Kim Dao Goes Furniture Shopping with Boyfriend

Kim Dao and her boyfriend Eric go furniture shopping at Ikea, and over the course of a few days they set out to find what they’re looking for. Before they begin the first day of shopping for furniture, Kim Dao and Eric enjoy some delicious food at a nearby restaurant where they have some yummy looking dessert and lunch entrees. After they finish eating, they begin searching for furniture pieces that will compliment their new space. At every turn of the Ikea store, Kim Dao and Eric notice beautiful cabinets, kitchen accessories, lighting fixtures, and even jars that they are deciding on whether to purchase or not. Kim Dao mentions that they couldn’t find anything that they liked enough to purchase at the Ikea store so they head off to another furniture store with hopes of finding some pieces that they will both love. Kim Dao eventually does find a bar stool at another store that she had gone to recently, and she’s happy to be making progress on her list of furniture items to purchase. The furniture shopping process is definitely a heavy task, as Kim Dao and Eric take breaks and relax at home in between in each stop as the days go on so that they don’t get too overwhelmed and tired from finding more items such as a microwave and tables to place on either side of the bed. Check out more of how it all pans out for Kim Dao and Eric in the video here, titled Date with My Boyfriend + Final Furniture Shopping. Learn more:


The Best Beauty and Lifestyle Hacks With Wengie

There are so many makeup hacks out there that people just don’t know about. From making your own makeup remover to at home teeth whitening, Wengie shows her followers how to do just about everything when it comes to health and beauty! She likes to release YouTube videos complete with what beauty knowledge she has and what tips and tricks she found from searching the internet.


Many of us, Wengie included, know just how expensive it is to buy makeup remover and makeup remover wipes. You end up dishing out a lot of money and usually get a subpar remover or one that doesn’t last really long. Wengie found a creative way to make your own! In the video she shows you how to mix distilled water, baby shampoo, and coconut oil. It removes even the most stubborn makeup! The coconut oil is the best part. It’s good for skin, eyelashes, and even hair! All you have to do is store your makeup remover in a pump bottle and it can be brought on flights.


Wengie loves her makeup brushes, and she’s got quite the collection. What she doesn’t like is how they can get dusty when left out. Her life got a lot easier when she discovered how easy it was to store them in a straw container. The lid on a straw container keeps the dust out. The clear sides allow you to look at your collection and they even come out super easily. Wengie says it’s almost like straw containers were made for makeup brushes.


Wengie prides herself on having white teeth and she knows that’s something that is important for many others as well! Therefore she discovered a few different hacks that can get you the whitest teeth. The first is to simply mash a strawberry and use it like you would toothpaste. The acid in the strawberry helps to clean teeth. The second way is to rub a banana peel on teeth. It’s a gentle exfoliator which also helps to clean teeth.