20 Countries to Participate in 2017 INAS Swimming Championships

The 2017 International Federation for Intellectual Impairment Swimming Championships has attracted more than 150 athletes from close to 20 countries. The championships will take off on Wednesday, 29 November in Aguascalientes, Mexico. It is the first time that INAS is holding a swimming competition in the Americas.

What Is INAS?

INAS refers to the International Federation for Intellectual Impairment Sport, which manages elite competitions for 14 sports and is in charge of promoting worldwide inclusion. Apart from being held in Americas for the first time, the championships this year will also see a debut of autism and Down syndrome trial eligibility groups. In the current S14 classification, fans can expect to see a studded lineup that will feature returning Paralympians, medalists, and champions.

One of this year’s headlining act is Felipe Caltrans Vila Real from Brazil. He is the defending champion from the games held in 2015. He emerged the winner in the 2015 Global Games, men’s 200 butterfly category. He also doubles up as the silver medalist in the 400 meters’ individual medley.

Another returning athlete is Jo Lin Tu, the triple world champion in the S14 women’s category. She grabbed gold in the 50m, 100m, as well as in the 200m butterfly competition in the 2015 World Championships. Tu is expected to face off with two Australians, namely Jade Lucy and Nikesha Harding. Lucy aims to retain her 400m and 800m freestyle titles while Harding is looking to defend her 50m breaststroke gold. The competitions are expected to last until December 3.

Getting Into a Swimming Routine for Exercise

Exercising is incredibly important, especially when you are trying your best to get or keep fit. If you’re looking for a low-impact workout that is essential for your everyday life, you might want to consider the benefits of swimming. Swimming is a great option because it is easy on the joints and ideal for just about everyone. You can find a great place that offers this as an option when you are trying your best to feel confident about yourself. Now is the time to get into a workout program that you’re going to feel confident sticking with for years to come.

There are a lot of people who make use of swimming for themselves, and this is something that you’re going to find to be a great workout when you need it the most. More than anything else, you’re going to want to find a great option locally that you’re going to be able to go to regularly. The fact that you can start swimming as a form of exercise is a great way to feel confident in what you are able to do. The most important thing with any type of workout program is that you’ll need to do it on a routine basis to get the most out of it. You might also want to talk to your doctor if you are going to be starting a workout program and need to know that it is a good choice for you when you need it the most.

Why You Should Consider Swimming for Your Exercise Regimen

Regular exercise is good for your health; we can all agree on that. But if you are not on an exercise regimen already, trying to find one that works for you can feel like a workout itself. That is the reason why most people will abandon their fitness goals even before they get started – no one can blame them. It’s really hard to find an exercise regimen that works for you, especially if you are a busy person.

How About Swimming?

Many find spin class too loud, CrossFit too intimidating, and running, honestly, is very uninteresting. But have you tried swimming? Yeah, swimming, contrary to popular opinion, is a true workout. Many people don’t even consider swimming when trying to decide on a workout program. There are some good reasons why you should consider swimming for your workout program, don’t just shrug it off because it’s fun.

Getting Closer to Nature

First all, swimming brings you closer to nature. Swimming in a natural body of water has additional benefits to your health, so if you live close to an ocean or a lake, you might want to consider that option instead of a swimming pool. Spending time in nature improves your mental health, too. Swimming has a low impact on your joints, bones, and your overall body and is just as effective. For a long time, water has always looked like a symbol renewal and clarity. Water is calming, and exercising in water is calming too.

The Health Benefits of Swimming Compared To Other Physical Exercises

Did you know that swimming is better than all other aerobics in some way? When you are swimming, your whole body and bones are somehow unshackled from the force of gravity. This is an excellent physical exercise for people suffering from osteoarthritis – doing normal body exercise would often result in so much pain. Studies indicate that if such people take on swimming as an exercise, they avoid arterial stiffness, a condition that leads to heart problems.

Swimming is a rather rigorous physical exercise, but many people may not readily know. It is more severe since the water is denser than air, and for you to move through it, there will be more external pressure in your limbs compared to exercising out of the water. The pressure is also evenly distributed throughout your body, such that it doesn’t accumulate on your knees and limbs and only on selected parts of the body.

Swimming also affects your breathing – when swimming, you breathe in a much quicker and deeper manner, letting the air to trickle out because your head is usually in the water. Working out outside the pool makes one to breathe in shallowly and exhale forcefully. Breathing as you swim improves the respiratory muscle strength. It inflates your lung alveoli causing them not to collapse or stick together. Swimming makes your body admirable as most of your body muscles are fired up. As much as your legs are engaged, so is your upper body. In the end, your body becomes gorgeous. Everybody likes the swimmer’s body.

