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With summertime just around the corner, people all over the world are preparing their bodies, schedules, and money to have as much fun as they can once they get the chance. As we all know, there are many things to do once summer arrives but, one recreational activity that everyone has fun doing is swimming. No matter where in the world anyone is, swimming is a must do activity in the summer. Having said that, more and more luxury vacation spots are taking advantage of this fact to their overall success. It is amazing to see how much creativity these spots have gotten with implementing luxury swimming as a way to pass the time. Here is more on this new luxury swimming recreational activity.

Luxury Swimming in Airport Lounge
As we have stated before, the level of creativity in luxury swimming is amazing, to say the least. In an article on this new craze and its wild creativity, we get to see how wild luxury swimming really has become. Out of the many ideas, this articles explains how luxury swimming has even gone as far as to be included in an airport lounge. As amazing as that sounds, the article also discusses how these type of swimming resorts and lounges continues to increase. In fact, statistics will show that there are no plans of this craze slowing down anytime soon. needless to say, we really love swimming and will do whatever we can to enjoy it as much as we can.

Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps is now the Father of Two Children

Many people know Michael Phelps as the world’s most decorated Olympian. This world class athlete has won a total of 28 medals, making him a champion. While Phelps is one of the greatest Olympians in all of history; this amazing swimming champion has just accomplished another amazing feat. He had a second child with his wife Nicole. He is now the proud father of two.

Huffington Post featured the story about Phelps and Nicole’s birth in February of this year. Their newborn child came during the Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. Remember that Phelps married Nicole Johnson a former Miss California. The couple had their first child in May of 2016. The elder sibling was named Boomer Robert Phelps. Beckett Richard Phelps is the name of their youngest son. He was born on February 12.

Phelps is really grateful for his family. Beckett’s addition to his newly emerging family is something that leaves him totally awed. In a tweet to the world about the birth of his second child, Phelps could only tell the world how happy he was to have a growing family. He even said that his household now has 6 members. Michael, Nicole, Boomer, Beckett and their two dogs make up the Phelps household.

Michael Phelps is currently doing his own thing. He still endorses products, works as an assistant swimming coach for the Arizona Sun Devils and he is also trying to establish his own swimming gear line. Phelps is a man who has truly been blessed with a good wife, a wonderful family, and a second child to enjoy his amazing life.

Decisions Finally Released Regarding IOC DC’s Handling Of Russian Athletes’ Appeals

Likely anybody that watched even only five minutes of the 2018 Winter Olympics, held in Pyeongchang, South Korea, was well aware of Russia’s widespread doping scandal, in which Russia effectively wasn’t allowed to compete at the Olympic event, though the so-called “Russian Federation of Athletes” was, the name used for team sports involving Russian athletes.

Whenever athletes hailing from Russia entered individual categories of sport in the 2018 Winter Olympics, they were considered “Olympic athletes from Russia.” So, more or less, Russia and its athletes were still very much able to compete, just not able to take any medals home to Russia and claim that they won for Russia – the International Olympic Committee (IOC) viewed them as individual athletes who just happened to live in Russia.

Fans of the Olympics or controversy in any sports, either or, likely remember a similar Russian doping scandal from 2014, in which 39 athletes were not allowed to compete for the country.

The CAS, which stands for the Court of Arbitration for Sport, has currently put out two of 39 case decisions regarding Olympic athletes from Russia that didn’t accept rules laid down by the International Olympic Committee’s Disciplinary Commission, the overarching body of discipline and punishment for all Olympic events, both Summer and Winter.

Considering that all 39 of those athletes appealed the IOC DC’s exclusionary rulings, it’s taken some stretch of time to get results back. 27 appeals were upheld in their entirety, whereas just 12 were upheld to a partial degree.

48-Year USA Swimming Coaching Veteran Suspended For One Year

Valley, Alabama is located in the mid-eastern portion of the Deep South state, with its city limits bordering that of neighboring southern state Georgia. The population there is just short of 10,000, making the town somewhat large for a rural area, though it is large enough to host a popular swimming venue and training sessions provider – Valley Area Swim Academy.

Derrick Fraenkel, informally going by the name Tom, was recently handed down a suspension from USA Swimming. The suspension went into effect on April 16, 2018, and will last until 11:59 p.m. on the same date in 2019.

In a press release, USA Swimming stated that Fraenkel was accused of violating two sections of its Code of Conduct: 304.3.4, which covers Athlete Protection Policies; and 305.1, which strictly bans adults that aren’t athletes, including coaches, from excessively touching, kissing, hugging, sit on one’s lap, and other generally inappropriate behavior between a USA Swimming team member and a non-swimmer.

While no criminal charges could be pressed against the popular swim coach, USA Swimming still didn’t trust the sound of the situation that much, deciding to play it safe and ban him for a year.

According to Fraenkel himself, not from officials working for or representing USA Swimming – they haven’t released information regarding the suspension, and are highly likely never to release such information – a younger woman that coached swimmer at the facility, for whatever reason, felt jealous of the “warmth she saw emanating from my team,” per a comment Fraenkel left in reply to an article covering the story online.

What Makes Swimming Great Exercise?

If you’re looking for a new and effective way to get in shape, it may be a good idea to add swimming to your workout routine. There are a number of reasons why swimming could prove beneficial, and after a few dips in the pool, you may find that swimming has mental benefits as well.

One of the first reasons that swimming is one of the best workouts is that the water has a calming effect on the body. Water is a symbol of clarity and renewal, and when you go swimming, you calm your brain and relax your body. When you spend time in or near the water, this is similar to meditation, which is why floating therapy can be just as beneficial of swimming.

Swimming also has low impact on the joints, which is ideal if you need to exercise and make sure that you don’t put too much strain on your joints and muscles. This is the reason why people with arthritis should swim or do water aerobics often for weight loss and to get effective exercise without putting too much pressure on the joints and muscles.

Natural bodies of water can also have a positive effect on your mind and body. When you spend time in nature, you will feel a renewed sense of well-being and you’ll find that conditions like anxiety and depression can be reduced. Even if you don’t swim each time you’re near a lake or river, just sticking your feet in the water can help you feel better.

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Things You Should Know Before Swimming

Summer is right around the corner. Many people will be hitting the pool and taking swimming classes. However, it is important to note that swimming pools can be a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria.

Dr. Ramneek Varma is a physician. She has some tips that will help you stay safe while you are swimming. You will need to look at the water before you get in it. If you can see the bottom of the pool, then it is clean. A pool needs to be cleaned at least once a week. Chlorine is the standard treatment for pool.

However, it is important to note that too much chlorine can be harmful. It can cause skin irritation. The chlorine levels and PH should be checked at least once a week. Swimming outside is safer than swimming indoors. The chemicals and gas from the water can easily escape if the pool is outside.

If you choose to swim indoors, then you will need to wear goggles, head cap and a swimming suit or swimming trunks. It is best to wear a swimming suit that is made out of nylon or polyester. It is also a good swim in the morning. Your body will burn the stored fat and use it as fuel.

However, you will need to swim on an empty stomach. Wait an hour before swimming after eating.

Swimming Great Michael Phelps Takes Up Cycling

Michael Phelps received more medals for swimming than any other athlete in Olympic history. He spent hours upon hours each day working to stay in shape and have enough energy for swimming competitions around the world.

Now, Phelps has retired from the world of competitive swimming. He’s not doing too much recreational swimming either. He’s just getting into the water a couple of times each month. In order to stay in shape and control the restless energy that he says that he still feels, Phelps is working out every day on the stationary bicycle.

In a recent month, Phelps decided to ride hard and give his all to the bike for a period of 30 days straight. During that period, Phelps rode 500 miles. He spent a total of 1,100 minutes on the bike, and he ended up burning over 30,000 calories.

