Meet the Hailed Pediatric Surgeon; Dr.Saad Saad

Dr.Saad Saad is a re-known pediatric surgeon across the world. Not many surgeons can match his career profile. He has a more than 40 years’ experience in the field. Saad was born in Palestine. His family later moved to Kuwait where he spent most of his childhood. At first, Saad always thought of becoming an engineer. This changed when he visited his brother in a construction site. The brutal weather condition made him rethink his career choice. Working indoors is what he wanted. He decided to pursue medical studies and never looked back. Dr. Saad Saad studied at Cairo University where he received a Medical Degree. After, he undertook his ECFMG exam in 1964 everything changed for him. He was allowed to train in the US after studies. He did his internship in England and later moved to the US. After residency, he started his career at K Hovnanian Children Hospital in New Jersey where he became the Surgeon-in-Chief and the co-director.

In the 1980s, Dr. Saad moved with his family to Saudi Arabia after an opportunity to serve at Riyadh as a surgeon emerged. Here he had the chance to serve the royal family. Saad and his family traveled to many destinations around the world during their stay in Arabia. At Riyadh, Saad worked at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital where he was very much respected. Besides working for the royal family, he had an opportunity to deliver his services to the less fortunate in the region. Additionally, he assisted in the initiation of a surgical residency program in the country. A student could now train in Saudi instead of traveling abroad. He extended his stay so that his kids would have a stable early childhood education. Thanks to his wife for the support during that time.

Saad always wanted to become better, he is hailed for his two patented inventions. The inventions were meant to make work easier for both surgeons and relieve pain for the patient. He invented a device that would assist the surgeon to locate the catheter without necessarily using an MRI which is expensive or X-rays whose frequent radiation would affect the patient. The device uses electromagnetic energy instead. His second invention is the improvement of the endoscope, a device used to observe the patient’s body during surgery. Liquids from the body usually fog the lens of the device hence obstructing the view. His endoscope features an anti-fog port and suction-irrigation with allows the surgeon to inject a fluid to clean the area and suck it for clear view without necessarily removing it. He feels necessity lead him to these two inventions.He strongly believes it is through hard work and perseverance that he the person he is today. Learn more:

An interview with Retired Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad was born in Palestine and raised in Kuwait. He came from a family of highly educated people. Three of his siblings are surgeons, two Ph.D. and two master degree holders in engineering. Saad Saad went to Cairo University in Egypt where he graduated with honors in his class. He attended his internship in England before immigrating to the United States. Dr. Saad Saad has been married for 42 years and is blessed with four children two of which are surgeons, a lawyer, and an ICU nurse.


As a result of his experience, Saad Saad has developed several new pediatric surgical procedures and has also patented two inventions. For the last 40 years, Dr. Saad has been able to undertake thousands of complex pediatric surgeries on infants, children, and young adults. He has also traveled to Israel for medical missions where he has been involved in carrying out complex surgeries on poor children. Learn more:


How did you realize that you had a calling to be a doctor?


While attending school in Kuwait, I always thought that I would become an engineer like my two older brothers. As you know Kuwait is very hot and at some point, I realized that my brothers always worked outdoor with such hot weather. I, therefore, decided that I would want to work in a cool environment indoors with air conditioning.


Who mentored you to become a surgeon?


Dr. H Biemann Othersen was very instrumental in mentoring me to become a pediatric surgeon. He was the greatest pediatric surgeons in the United States and taught me many lessons and values in life. For instance, he always told me to treat all children equally regardless of the color of their skin, financial background or religion.


What latest technology interests you most in the medical industry?


The way genetics are helping us to understand, prevent and treat cancer together with other chronic diseases.


Do you have any habit which makes you more productive?


I am always organized. This helps me to be more efficient and avoid procrastinating on my tasks each day.


What advice would you give a young person?


Persistence and determination are vital when it comes to attaining personal goals.


What kind of advice would you give to the world if you were given a chance?


If as I succeeded in achieving my goals in America despite being a Palestinian refugee, then anybody else can make it.


What book would you recommend people to read?


I would recommend any book about Abraham Lincoln. He was a great man who helped in ending slavery because he believed that all men are equal before God. As a surgeon, I strongly believe that all people are created the same.

Dick Devos – article recap

The Devos Legacy Continue To Be Defined


Both Dick and Betsy Devos have been deeply devoted to the Grand Rapids area for decades. They have been a political and economic force behind the development of the region, and have been staunch opponents of publicly funded mega-ventures from the outset. This is represented by their opposition to a multi-sport and convention center just north of Downtown Grand Rapids back in 1991. Using his influence as an up and coming businessman, Dick was able to help sway opinion against the idea, fearing that it would be disastrous for the city in the future, much like what happened in Detroit when two professional sports teams left the cities some two decades earlier.


This story represents the focus that Dick Devos has always had on public life. Him and his wife have been active in the Republican Party for decades, working from within to impact change both in Michigan and the United States as a whole. Consider school choice as an example. Michigan has long been on the cutting edge of this issue, being one of the first two states in the union (along with Arizona) tp permit the public funding of charter schools. While not everyone has saw eye to eye with Betsy’s vision in this regard, both she and her husband have continued to fight for the right of parent’s to send their children to private schools via the use of a federally funded voucher system. Personal conviction is what continues to drive the couple even to this day.


Dick himself continues to be quite popular, both in Michigan and nationally. While he lost a bid for the governorship in Michigan some years back, this has not stopped him from helping out when duty calls. Now that his wife is the Secretary of Education for the Trump Administration, he has regained his footing on the national stage once again. He is using his experience as the former  Corporation to impact CEO of the Amway change on a massive scale. Just recently, for example, he was appointed to a civilian oversight panel for the Federal Aviation Administration. In addition to many other personal accomplishments, Dick is a an experienced pilot. He now aims to bring that experience to Washington to help oversee long range budgeting and safety measures impacting the aviation industry in the United States.


