‘Trick or Swim’

Halloween in the municipal town of Regina is a time for kids to get out their swimming costumes, and not scary outfits. While kids in other towns would normally be asking for the usual trick or a treat, kids in the Cornwall City will be getting swimming passes to the city’s Aquatic Center. The Cornwall City of Ontario came up with a clever way of introducing health fitness among the kids, the city started selling swimming and skating Halloween passes. A pass goes for $1 each for 10 passes and is valid for two months (November 1st – December 31st). Normal charges for the same usually cost $ 3.92. There are also passes going for $2 each for a pack of 5 passes, these ones have no expiry. The passes have been a hit with the local community, selling out 5000 passes within a week in its first year of introduction, this year they plan to sell 20000 passes. The passes allow children and students to gain access to both public swimming and skating facilities within the town. It has also been a hit due to the bonding element it brings as families take out kids who have been given a pass by others to go swim or skate.


The money collected by the city goes towards a play programme that was started with the intention of enabling low income persons enjoy access to recreational facilities, thus people usually buy to give to their kids in order for the whole city to enjoy what the municipal terms as a Halloween experience that is balanced for all.