Some Records End At First Day Of Swim Meet In Kansas

There were some state records that had long stood in Kansas that were on the chopping block when the high school students met to compete with one another. It seems that no matter how high the bar was for those records today’s students were ready to exceed them.

There were four records in total that were taken out in just day one of the preliminary meet. That is the most that have fallen in a single day of a swim meet in Kansas high school history.

A lot of the swimmers told the local news station that having so many records fall was all the more motivation for them to do their very best as well. They did not want to leave anything in the pool and regret that they were not able to perform to the utmost of their abilities. You could tell by the way that they were competing that there was nothing left in the tank for so many of these students.

It all depended upon which division the swimmer’s school was in as far as how many records were broken. When it came to the schools that were in the very top of the food chain (division 6A), there were no records broken.

Regardless, all of the competitiors did a terrific job and really impressed the spectators. It was a display of sportsmanship and athletic talent all at the same time. It was truly a sight to behold for many of those in attendance that day.

Why More People Are Swimming In Cold Water

The thought of swimming in cold water makes a lot of people cringe. However, more people are opting to do it. This trend is nothing new. In fact, people have been swimming in cold water since the 1800s. Many of these people swam in cold water without wet suits.

Jitka Tauferva is 76-years-old and is a part of a swimming club in the Czech Republic. She is in excellent health. She stated that she has not had the flu in 25 years. She stated that cold water swimming is one of the reasons that she has not been sick. Jitka also suffered from back pain in the past, which she says disappeared when she started swimming.

Research has shown that cold water swimming does have some health benefits. Many people have been able to get instant pain relief by submerging themselves in water. There was another study done that showed that swimming in cold water can ease depression symptoms. It can raise the chemicals in the blood that regulate mood.

There was a study done in 2011 where soccer players were asked to submerge themselves in water. The results of the study showed that the players had less pain and fatigue after a game. Even though swimming in cold water can benefit your health, it does has some health risks.

Cold water can increase stress hormone production, which can cause the blood pressure to rise. This can be dangerous for people who already have heart or blood pressure problems. There is also a hypothermia risk. That is why people who swim in cold water gradually acclimatize themselves to the cold temperatures.

Swimming in Cold Water May Help Reduce Pain

A man in Britain was having extreme pain related to a nerve operation performed within his chest. This man was receiving no relief from the medication that was prescribed by the doctors. In a last attempt to try and find something that would relieve the pain, the 28 year old went for a plunge in icy water.

At first, this man felt an extreme shock in the cold. However, after swimming in the waters for a period of time, the pain subsided. Since this time, the man had no more pain due to the operation.

Doctors are interested in this man’s experience, and they are conducting more studies to determine if extreme cold water might be useful in relieving pain in some individuals. Doctors are quick to point out that this one man’s experience was unique in some aspects. The man was an experienced athlete whose body was already in good condition.

Doctors are not sure as to the exact mechanism of pain relief from the cold water. It is possible that the sensation of the extreme cold stimulated the nervous system in some way that caused the pain sensation to be eradicated.

The only other cases on record of cold water being used as a treatment for pain comes from the field of sports medicine. In some sports related injuries, athletes will soak a joint in cold water to help reduce inflammation.

Kelsi Gramer Swims For Her Sister Every Day

Kelsi Gramer is looking forward to her next swimming competition. She will be competing against Liberty Gramer, who is her younger sister. Kelsi is swimming in honor of her other sister named Libby. She was also a swimmer and looking forward to being a part of the Delphi Oracles Swimming Team.

Kelsi is a senior, and Liberty is a freshman. This is the only time that they will be able to compete. Kelsi has been swimming since she was in middle school. However, swimming has a new meaning for her.

Libby passed away last year. Kelsi believes that swimming will make her sister proud. She also made the decision to participate in the events that Libby normally participated in. Kelsi used to participate in sprinter events, but she now participates in long-distance events. It was a tough change because it was something that her body was not used to.

Kelsi believes that she carries a piece of her sister with her when she swims. One day after Libby passed away, Kelsi was in her room looking for her socks. She ended up finding Libby’s goggles. She now wears Libby’s goggles while she is swimming.

Kelsi stated that swimming helped her cope with the death of her sister. Libby’s memorial poster is posted over the pool. Kelsi looks at it before she swims. Kelsi stated that she rather swim for her sister than for herself.

Swimming After The Storm Can Be Dangerous

Swimming has been shown to have dozens of health benefits. It can improve heart health, help prevent diseases, and even can improve your mood if done regularly. But if you are swimming in the wrong place at the wring time, it can have some serious health consequences. With the rise in frequency and strength of natural disasters we are seeing more and more coastal cities whose sewer systems are not able to handle a very sudden flash flood of water from the likes of a hurricane or tropical storm. This is causing their outdated sewer systems to back up and get mixed on with the storm water. This storm water then ends up flowing back into the ocean thus contaminating the water that so many beach goers enjoy each and every day. Swimmers that frequent this contaminated water could face some very serious health concerns. It is recommended that you wait a few days after the storm has passed as opposed to hitting the beaches the very next day. This gives the ocean enough time to naturally dilute the water through the shifting of tides and replacing it with fresher water. Dr. Stuart Khan, who is an expert in water quality testing and safety, further expands on the dangers of sewage flowing into the ocean after a major storm here. If we are going to protect vacationers and members of coastal communities, then cities must begin to seriously consider investing in upgrading their sewer systems so that these issues will not persist.

Your Swimming Routine May Determine The Cost Of Your Swim Suit

Many people give little thought to the fact that a swimsuit is the only garment that has to be water resistant, fade proof, non shrinkable, and still look good at poolside. Decisions are being made about cutting down on the number of clothing items that are kept around cluttering up closet space. The question is whether to by a few high end clothes, or spend less money and buy inexpensive clothes. When taking a dip into the water for a swimming session, you want to be assured that the inexpensive swim wear that you just purchased is durable, and well put together. A leisurely swim requires a garment that looks good even after it has been in the water. Your text to link…

It really does not matter about the price of a swim suit because they are usually only used for one season, then discarded. If doing some strenuous laps around the swimming pool, you want your swim suit to make it to the finish when you do. Swimming is a sport where you want to be stunning as you enter the water, and just as stunning when you exit the water. If you want to pay a high end cost for swim wear, you have that option. The less expensive suits can be just as fashionable, and trendy as the costlier suits. Sometimes swimming apparel is used more when on vacation, and you want it to be sturdy and comfortable while you swim. You want to enjoy your look as well as your swim.

Young Jamaican Synchronized Swimmers Hoping To Be The First To Visit The Olympic Games

When most people think of Jamaica they think of their honeymoon or the crystal clear blue water of the Caribbean. Almost no one thinks about synchronized swimming. That is because the country of Jamaica has never before sent a synchronized swimming team to any Olympic games in history. This may be surprising to some as they’ve had representatives of other sports not usually associate with the Olympics such as bobsledding as made famous by the film Cool Runnings. But, for some young Jamaican girls, competing in synchronized swimming at the highest level is the only thing on their minds right now. The five girls, ranging in age from 9 to 17 practice four days a week with a former Russian Olympic gold medalist in synchronized swimming named Olga Novokshchenova. Her first exposure with a Jamaican synchronized swimming team came back in 2013 although it might be one she soon wanted to forget. Her team finished in last place well behind the pack. Nevertheless this gave her a starting point from which upward was the only possible direction. The girls’ sometimes three hour long training sessions can focus on a variety of topics ranging from form and technique all the way to training the girls to hold their breath for longer periods of time. When each task is mastered they move on to more complicated techniques. These extremely talented girls have certainly sacrificed a great deal to even reach the point they are at today, but this doesn’t stop them from pursuing their ultimate dream of winning the Olympic Gold.

Michigan Women Go Undefeated in Dual Season:

The Michigan Women can now be called the perfect swim team, at least when it comes to their dual meets. The Lady Wolverines, ranked number three in the nation, took down their rival Michigan State 187-89 on February 2nd, giving them an undefeated record in their dual meets for the 2017-2018 season. This marks the first time Michigan has won all its duals in 20 years.

The meet was out of reach early, as the Lady Wolverines took the top four spots in the first four events. Ultimately, they won 13 of the 15 events on the day, with two swimmers coming away as double winners. Junior Taylor Garcia took first in both the 50 back (25.31) and the 100 fly (54.69) Your text to link… Junior Becca Postoll got wins in the 200 IM (2:03.91) and the 200 free (1:48.92). Michigan’s sister act of Gabby and Catie DeLoof also came through big time. Gabby, a senior, came in first in the 500 free (4:49.57) while Catie, a junior, placed first in the 100 back (55.10). In the dives, freshman Nikki Canale won the three meter and finished second in the one meter.

Next up for Michigan is the Big Ten Championship Meet, which takes place in Columbus, Ohio February 14-17. The NCAA National Swimming and Diving Championships will also take place in Columbus March 8-17.

Swimming is the Best Aerobic Exercise

In the article, “Why swimming is so good for you”, Markham Heid discusses the reasons why swimming is the best aerobic and cardio-vascular exercise ( The commentary proves to be a helpful resource by making people aware that swimming has proved to be good for the heart. Without the resistance of gravity, every muscle in the body is working to keep your body healthy while you are swimming. It also helps your breathing by strengthening the respiratory muscles. Heid discusses how a regular swim can help people with arthritis and decrease tightening of the arteries to prevent heart attacks. People with hypertension can lower their blood pressure with a regular swim schedule.

The buoyant quality of floating can help overweight people exercise without as much exertion as regular aerobic exercise. Breathing is also improved when swimming. Unlike running where short, shallow breaths are taken, swimming requires deep breaths released slower, strengthening lung capacity. The lung alveoli become stronger and do not stick together as much. In addition, swimming is a great way to keep the body toned, because all the muscles are used.

Both the lower and upper body are working when swimming, as opposed to running or biking where there is mostly lower body exertion. The benefits to the lower back are also evident, because exercising horizontally counters the constant bending of the back that hampers people who work at a desk. Swimming also helps maintain healthy posture. Thirty minutes of swimming a day is all it takes.

FL Gulf Coast Takes Meet, While Liberty Swimmer Shines:

It was neck and neck between Florida Gulf Coast University and Liberty University until the final three events. That’s when the Eagles made a big push to pull ahead and win the school’s first ever Triple Distance Classic.

This inaugural meet featured every stroke for the 50, 100, and 200 meter lengths, along with the 500 and 1,000 freestyle. FGCU ended the night with 395 points, while Liberty came in second with 344. Rounding out the placings were St. Louis, third with 267, and Rutgers with 245. Much of Florida Gulf Coast’s late push for the win was due to the performance of Yee Ching Wong (Hong Kong), who won two of the final three events. Yee finished first in both the 100 IM (59.37) and 200 IM (2:06.55). Your text to link…

While Florida Gulf Coast won the whole meet, Liberty University actually won the most individual events, eight in all. Leading the way for the Flames was Prudence Rooker (Forest Grove, Oregon). She was the only triple winner at the Triple Distance Classic, coming in first in the 50, 100, and 200 breaststrokes (29.41; 1:05.90; 2:22.67). Rooker was also part of Liberty’s winning 200 medley relay team.

The Classic produced four double winners. Hannah Burdge (FGCU, 50 and 100 free), Francesca Bertotto (RU, 500 and 1,000 free), Vera Kopkrivova (RU, 50 and 200 back), and Alicia Finnigan (LU, 50 and 100 fly)