Devos will serve as a volunteer on this panel for three years. During that time, he will retain his public and private business interests, while meeting on a periodic basis in Washington. This means that he will continue to be the CEO of The Windquest Group. As a holding company in Grand Rapids, he oversees numerous companies including Coppercraft Distillery, Boxed Water is Better, and The Stow Company. His experience that brings him to the FAA includes helping to turn around the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. He hopes to use that experience on this panel to impact lasting change that can benefit the government and private citizens alike.  Learn more:


Ending Citizens United? A Possibility, After All!

End Citizens United is a PAC that is funded by grassroots donors. ECU was established on the 1st of March, 2015 and it is a non-profit committee that is based in Washington, DC with more than 3 million members. The PAC’s mission involves actively fighting against Citizens United. The organization plans on making changes in the campaign finance system by ensuring that Big Money comes to a stop in politics.

According to End Citizen United chooses to work with Democrats because they believe that they can be a source that brings about change that counts, in the truest sense of the word. ECU plans on electing campaign finance reform champions and collaborating with them to ensure that the work of Citizens United doesn’t have any effect on the lives of the American people. ECU aims to achieve this goal by spreading awareness about the problem with money in politics as a national matter of concern, utilizing their grassroots members and supporters to exhibit political power and collaborating with ballot measure campaigns to pass pro-reform laws.

Read more: Four California Republicans targeted by group that wants to overturn Citizens United

ECU’s plans involve targeting a list of 20 Republican members who are a part of the Congress in 2018. The PAC refers to this list as “the Big Money 20” and it is made up of the names of Republican politicians that show a preference for their own interests over constituents by taking large donations and showing support for laws that are supportive of their donors. Tiffany Muller, ECU’s group director commented that the Big Money 20 are the “worst of the worst in Congress”. The list includes the names of politicians such as Ted Cruz, Dean Heller, Paul Ryan, Mike Bishop, Rod Blum, Mike Bost, Mike Coffman, Ryan Costello, Rodney Frelinghuysen, Duncan Hunter, Will Hurd, Darrell Issa, Tom MacArthur, Pat Meehan, Erik Paulsen, Rob Pittenger, Dana Rohrbacher, Peter Roskam, Claudia Tenney and Mimi Walters. End Citizen United plans on raising $35 million to spend on the 2018 re-elections. Experts agree that most names mentioned in the list will be going through a tough re-election process, but Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan are going to come out relatively safe and untouched. The organization’s massive fundraising goals now rely on large amounts of donations that are less than $5000 due to the fact that they operate as traditional non-profit PCA.

The possibility of this plan being successful seems reasonable as the ECU has sheer numbers to back them with 3 million members. Polls suggest that stopping special interest money in politics is a top-priority concern for Americans which is an essential factor that works in favor of ECU. Muller plans on replicating the 2016 Nevada Senate race between Joe Heck and Catherine Cortez Masto. It was found that conventional messages didn’t garner enough support from independent and unaffiliated voters. However, reform related messages were well received by both parties and won Cortez Masto a significant amount of support. Muller stated that the committee plans on using all its resources to ensure that this is repeated in the 2018 elections.

Learn more about End Citizens United:

Entrepreneurs Being Led To Success By Marc Sparks


Marc Sparks’ road to success and recognition as a serial entrepreneur is not the typical story we have come to expect. Graduating high school in 1975 with a C+ average, life experience became his teacher. His book “They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success” tells of some of the life experiences, both good and bad, that laid the foundation for his success. Although Marc Sparks had no formal training, his more than 40 years of experience has positioned him to lend his expertise to others in both business and philanthropic endeavors.




Marc Sparks graduated high school in Austin, Texas and now the principal in his private equity firm Timber Creek Capital, LP in Dallas, Texas. He started a software company and sold over $200 million worth of product a year. He says, however, it was more educational to share that he started an insurance holding company in his back bedroom, built it to nearly a billion dollar market cap and lost it all in a 90 day period. This type of experience allowed him to establish the business model and company culture and develop the short term goals and long range plan for business success. Marc Sparks says to be rich to him is having great health, a healthy family, good friends, building successful business from scratch, having hundreds of happy staff members and thousands of happy customers.




Instead of the traditional path to success, such as college, an internship or starter position at a well known firm or corporation and working his way into a leadership role, Marc Sparks garnered his experience from dozens of successful business startups. At Timber Creek Capital, he now helps other entrepreneurs develop their startups through mentoring, advice and funding from various investors. He has acquired a spacious facility to assist passionate, promising entrepreneurs in turning their business ideas and dreams into income producing products and services. Timber Creek Capital provides office space, equipment and a platform for sharing ideas and networking. As a venture capitalist, Mark Sparks started Spark Tank and nurtures 3 startups at a time by offering support staff, marketing, banking advice customer service, accounting, web development and graphic arts. In Sparks Tank, Marc Sparks hopes to promote his keys to running a successful organization; faith, tenacity, passion and a culture of urgency or “Sparks Speed.”




Marc Sparks is of great value to the Dallas, Texas community not only because of his roles as a business leader and mentor to other entrepreneurs, but also for his philanthropy. His effort to support and empower underprivileged youth, he established Sparky’s Kids to help them continue their education. Through this endeavor, the American Can Academy received a donation of one thousand computer for distribution to economically disadvantaged families. He has also supported Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter that houses 160 people a day, for the past 20 years. Through his businesses, his writing and his attempts to live up to the responsibilities God has entrusted him with, Marc Sparks has helped thousands. Marc Sparks believes that working together and helping one another will make the world a better place. Learn more: