48-Year USA Swimming Coaching Veteran Suspended For One Year

Valley, Alabama is located in the mid-eastern portion of the Deep South state, with its city limits bordering that of neighboring southern state Georgia. The population there is just short of 10,000, making the town somewhat large for a rural area, though it is large enough to host a popular swimming venue and training sessions provider – Valley Area Swim Academy.

Derrick Fraenkel, informally going by the name Tom, was recently handed down a suspension from USA Swimming. The suspension went into effect on April 16, 2018, and will last until 11:59 p.m. on the same date in 2019.

In a press release, USA Swimming stated that Fraenkel was accused of violating two sections of its Code of Conduct: 304.3.4, which covers Athlete Protection Policies; and 305.1, which strictly bans adults that aren’t athletes, including coaches, from excessively touching, kissing, hugging, sit on one’s lap, and other generally inappropriate behavior between a USA Swimming team member and a non-swimmer.

While no criminal charges could be pressed against the popular swim coach, USA Swimming still didn’t trust the sound of the situation that much, deciding to play it safe and ban him for a year.

According to Fraenkel himself, not from officials working for or representing USA Swimming – they haven’t released information regarding the suspension, and are highly likely never to release such information – a younger woman that coached swimmer at the facility, for whatever reason, felt jealous of the “warmth she saw emanating from my team,” per a comment Fraenkel left in reply to an article covering the story online.

USA Swimming Wins Big

During the Summer Olympics every four year, swimming is one of the most popular sports and competitions. While the Summer Olympics will always be a very popular time for swimming, there are many other times between the Olympics where people can watch some of the best swimmers in the world take place. This past week, swimming fans got to experience a very exciting event at the 2018 World Para Swimming World Series.

At this event, the United States swimming team look like one of the top swimming teams in the world. Overall, Team USA won a total of 8 medals, which included five different gold medals. The team won a very strong mix of races, including those in both the men’s and women’s brackets.

On the final day of competition, several people from the United States also were able to win their events while also setting records. Leanne Smith of Massachusetts broke the event record for the S3 100 free with a time of 1:47. This should help to set her up as she continues to pursue additional victories at some larger events that will take place later this year.

Overall, this was a great showcase of amazing swimming talent. There were representatives from over a dozen different countries and the United States continue to show that they are one of the most talented swimming teams in the world. The team will continue to look for ways to grow and develop in the coming year as they prepare for additional international meets.

USA Swimming Offers New Academic Award

The sport of swimming is a very competitive sport that showcases some of the strongest athletes in the world. While the sport tends to be showcased the most during the Olympics every four years, there are still thousands of young athletes that are participate every year in the hopes of winning state championships, earning a scholarship to college, and even making the Olympic team. For those that are involved in swimming, there is also system that will encourage swimmers to do well in the classroom (https://swimswam.com/usa-swimming-opens-scholastic-all-america-team-to-9th-graders/).

The USA Swimming Scholastic All-America Program is a formal program that is designed to encourage kids to do well in the pool and in the classroom. While it used to be only available to older students, it has been recently expanded to include 9th graders as well. Winning an award from the USA Swimming Scholastic All-America Program could go a very long way when it comes to being recognized for future college scholarships and other merits.

For those to quality for the award, they will need to do very well in school and in the pool. The swimmers will need to have at least a 3.5 GPA during the current calendar year while also achieving a qualifying time to make it to the Junior National Finals, which are held each year. Those that are taking harder classes, such as those that provide AP credits, will be able to count an additional half point on their grade. This will encourage kids to take harder classes as well.

USA Swimming Appoints a New President

USA Swimming has named a new CEO and President to replace its former leader who passed on after a long cancer illness. The current Rapids president, Tim Hinchey, has been chosen to take over the office. The job will offer Mr. Hinchey an opportunity to be closer to his swimming passion while discharging his professional responsibilities. He has been a manager in professional sports for about two decades and was made the MLS executive of the year in 2016. Despite being a former administrator of the NBA, NHL, and the English Premier Leagues, Tim describes his new appointment as his dream job. He was part of the swimming team at the University of California-Irvine during his days in college.


Hinchey said that he didn’t believe that he would ever be offered such a high rank in the swimming sector. He even thought that it was a joke when the recruitment company called him. Tim is a hard working individual and has dedicated a lot of efforts to ensure the success of Rapids. He has devoted himself to making it a professional sports club and has worked with it in the good and bad years. Hinchey said that he could not turn down the new job offer since he has been longing for such a position throughout his career. The former president of USA Swimming was Chuck Wielgus, and he had held the position for about two decades before his demise in April. USA Swimming’s main offices are located in Colorado Springs. It is regarded as one of the highly performing management bodies in the U.S. Olympic family.


Tim has had various roles that have been focused on recruitment and training of athletes. He will be the joining US Swimming on July 1 and believes that Rapids will remain under an able management. Hinchey has been working for the soccer club since 2011 when he was offered the chief marketing officer’s position. Rapids have gained massive support from the Colorado community.


Tim Hinchey Becomes the New Head of USA Swimming

Tim Hinchey, who acts as the president of Rapids, announced that he would be leaving his current position to join the USA Swimming as its CEO and president. His new job will offer him professional roles that will match his passion of being a swimmer. In 2016, Mr. Hinchey was designated as the MLS executive of the year, and he has a 20 years’ experience in professional sports. He has held management roles at the English Premier League, NBA, and the NHL. Tim, however, refers to his new position as a dream job. He used to be a swimmer for the University of California-Irvine when he was still in college.


According to Hinchey, he has never thought that he would ever be offered such as position. He was contacted by the recruiting company, and he almost failed to believe. Tim has dedicated a lot of efforts towards ensuring that Rapids becomes successful. He has worked with the club during the good years and the bad year and has committed himself to professionalizing it. The new job was however too attractive to him, and he could not turn it down. Hinchey will take over the presidency from Chuck Wielgus who passed on in April. He had been holding the position for about two decades. The headquarters of USA Swimming are in Colorado Springs, and it is regarded as one of the leading governing agencies in the U.S Olympic family.


Tim has held positions that involve training and recruitment of athletes to ensure the growth of business just like in Rapids. He will be leaving his current position at the club on July 1. Hinchey joined Rapid in 2011 when he was appointed to serve as its chief marketing officer. The soccer club keeps growing, and it is greatly supported by the community. Rapids has managed to perform well over the years, and Tim believes that it has many other professionals who can ensure that it is successful.