David Giertz Points Out A Big Problem Financial Advisers Usually Don’t Discuss

David Giertz is a financial adviser and executive in the financial industry. He says that he often sees many other financial advisers ignoring social security and not talking about strategies of how and when to start collecting on it. He says this is because social security is notoriously complex with rules that run hundreds of pages. He says these financial advisers are making a huge mistake for two big reasons.

The first reason, David says, is that this attitude is costing them clients. He points to a study his company, Nationwide Financial, had conducted by a research firm. This research firm concluded that many retirees are more than willing to change financial advisers if they’re not receiving strategic advice from their current adviser.

The second reason, he says, is that they’re doing a huge disservice to their clients and not looking out for their best interests. In this day and age of most people not having a pension their social security strategy needs to be discussed because it plays too big of a role in their retirement. Many people rely on social security for up to 40% of their income, David Giertz says, which is a pretty big number.

David Giertz is the president of the sales and distribution organization at Nationwide Financial. He has been with this company for many years in increasingly higher positions of authority. He also has experience at Citigroup. While at Citigroup he was a financial services adviser. His success in this role led to him being promoted to this firm’s executive vice president of sales.

David earned his bachelors degree at Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois. Later on he attended the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida, so that he could earn an MBA. In addition to his role in the financial industry he has also served on the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce.

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