Although Phelps is working hard on his cycling, it doesn’t appear that competition in another sport is in his future. He has stated that if a triathlon did not have a running component, he would enter a competition without hesitation. He said that he doesn’t feel that he really has what it takes to be competitive in cycling alone.

There have been rumors that Phelps wants to get back into competitive swimming. Phelps is adamant that he is not going to get back into swimming again. He wants to spend time with his family, and he wants to spend time coaching.

USA Swimming Wins Big

During the Summer Olympics every four year, swimming is one of the most popular sports and competitions. While the Summer Olympics will always be a very popular time for swimming, there are many other times between the Olympics where people can watch some of the best swimmers in the world take place. This past week, swimming fans got to experience a very exciting event at the 2018 World Para Swimming World Series.

At this event, the United States swimming team look like one of the top swimming teams in the world. Overall, Team USA won a total of 8 medals, which included five different gold medals. The team won a very strong mix of races, including those in both the men’s and women’s brackets.

On the final day of competition, several people from the United States also were able to win their events while also setting records. Leanne Smith of Massachusetts broke the event record for the S3 100 free with a time of 1:47. This should help to set her up as she continues to pursue additional victories at some larger events that will take place later this year.

Overall, this was a great showcase of amazing swimming talent. There were representatives from over a dozen different countries and the United States continue to show that they are one of the most talented swimming teams in the world. The team will continue to look for ways to grow and develop in the coming year as they prepare for additional international meets.

Champion Swimmer from CO Commits to UCLA:

She is still a junior, but Lindsay Stenstrom has already picked out her college of choice. The Valor Christian High School swimmer has made a verbal commitment to UCLA for the 2019-2020 school year.

In 2017, Stenstrom won the 4A state championship in Colorado in the 50 freestyle. She also swam in not one, but two state champion relay teams for Valor Christian in 2018, the 200 free and the 400 free. Outside of school, Stenstrom is part of the Denver Swim Academy, where she focuses on the freestyle and backstroke. Her SCY personal bests are 23.98 in the 50 free, 51.55 in the 100 free, and 2:00.48 in the 200 back.

Stenstrom, who hails from Highlands Ranch, said that swimming for UCLA has been her dream since she was little, and is enthusiastic about the academic opportunities the school provides. Your text to link…

Stenstrom comes from an incredible athletic family. Both her mother and father were top collegiate athletes. Lori Stenstrom, formerly Heisick, won a national championship while swimming for Stanford. She is also the coach for the Valor Christian swim team. Stenstrom’s father, Steve, played football for Stanford, and spent time in the NFL with Chicago and San Francisco. Her older sister, Brooke, followed in the footsteps of her mother as she is in her sophomore season with the Stanford Swim Team.

Maine Swimming & Diving HOF Welcomes Three New Members:

The Maine Swimming and Diving Hall of Fame has expanded by three. Gina Mancini, Emily Caras Snyder, and Jason Thomas were all recently inducted into the hall.

Mancini was one of the most successful swimmers to ever come out of Falmouth High School. She was undefeated in all four years of high school competition, and was named the state’s Class B Swimmer of the Year twice, in 2004 and 2005. In addition, Mancini was named an NISCA All-American three times in her freshman, sophomore, and senior seasons at Falmouth. She excelled in the 50 freestyle and the 100 breaststroke. Following her high school career, Mancini swam at Notre Dame.

Snyder made a habit of breaking records during her career in the pool. To this day, she holds a grand total of 39 state age group records. While competing for Cape Elizabeth High School, Snyder set five state records, and was ranked #1 in the nation in her age group. Snyder swam for Cornell, and set school records in four events.

As a sophomore, Thomas set state records in 200 free and 500 free, which still stand today. He later transferred to Mercersburg Academy in Pennsylvania, and earned numerous All-American honors. Thomas joined the Tennessee Swim Team, then joined the U.S. Army and rose to the rank of captain. He passed away in 2016. Your text to link…

The Maine Swimming and Diving Hall of Fame inducted its first member in 1995.