Nothing Wrong With Swimming After Lunch

You have probably been told that you should wait 30 minutes before swimming. However, it turns out that this decades-old belief is not true. People believed that it is dangerous to swim after eating because blood flow to the digestive tract increases after you eat. Because blood flow to the arms and legs decreases, people believed that you may not be able to swim.


Dr. Mary Messick, who is a primary care doctor, stated that there is some truth to this theory. Even though the digestive system does require more blood after a meal, the movement of your legs and arms will not be affected. The American Red Cross and the American Academy of Pediatrics agree with this position.


You will not die if you eat fries and a burger before you go for a swim. However, it is important to note that you may feel uncomfortable if you eat a big meal before you swim. You do not necessarily want to swim on an empty stomach. You can eat a small snack such as banana, cereal bar or sports drink. Let the food digest for at least two hours before you get in the pool.


Avoid foods that are high in fat or fiber. You should also avoid alcohol. These types of food can increase your risk of having an upset stomach while swimming.


Swimming for a Superior Form of Exercise

Exercise is an important part of our daily lives. It can sometimes feel difficult or even impossible to get a workout in when you’re living an already-busy life, but it’s crucial to your overall health and well-being. In some cases, you might want to workout and get into a solid exercise routine, but it’s too painful to walk on a treadmill for any length of time or use a stationary bike. For seniors and people who are disabled, swimming is a wonderful low-impact exercise that gets your whole body moving.


The beauty about using swimming as a form of exercise is that it doesn’t put pressure on your joints. This is essential for individuals who have knee and other joint problems and who cannot workout for a long time because of the pain. As with any exercise, it’s important to talk to your doctor about whether or not it’s safe for you to be swimming. Once you are told you can workout, you will need to find a local swim club that offers their pool to the public. You might have to pay to become a member of the club, but it is well worth the price of admission when you’re able to go all the time.


If you haven’t worked out in awhile, it’s a good idea to start out slowly and work your way up. Instead of going swimming for an hour or two every day and then getting exhausted, you should stick to swimming for a half hour every other day and see how you feel. After getting into a workout routine, you’ll notice that your body feels better and more flexible. If you’re trying to lose weight, swimming is a fantastic aid in your weight loss endeavors when coupled with a low-calorie diet. If you invest in a pool for the backyard, you’ll have access to it all summer long and won’t have to worry about taking out a membership fee just to join a local club. There are so many benefits to swimming as a form of exercise, but you just need to get started.


The Hidden Costs of Installing an In-ground Swimming Pool

Installing a pool in your backyard is a great way to have fun and cool off in late spring and early summer. While this is true, swimming pools can prove to be a huge financial burden that can eat into cash flow substantially. Building an in-ground pool can cost $25,000 to $50,000 – The Wall Street Journal.


Therefore, it is crucial to do your homework before taking the plunge. Nonetheless, if you have thought long and hard about putting in a pool, consider these hidden costs that can bust your budget.




  • Dirt Hauling – During the building of an in-ground swimming pool, a large hole must be dug. But where will all the dirt go? Well, the dirt can be spread out on the homeowner’s yard or hauled away to be legally disposed of (as with most cases). Dirt hauling can be very expensive (you may pay up to $900). Therefore, make sure you know beforehand if dirt hauling is included in the cost of the project.


  • Retaining walls – Will the pool project necessitate a retaining wall? The answer to this question largely depends on the grade of your yard. In case your yard is fairly flat, you may forgo the additional expense of retaining walls. However, if it slopes, you can almost guarantee that the walls will be necessary. These walls provide structural support for the deck or pool and also diverts yard runoff. So, ensure that you get a set price on the wall before the project commences.


During construction


  • Electrical – Pool builders are different; some will include the electrical hook-up cost to the project while others will invoice it separately. Expect to pay anywhere between $3500 and $4500 for a separate electrical job. Therefore, ask If the electrical costs are part of the pool package to avoid unnecessary frustration.


  • Fencing – During the construction of a swimming pool, temporary fencing is required to ensure the safety of your family, visitors and construction workers. It is also a requirement that fencing is maintained for the life of the pool. Ensure that you put into account the fencing aspect of the pool during the planning stages to avoid wrecking your budget at a later stage.



  • Extra concrete – Most often, homeowners forget about the concrete patios around their pools. If you want extra patio space, expect to pay more. The cost can increase significantly if the homeowner wants something fancier like custom tile work or travertine.


  • Landscaping – Putting in an in-ground pool is a labor intensive process that requires the use of heavy equipment. Your beautiful landscaping can be damaged in the process. Be prepared for the costs associated with restoring a damaged landscape to avoid frustration.



Swimmer Says Swimming Is The Best Antidote for Depression And Anxiety

Nisha Millet is an avid swimmer. Not only is it a fun hobby for her, but she says that it has improved her mental and physical health. She stated that swimming helped lower her stress levels when she was pregnant with her twins. It also helped take some of the stress off of her joints.


Nisha swam until she was in the last month of her pregnancy. Swimming helped Nisha maintain a healthy blood pressure. Nisha had a tough time adjusting to motherhood, but swimming helped her get through the tough times. She asked her mother to watch her twin daughters so that she could go swim with her husband.


Nisha was happy to be back in the pool again. She now tries to swim at least once a week for 30 minutes at a time. Swimming is different from many other workouts. It is considered one of the best workouts for pregnant women and people who have disabilities. It is also great for people who are battling depression.


When you are immersed in the water, friction is taken off of your body. Swimming also helps you burn fat and improve muscle tone. Nisha wears speedo’s technologically advanced body swimsuit. This helps activate her core muscles.


Nisha also stated that swimming helps fight depression. There is also scientific proof that swimming helps fight depression. Additionally, it is recommended to people who are dealing with anxiety and depression. Your body not only fights stress when you swim, but it also releases more endorphins. This response is a lot like medication because endorphins are nature’s painkillers.


It is best to swim in water that is slightly cold. This will help boost your overall mood. Swimming has made it easier for Nisha to adjust to motherhood. It has also helped her fight the blues.


Why Exercise is a Great Exercise for All Ages

We all know how important it is to exercise regularly. The problem so many of us have is that it’s difficult to workout when it’s painful and exhausting. For senior citizens, it can be especially hard to exercise because of joint pains and problems. This is why swimming is becoming one of the most sought-after workouts for all ages. The beauty about swimming as a form of exercise is its low-intensity impact on knees and joints. This prevents the person who’s working out from feeling fatigued and in pain.


The key to getting in a good workout routine using swimming is to make it a habit. Any exercise needs to be habit-based so that you’re willing to do it each and every day. If you don’t have a swimming pool in your yard, there are a lot of clubs available in your local area that have pools open to the public. For example, you might want to check your nearby YMCA to see what types of programs they have available. Having access to an indoor swimming pool is even better because it allows you to swim all year long.


Before starting any exercise routine, it’s important to talk to your doctor and get his or her approval. The last thing you want to do is overexert yourself to the point of dealing with medical problems just because you’re beginning a more intense workout routine. The general rule is to use exercise as a fun and relaxing activity that gets you sweating a little bit. If you feel exhausted or faint while working out, it’s time to take a breather and get some water. There are lots of classes senior citizens can take to improve their swimming skills. Not only does swimming help with weight loss and maintenance, but it allows you to improve your cardiovascular health and joint well-being.


For those who haven’t exercised in awhile, it’s a good idea to start with small movements and less time in the water to slowly work your way up to a larger intensity. Swimming is great for people no matter what their age happens to be and can do a world of good for your health.


Medalists Gather in Mesa for Pro Swim Series:

Along with watching top notch swimming, fans at the Skyline Aquatic Center in Mesa, Arizona can enjoy another activity. Counting medals.


The 2017 Arena Pro Swim Series features a number of Olympic medalists. Highlighting the field in Mesa are Nathan Adrian, Katie Ledecky, Anthony Ervin, and Simone Manuel.


Adrian has garnered five gold medals in his career, his first coming at the Beijing Games in 2008 as part of the U.S. 4X100 meter men’s freestyle relay team. More medals awaited him at the 2012 London Olympics, where he took home individual gold in the 100 meter freestyle and team gold in the 4X100 meter medley relay. He also earned silver in the 4X100 freestyle relay. 2016 proved even more successful for Adrian with gold medals in the 4X100 meter freestyle and 4X100 medley relays, and bronze medals in the 50 meter and 100 meter freestyles.


Katie Ledecky is the world record holder in the women’s 400, 800, and 1,500 meter freestyle long course, as well as a five-time gold medalist. Four of those golds came at the 2016 Rio Games in the 200, 400, and 800 meter freestyles, as well as the 4X200 meter freestyle relay. The Stanford product won her first gold at the 2012 London Games in the 800 meter freestyle. Your text to link…


Ervin won a gold and a silver medal in the 2000 Sydney Summer Games. Sixteen years later, the 35-year-old Ervin competed in the Rio Olympics, and became the oldest swimmer to win an individual gold medal, claiming it in the 50 meter freestyle. He also won gold in the 4X100 meter relay.


Manuel has only competed in one Olympics in 2016. But she made the most of it with gold medal performances in the 100 meter freestyle and the 4X100 meter medley relay. Manuel also took home two bronze medals.


The Arena Pro Swim Series in Mesa is set for April 13th through the 15th.


Swimming Pool Trends Every Pool Owner Should Know About

Constructing or remodeling a swimming pool has never been more exciting. New trends have become unique and more personalized to match the wants of homeowners. So if you are looking for some great ideas for your pool or just want to be up to date with regards to the hottest trends in pool design, we’ve put together a list of some of the hottest swimming pool trends in the market.


  1. Fire Features


Fire represents illumination, joyfulness, and warmth at its most ethereal. Water, on the other hand, represents the power to concentrate, conserve and conceive. Combine the two, and the results will be amazing. For maximum impact, people add features such as simple bowls, fireplaces, and fire, orbs right into pools to create a magnificent play on the two elements.


  1. Pools with Vanishing Edges


Such pools are known as negative edge or infinity edge pools. Until recently it was something that only lavish hotels did, but of late, most homeowners have adopted it for their backyard pools. Infinity edge pools have a shortened wall on one side allowing water to spill into a catch basin installed below. This type of pool is perfect for homeowners with big backyards.


  1. Unique Pool Shapes


Forget the old days of boring rectangular or square swimming pools. Today, homeowners can set up pools with incredible and unique shapes. Good examples are oval, octagonal and L-shaped among others.


  1. Advanced LED Lighting


LEDs are the biggest trends in lighting technology right now. They are environmentally friendly and can be used as an economical way to add highlights, spotlights, and color features to any pool. It’s surprising how a change in hue can make a pool look.


Heating systems, automatic covers, and tile designs are also among the hottest swimming pool trends right now. Therefore, if you are thinking of upgrading your existing backyard pool or want to set up a modern pool, consider these cool trends. There are several pool companies that can help you bring any of these trends to your backyard pool.

Owning a Swimming Pool Versus Belonging to a Swim Club

Now that the summer is almost here, many people are trying to spend more time outdoors being more active. One of the best summertime activities that’s not only a lot of fun for people of all ages but also very physically beneficial is swimming. Swimming is a great low-impact exercise that gets your whole body moving. The question you might have is whether it’s more advantageous to buy your own pool for the backyard or join a local swim club.


