Indian River Continues to Dominate NJCAA:

It is hard to find any team at any level of college athletics as dominant as the Indian River State College Swim and Dive Team. The men’s squad just picked up its 44th consecutive NJCAA National Championship. Not to be outdone, the women’s team also continued their mind-boggling streak of national titles with their 36th in a row.

The streaks for both teams from the Port St. Lucie based school never seemed to be in doubt. The Pioneers and Lady Pioneers ran away with their latest national titles. The men racked up 1,245 points, with South Georgia State a distant second at 561.5 points and Monroe College third with 450 points. The Indian River Women won with a grand total of 1,181 points. South Georgia placed a distant second at 591 points, with Iowa Central third with 379 points. Your text to link…

Indian River capped off the fourth and final night of the NJCAA nationals at Fort Pierce, Florida with a slew of first place finishes. The Lady Pioneers took the top five spots in the 100 free, with Camryn Wheals finishing in first place. The Pioneers also took the first three places in the men’s 100 free, with Ryen Van Wyk the national champion. The men had the top four places in the 200 back, with Luka Tomic taking first place. Sule Van Der Merwe won the 200 back on the women’s side.

Swimming Life Lessons

Even though swimming has physical and mental health benefits, it can be difficult. People who are professional swimmers often face many obstacles. However, they are able to learn many life lessons while they are swimming.

Swimming teaches people to persevere despite the fact that there are facing adversity. Swimming is a mental sport. That is why issues that people are having outside of the pool can affect their performance. Swimming teaches people that they have to stay focused.

Swimming also teaches people the value of teamwork. You have to put other people ahead of your team. People have to make sure that they are swimming for the entire team and not just for themselves.

Additionally, swimming teaches people how to communicate effectively. You have to be able to communicate with your coaches. You also have to be able to communicate with your teammates. Great communication skills are needed in every aspect of your life.

You have to be able to effectively communicate with your employers. You have to be comfortable with asking questions and answering questions. Great communication is also an important part of the interview possible.

You will be able to get constructive criticism from your coaches. This constructive criticism will prepare you for life on the job. There are a number of aspects of swimming that can help you grow as a person. It is important to look at how swimming is helping your personal life.