The Decline in England’s Swimming Participation

It’s estimated that the number of adults swimming in England is fast declining. The assessment shows that adult swimming has dropped by over half a million in the past ten years. There seems to be no change even after 500 new swimming pools were opened all over the country since 2006.According to the Sports Data England, over 2.5 million people swam in 2015/2016, which is down by 776,000 from 3.7 million recorded in 2005-2006.The Armature Swimming Association attributes this to other activities such as wild swimming and aquacise.



Despite the shift to alternative swimming options, swimming remains the country’s mass population sport with 20 people over the age of 14 participating at least once every week. Other surveys like the Sports England Active Survey shows a 24percent decline in the daily swimming participation, but this is subject to debate.



Evaluating the swimming decline



NickCapin, the director of the armature swimming association, notes that the country has a greater swimming challenge and measures have to be taken to ensure this is rectified. According to him, the real problem isn’t in the figures but rather water based activities that people indulge in. In his assessment, if swimming pools are developed to the right standards and all amenities provided, then we should see a decline in activities such as aquacise and wild swimming.



In contrast, the Olympic silver medalist Keri-Anne thinks that people are looking for different things from swimming these days. Anne thinks that people are taking a different role and there hasn’t been any drop-off in people taking up swimming. Keri reiterates that there are people who like adventure, and such individuals will go out on nature walks and take a dive in rivers. Also, some triathletes love wild swimming, and this is a new element of what people are looking for in swimming.