If you buy your own pool, this is a pretty hefty investment but you’ll have full access to it at all times. The only issue with having your own swimming pool is the amount of work that goes into maintaining it. For instance, you need to buy filters, chlorine and cleaning tools to keep the pool looking its best. You also need to invest in a good quality cover to prevent leaves and debris from falling into the pool during off-hours. Apart from all of the maintenance, the pool has to be set up and you’ll need a lot of space in the yard for it to fit safely.


Swim clubs are great because they take the guesswork out of owning a pool. You just visit the club at virtually any time you want, swim as long as you want and go home. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the pool or keeping it maintained. These clubs also come with lifeguards who keep an eye on you and your family while you’re all swimming. The main disadvantage to belonging to a swim club is the price attached. It’s not uncommon to pay a few hundred dollars per season just to have access to the pool. Plus, you’ll be subject to their rules, regulations and open hours. This means that if you want to go swimming at 9 p.m. and the club is closed, you’re out of luck and won’t be able to get there until the next day.


Whether you belong to a club or choose to buy your own pool, the importance is incorporating exercise into your daily life and making it a routine to go swimming.


Teen Punches Shark That Bit Her

Caitlyn Taylor is a 17-year-old who is recovering from injuries that she sustained from a S. She was swimming in Destin, Florida when a shark bit her leg. Caitlyn realized that she had to think fast. She punched the shark in the face several times.


Caitlyn kept punching the shark until it left her go. She had six puncture wounds from the shark bite. She also had cuts on her legs and hands. Caitlyn’s mother, Tracey, stated that her daughter had to get between 120 and 140 stitches.


Caitlyn is a student at Atherton High School. She is a member of the school’s softball team and was in town for a tournament. She was forced to drop out of the tournament after her shark attack. Caitlyn posted an update on her Twitter account. She stated that she is recovering and thanked everyone for the support that they gave her. She also posted a picture of her injuries.


Caitlyn also stated that she is lucky to be alive. Shark attacks are rare in Okaloosa County, which is where the incident took place. This is the fourth attack that occurred in Okaloosa County since 1882. The authorities do not know what type of shark attacked Caitlyn.


The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s office released a statement saying that Caitlyn’s punch was hard enough to drive the shark away. Paige, who is Caitlyn’s sister, stated that the event was traumatizing. However, she is happy that her sister is strong and a fighter. One of Caitlyn’s friends stated that she has an amazing survival story.


Caitlyn did not realize that a shark was approaching her at first because it was in the waves. She thought it was a dolphin. She did not notice it was a shark until she looked down after it tugged at her leg.


Swimming Provides Unmatched Health Benefits

Swimming has often been considered a very fun recreational activity, which also provides people with a great workout. While swimming for exercise has been a common practice for decades, a recent news article ( has pointed out that it could be the best type of workout of all. There are many health and physical benefits that come with swimming, which are not matched by other types of physical activity.


One benefit of swimming is that it is a true full-body workout. When you swim, and use the right form, you will use all of your body’s muscles. It is particularly good for people that are looking to strengthen their core and legs. However, it also provides a great workout for the arms, back, and shoulders.


Swimming is also an ideal type of workout because it has the ability to reduce the level of gravity while exercising. People that are suffering from arthritis or are obese could have a very hard time running or doing other forms of cardio due to the amount of pressure these exercises put on their joints. However, those that are able to swim can do so while putting much less stress on their muscles. Swimming also puts more external pressure on your body, which can actually help to reduce some strain discomfort that you have in your muscles and ligaments.


While swimming can seem like a tough exercise to do, it is actually considered one of the most fun as well. Those that like to swim for exercise are far more likely to continue to workout than those that choose other forms of exercise. Part of this is associated with its effectiveness as a form of exercise, but also do to the fact that swimming can help someone to have a better sense of well being.


There are also a variety of other health benefits that have been linked to swimming. Some doctors believe that swimming can help to improve your metabolism, reduce anxiety, reduce depression symptoms, and help to treat asthma.