Bill Pait and Bob Pait Complete A Dangerous Swim

Bill Pait and Bob Pait recently swam across Alcatraz Island. There used to be a federal penitentiary located on the island. Many people have died trying to swim across the island. Thirty-six people attempted to escape from the penitentiary. Twenty-three of the people were captured. Six people were shot. Two people drowned, and five people are still missing.

However, Bill and Bob managed to survive the swim. They swam from Alcatraz Island to San Francisco. Bill is a law school professor. Bob is an attorney who practices in San Antonio, Texas. They completed what is known as the “Swim With The Centurions.”

Bill stated that Alcatraz Island is a dangerous place to swim. There are strong currents and sharks. However, Bill stated that it is totally doable for a 67-year-old man. He also stated that this is the second time that he has swam across Alcatraz Island.

This was Bob’s first time swimming across Alcatraz Island. He wanted to swim across Alcatra Island for his 40th birthday. He was up for the challenge. He also enjoyed the father-son bonding experience. Bob managed to finish the swim in 37 minutes. Bill finished the swim in 40 minutes.

Fortunately, neither Bill nor Bob saw a shark while they were swimming. Bob actually does not turn 40 until next year. However, he wanted to celebrate his birthday early.

Swimming Hole Sweeps Family Away During Family Gathering and Flash Flooding

During monsoon season in Arizona, there are massive storms which roll in and drop a lot of water at once. Unfortunately when this happens, there is little anyone can do if flash flooding occurs before anyone can be told about it. When flash flooding occurs, if your caught in the mix of things, it can be deadly for everyone. Unfortunately a family learned this the hard way.

Over the last weekend, a storm came into the area and suddenly a family was the center of the problem. When the warning issued to people in the area, the family of 14 had not heard the warning being issued. Suddenly the rain came and the swimming hole where they were swimming became instantly taken over by the storms. The flash flood then took the 14 family members and pushed them out of the swimming hole.

In the end, 10 people had been recovered following the storms and 4 family members were rescued successfully. In the beginning, 8 members of the family had been found and then 2 more members were discovered following the weekend of storms.

The family had gotten together to celebrate a birthday of a member of the family and were swimming when the urgent warning came out. The warning issued which allowed other families in the area to vacate the region but for this family, they instead were pushed out and children died from the flooding. The victims of the flash flood ranged in ages from 2 to adults.

A mother and father along with their 3 children were victims of the flash flooding while other family members also were affected. The mother and father died along with 3 of their children. Their bodies were discovered pretty quickly while others unfortunately were not found for several days. What started out as a family gathering led to a family mourning over the loss of their loved ones.

Swimming in the Deep Water Horizon

Swimming must be one of the oldest sporting activities in history, tracing its origin at the beginning of civilization. Due to its long history, people have been finding newer and better ways of making the sport enjoyable. Since civilization have been growing and expanding in equal measure, they have called for the installation of artificial swimming pools all that come in different sizes. Swimming pools have for a long time been known to offer water lovers with the opportunity to relax. However, there is another cadre of individuals that have fallen in love with deep water exploration. To this end, creating deep pools has become relevant, now more than ever.

In Italy is a pool that has attracted the attention of some deep sea divers, including Guillaume Nery. Unlike any other water facility in the world, the artificial water hole in Italy has a depth of 40 meters, approximately the width of an ordinary football field. Just like in a deep sea environment, the swimming pool has many holes running across the walls of the water retaining structure making divers feel like they are getting from one chamber to the other. Although the deep water structure happens to be stunning, it has caused a lot of anxiety especially to individuals like Guillaume Nery who has had the opportunity to swim for free in the facility.

The pool in Italy stands out from others across the globe mainly because it has standing platforms that allow divers to rest or take a moment as they regain their sense of direction. For all those who would want to explore the deep sea environment, the Y-40 pool offers a perfect training ground. Located in the Hotel Millepini Terme, Y-40 also provides visitors with leisure activities as well as recreational photo shoots. The Y-40 swimming pool also has an underground cylindrical pool that extends 20 meters below the earth’s surface. As it stands out, the Y-40 facility in Italy is a real masterpiece, having been the invention of Emanuele Boaretto, a renowned architect in the country. It is without saying that the Y-40 is a must visit site.

Swimming Areas Worth The Visit

There are numerous beautiful swimming areas around the world.

Hamilton Pool Preserve

Hamilton Pool Preserve is located in Texas. There is a gorgeous short hike that leads to the Hamilton Pool Preserve. Once at the Hamilton Pool Preserve you will be amazed by the beautiful scenery. There is beautiful emerald green colored water and cliffs made of limestone.

Devil’s Pool

Devil’s Pool is located in Africa. This breathtaking swimming area overlooks the Victoria Falls. Enjoy the Victoria Falls while taking a risk swimming in this perpetuity pool.

Cenote IK Kil

Cenote IK Kil is located in Mexico. Cenote IK Kil is a beautiful and breathtaking swimming area. It is located close to the remnants of Chichen Itza. Enjoy the serenity and its beautiful surroundings. The Cenote IK Kil is surrounded by forests, dangling plants, and sumptuous vegetation.

Giola Lagoon

Giola Lagoon is located in Greece. Giola Lagoon is enclosed by adjoining rocks. Individuals can overlook the beauty of the sea as they swim in the lagoon area. Giola Lagoon is surrounded by breathtaking views.

Madison Blue Spring

Madison Blue Spring is located in Florida. Madison Blue Spring is a great area to enjoy a swim and have fun snorkeling. The water is a beautiful sapphire blue that runs above boulders. Madison Blue Spring has a breathtaking cave to explore while swimming.

Boiling River

Boiling River is located in Montana. It provides breathtaking and amazing views. It provides total serenity. While swimming in Boiling River you will enjoy the updraft water that provides a refreshing and relaxing hot spring feeling.

Jellyfish Lake

Jellyfish Lake is located in Palau. Jellyfish Lake provides you with the thrill of swimming with jellyfish. It provides an amazing swimming adventure.

In conclusion, there are many breathtaking swimming areas that provide complete serenity and enjoyment.

Arizona Flash Flood Sweeps the Bodies of 14 People Away During A Family Gathering At a Local Swimming Spot

In Arizona over the weekend, a family gathered at a popular swimming hole to have a weekend of fun and family. Who knew this would not be a weekend that they would come back from. Soon after the family gathered at the swimming hole, a thunderstorm came rolling in and swept away 10 family members with a flash flood.

The rescue team with help of search crews were able to recover four adult bodies and the bodies of six children. The children ranged in age from 2 to 17. The swift waters that swept the family away came at the Tonto National Forest.

After several searches took place since the weekend and since the storms rolled through, the search teams were able to recover the last body. The male was a 27 year old that was the father to some of the children. The mans wife was also killed in the flash flood along with 3 of their children age 7, 5, and 3. There were 5 other family members who were also at the popular swimming hole that were swept and killed in the flash floods as well. There were other family members who were actually rescued during the storms.

In all, there were 14 people that had been swept away during the flash flood which occurred. The family members that were all swept away were there visiting from the Flagstaff and Phoenix area which came to the popular swimming hole in order to celebrate a birthday of the family member. The family was busy swimming when the flash flood warning came across and therefore did not hear about the flood which would occur. It happened in the spur of a moment where a large wall of water which was moving at a speed equal to 30 mph swept the family members away.

Opt For Swimming, It Could Be Lifesaving

Swimming has always been one of the most fun and sought after things that kids like doing on their vacations. Everyone already knows how swimming can be extremely beneficial for the body, contributing to your overall fitness, but it is given a lot less focus than other sports in the country. Swimming is not just a fitness routine; it is also an essential skill that everyone needs to know in their life. A survey conducted by the American Red Cross pointed towards the fact that more than half the population in the country does not know how to swim, or is scared of swimming because of an experience or trauma. But for those who haven’t had bad experiences in a pool, the excuses are limited.

One of the reasons why adults don’t choose swimming as a form of exercise is because it isn’t something that is engraved into them since their childhood. Look at it this way – schools in the United States offer a bunch of sports and athletics options for their kids to choose from. Running or playing a game is something that a lot of kids tend to take up when they are in school. Very few schools in the United States are fully equipped with pools to give them an option. When these kids grow up and look for ways to exercise, they would naturally go towards running or some form of land sport to get fit, and not even look in the direction of a pool. If schools aren’t going to implement it, it is up to the parents to ensure that their kids learn this lifesaving skill, if they are ever in need of it. Even if you think they are not, everyone knows how fun it is just to swim!