most people couldn’t even begin to fathom. His work has helped bring so much of the world into the free market and he isn’t even finished. He wants to do so much more in the end and his recent contributions are further proof of that. $18 billion in donations to the Open Society Foundation, the vast majority of his fortune, is far more than he has ever given. The end result of this is something that will be seen even beyond his life time.

George Soros wants open societies because they promote the prosperity of us all. This is going to require globalization and other important details to be included, but the ability to do that requires some sort of effort in the form of philanthropy. Nobody can do this better in our day and age than Soros. He has already proven himself to be very capable with the creation of the Open Society Foundation, but that isn’t where this stops. He wants to do so much more with his wealth when it comes to helping others. The current political climate is very hostile to that even though he continues to try to make a difference in the face of adversity.

The current conservative agenda appears to include attacking him and labeling him a villain. Soros is one of the most important progressive donors in the country so it’s only natural that he becomes a target of the right. However, they are clearly attacking someone who has no such desires or interests. Soros has always been a capitalist and he has always focused on trying to bring more people into the fold. Globalization is generally agreed to be one of the best ways to promote the free market and a natural extension of it. The right has a history of promoting these ideas themselves, but they seem to be ignoring this aspect of Soros in favor of his more progressive social values.

As one of the most important progressive donors in the country, Soros is going to be very busy in the coming years. He wants to make sure that America’s progress on many issues continues to stand and that America does not revert back to what it was. In order to do this he is trying to take all of the help he can in making politics more accepting to progressive values. The recent victory of Donald Trump has spurred his greater interest in donations and the Open Society Foundation, but he wants to do more. This effort is going to prove crucial as it comes at the most difficult time possible. Soros has much to do and he is going to need to muster up all the strength he can.

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George Soros Using His Tremendous Wealth To Make Positive Difference In The Society

George Soros is one man you cannot ignore when talking about the political landscape of the United States. He has been indirectly or directly related to how the politics of the United States has been shaping in the past couple of decades. George Soros is a staunch supporter of Democratic Party and has helped fund the election campaigns of many Democratic leaders, including Hillary Clinton in her Presidential Election Campaign in 2016. George Soros is a man with a mission, and he believes that his financial resources and the position in the corporate and political circle give him the power and the influence to make a positive difference in the world today, which he feels is not moving in the right direction, politically as well as socially.

George Soros comes across as a radical in the politics because of his outgoing ways, but he isn’t afraid of being judged. It is because he has seen the world transform in front of his eyes over the past six decades and knows precisely what the world needs regarding political leadership. As a philanthropist, his achievements are endless as he tries to work towards ending injustice and racial disparity in not only the United States but across the globe. His foundation by the name of Open Society Foundations has partners spread around the world that continue to work towards the causes that George Soros believes in. Even though the penetrating nature of the work he and his foundation does is not liked by many in the political hierarchy of United States and other countries, George Soros continues to move uninterrupted.

George Soros has been in the news time and again and one of the reasons why he has been in the news again recently is because of the donation he made to Open Society Foundations recently, amounting to $18 billion. Transferring a large part of his wealth to his foundation has made him one of the most prominent philanthropists of all times and his foundation, the second most well funded charity organizations in the world. George Soros believes that making the positive difference in the society we live in is necessary to give the next generation a better future and make some significant reforms in the political and social fabric of society we live in.

In a recent article written by George Soros, he said that Communism is not something that concerns him anymore as Capitalism has grown and evolved to become more frightening over the years. The people are not able to express themselves, the press is not able to run independently, the society is living in fear, and the government is turning deaf ears to the concerns of the people. He believes that giving such political ideology support would only continue to tear apart the social fabric of the world we live in and provide the power in the wrong hands, which one day can result in disaster. George Soros is in his late eighties currently but continues to try in any which way possible to help the political leaders who he feels has the potential to support the causes he honestly thinks about.

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