Swimming Horse Needs Pool Safety

In Oxfordshire recently, Mackie the horse went for a swim in a nearby backyard pool. Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue responded to the scene. With the help of a local vet and crews from Abingdon, Dicot, and Kidlington, the pool was drained, and the horse lead to safety. Pictures from the scene show the pool had been covered for the winter. However, the cover was not resilient enough to withstanding the weight of the wandering horse.

Mackie is not the only animal to decide to take a swim. Pigwig went for a dip in Dorset in 2015. A koala slipped into the shallow end in Victoria on February 3rd. Whether it is in season or out, the Humane Society reports a few additions can help save the numerous animal friends that decide to borrow backyard pools.

A fence – While pool covers keep out leaves and debris, a pool fence will keep out both wandering animals and small children.

Sloped edges – Unlike blunt drop offs, sloped edges give a surface where animals can work themselves out of the water.

Floatation devices – For small animals, a floating ramp, raft, or toy can be a real life saver. If anchored by the pool edge, they can be used to rest and then hop out.

Rope – Though it may not help all animals, a rope can be grabbed by teeth or clung to with front paws. It can be a lifeline for exhausted animals to help keep heads above water.